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Sad but true i have to make a few announcements, but first of all i want to pronounce an enormous big and rocking "THANK YOU" to all of my fans, followers and bands out there. Also to my helpers Christina, Michele, Martin, Florian, Sebastian, Dave. Without your support my blog wouldn't have reached the level which it has today. But now to the bad part....
I won't be able to do review work any longer after beginning of 2015. The reason is very simple. Things go very well with my regular work in the hospital, the band "Sativa Root" and the Fant Costume Guitar shop, so i want to focus all my energy to this three, for me very important things. Anyway your always welcome to send me your records, but as i said before i will not find the time to write reviews the next time. I hope that i can appease you if i say that i won't give up review writing for my whole life and i will let you know as soon as possible when the time is ready for some new cock rocking reviews. I wish you Guys and Ladies all the best for the future and keep rocking on and believe in your music.

Your Stonerhead

Bill White(Bushfire):
" Respect sir!!! you definitely open the doors to new fans for BUSHFIRE and we respect that dearly. thank you for your time and effort for all the bands i checked out because of you! you will always RAWK!!! KISSES..BF and me!"

Lucas Klaukien (Sludgelord)
Good luck and much success to you in the future Stonerhead!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014



2014 will see the release of Celestite, an instrumental, experimental companion record to Celestial Lineage. Celestite sees the band take a deeper excursion into the crystalline synthesizer-driven domains that have long intrigued them. With the aid of producer Randall Dunn, the band unearthed a hidden soundscape that is only loosely tethered to their familiar sound, yet is still unmistakably the work of Wolves in the Throne Room.

Celestite will be the inaugural release on the band’s new label, Artemisia Records, which will be their outlet for future releases.


"Experimental" is just a word but Wolves in the Throne Room work with more than that simple description.
This band lives their music and with all feelings of every tone they create their own world on CELETITE. Every song includes an own beeing and has a function on this album. When you listen through the whole album you can hear something magical like a story. If you chose only one song   you can listen to a part of that story and so its hard to understand the whole creation. They are not a standard band and thats the point which makes this duo so unique. I'm very proud that one idea of a song "Initiation at Neudeg Alm"  is inspired of a mountain in salzburg/abtenau. Celestine is definitely not what most of the fans would have expected because it's very different to their albums before but i would say that this work is successful and would fit as a good soundtrack of a movie.
Thumb up for this album and also check out the great events of Speckjaga!

Big thank's to Rarely Unable for the Promotion Package

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Monday, September 15, 2014

...fresh meat for the masses...


RADIO HAZE was found to be only a studio-project in the beginning, but since their self-produced EP „Vitamin R“ (Fall 2007) the guys are on their way to place a spark in every rock `n rollers heart out there. With two brothers as their rhythm section and a creative mind at the front, the rock power-trio is absolutely fit to let those sparks become a hellfire that burns down every stage Michael Hofmann (Drums/Vocs), Robert Hofmann (Bass/Vocs) and Philipp Janoske (Guitar/Vocs) from Abensberg in Bavaria enter - no matter if they play loud or even unplugged.
With legends like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin in their heads and a mixture of Wolfmother and Foo Fighters in their ears, the guys give Rock of the 60s and 70s a dropkick into presence!
Following their first EP, they release two longplayers called „Mycelium“ and „The Growth“ - also by themselves - to cope with their huge creative output. The fact that they are working single-handedly gives them the freedom to develop their own style and to differ from other bands in the genre.
To confirm their variety they even trip into acoustic-psychedelic regions and record the “Psychoustic-Sessions” EP, which is solely available as an affectionately-designed 10” vinyl package.
In the meantime RADIO HAZE cause quite a stir in the whole of Bavaria and under all age audiences while playing support-shows for Rock-legends like Uriah Heep and Ten Years After or „newcomers“ like Graveyard and The Brew (UK). These experiences give the creative impuls and also the starting signal for the work on their new album „Momentum“, which is recorded live and once again produced at home - of course DIY.
The result is quite a blast, convincing even Berklee-academic Will Robertson as a course-related project within bassist Hubi’s studies. On 05/02/2014 everybody can take a trip back to a time when the boys of dogtown turned the skateboard scene inside out and guitar-riffs ruled the world, but without disregarding the accomplishments in rock-music during the last decades. A bow before the history of ROCK.


"What's to say about this record? These guys are definitely good songwriters. For a DIY album it sounds amazing and it could also be a thing of interest beyond the stoner rock scene. Song's like "Blame the Moonlight" or "Let Me Taste Your Light" are very Radio friendly material. But otherwise tracks like "Ignition", "Wasteland" and "The Night She Shot Me Down" are great played song's in different rhythms and a lot of good feeling parts. The voice reminds me sometimes on the singer of "Placebo" or the dude of the "Arctic Monkeys" who is not my favorite type of vocals but it fits perfectly to the whole band and gives the music the last kick. At the whole end "Radio Haze" have done a real good job. Thumb up for this work!

Text: Stonerhead

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

...young and dynamic...


 The Lone Crows are a Blues Rock band based in Minneapolis, MN. With a sound focused on Soul, Improvisation, and Dynamic song-writing, The Lone Crows combine Blues Rock, Grunge, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic, Stoner Rock, Post Rock, and Funk, harkening back to the classic 60s and 70s Rock gods while defying all but the most abstract categorization.
 Recently signed to the German record label, World In Sound, The Lone Crows are anticipating the release of their self-produced debut album through out Europe and will soon be taking their unique brand of Catastrophic Rock and Roll over-seas with tour dates to be announced in the next few months! In the mean time, catch The Lone Crows in Minneapolis before they fly away. 


"This young and friendly guys from Minneapolis are definitely rocking the shit out of your brains. I saw them live at the Freak Valley Festival and it really impressed me what this group was pulling out of their instruments. I see a good future for them and  i hope that their good feelings go on with the next records. Give their work a listen!"

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Sunday, August 3, 2014



¡PENDEJO! is a four-piece heavy rock band from the Netherlands, founded by two cousins with a history in Latin America. Digging into their latino roots, El Pastuso and Jaap ‘Monchito’ Melman started blending heavy riffage, pounding drums, right-in-your-face lyrics in urban Spanish about the weirdest stories in life, and to top it all off, a screaming trumpet.


"Do you like something different and special? So Pendejo will make you happy because this dudes are straight from Amsterdam and do a very mixed and interesting sound. I played with them in Schongau (Dutch & European Stoner Rock) and i have to say that this band is fucking awesome.
Frontman El Pastuso does a very good job, he is a great entertainer and makes a roofburning mood on stage. The spanish language caughts the certain extra for the band and makes it unique. Also his companjos do a great job and so the whole sound on the album and also on stage comes fat and mighty. "Atacames" brings you a handful of brilliant songs and the whole length of the record contains one hard riff after another. My favorite songs are: "Hermelinda" , "Dos" ,  "El Verano del  96" and "El Jardinero". For me the album is a masterpiece and doesn't need a warm up time. From the first second till now i'm simply delighted with it. Thumb up!"


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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Church Within Records Releases


"Funeral Doom with a lot of different instruments and melodies, sabbatic riffs the album becomes a good piece of music. "Blackfinger" comes like a mix of "Pothead", "Creed", "Black Sabbath" and a bit of "Type O Negative" i like it."

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"Slow motion riffs, hard hitting toms, screaming guitar solos and a bluesy rhythm of the bass guitar is always a part of the first release of "Purple Hill Witch". Awesome album, thumb up!"

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

...good music from good people for good people...


I 'm going to tell you a story about a guy named "Hans" He always believed in music as a true music enthusiast and what he does has a soul and character.  After a yearlong acting with Samsara Blues Experiment, 2013 he started with "Rodeo Drive" as a new Project. Mixed and mastered by Richard Behrens also known from the sound of "Kadavar's" live sound and by "Heat" who did the bass.
 "Rodeo Drive" has a very simple but well rocking material on their disc which  proves us good songwriting skills. A true and not overproduced sound escorts every single song. You can't ignore the classic stoner rock attitude and with a lot of psychedelic parts and great solos it never becomes boring.. The vocals are very minimalistic and so the band conveys more like a  "jam atmosphere".
Also the bass sound works very well and so it's not a surprise that the band comes with some cool openers on several tracks. 
Song's like "The Void, Stoner of Mass Destruction, Poultry Bro, Earth Dark Diseases and "Snuff Eater" is great stuff for the Stonerheads out there.
All stuff of Rodeo Drive, Samsara Blues Experiment, Heat,Dunst etc you can order directly from Electric Magic or via bandcamp, follow the link below.



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Wednesday, July 9, 2014 the garden of ivyl!!!


Straight from Trevisio, Italy the power constilation of Andrea, Paolo and Diego release their third full lenght concept album named "I Ate Of The Plant And It Was Good" and it is directly conected to their forerunners "Docile" (2011) and "Love Is Blood" (2012). 
"They thought they were playing stoner, but people actually say they don't..." is their description quote on the genre line on facebook. That's right because it's not only simple Stoner Rock but high quality varied rock music with a interesting mix out of progressive rock parts, slower doom parts and driven portion hard rock and in the end there are also some stoner rock influences.

 I saw them at the Freak Valley Festival and i was really impressed by this nice guys from Italy. At the drive home from the festival i had the possibility to listen to their album accurate and had a lot of fun with this.
Song's like "Deeper Than Deep", "Ohcysprotom" and "Hang Glider" show the whole spectrum of their skills. Exactly this is what makes the band unique. They create their own sound and so they distinguish to all the other bands in this genre. I'm really happy about this discovery on the main stage at freak valley. The live show had a huge pressure and the progressive parts reminded me stromg on the band "TOOL", with a good feeling on stage and a great performance which they played and a  great set.  So they could impressed a lot of the people i think. 
You also have the honor to get your own copy of the Ivy Row. Check out their available records and merchandise on their sites.


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Friday, July 4, 2014

...little lucifer...


After some band member changes and a new stylistic concept made out of the old Cachimbo de Paz "LUCIFER BABY" appeared as an incoming and fresh band with new members and a new concept.
The first loss maker comes in vinyl with three different colors and constitutes two first song's.
"The Walls are coming closer" and "The spell seems to be broken" give insights into the world of LUCIFER BABY and grant us some good feelings for the future. Cool melodies and ballads are intrinsically but suitable and fit great into the whole thing. The voice is forming and covers several parts. From nasally smooth parts to scratchy dark ballads it makes a spooky and occult feeling.
 Live they are also a burner so if you have the possibility to see them. IT'S A MUST!!! Hopefully their full album is coming out soon and has some more melodic and formative song's ready for us.
Ear worm is guaranteed!


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Thursday, June 26, 2014

...hyne trough the elements...


"Hyne" from Hamburg have reloaded their stoner - rock gravity gun to shoot out their new release "ELEMENTS" This record is full of great arranged tracks, well mixed sound quality and a thoughtful concept. Behind the scenes this five likeable German dude's know that from nothing comes nothing so they do it differently. They rehearse a lot, play every show, promote their things and work on their own being to transform and get better. After i heard this album i was absolutely convinced that their development phase is over now. "Hyne" are complete and powerful like they never were before.

The opener "The Engine" proves that directly at the beginning.
The vocals are heavy and powerful and fit perfect to the free vocal slots of the rhythm guitar. Also the solo is well placed and not over pumped. 
With a winning first riff the second song "Beneath the Radar" starts and spreads loads of good feelings. Sometimes it reminds me on a mix of "Orange Goblin", "Cojones" and a cup of "Hainloose" which is only well meant from my side. The next awesome song is called "Elements" and comes with an old school 70ies riffing accompanied by cozy soft guitars and muddy driving drums. The refrain is well to hear so this song is definitely one of my favorites on this piece of shiny plastic.

With "Western Circus" a short instrumental break relaxes the whole and brings some differences with it. 
"Dead Man" at first rolls slowly and builds up a smooth psychedelic mood with some wah wah and phaser on the guitar. Also a good song which fits perfect into this giant playlist of "Hyne". Also outstanding is the track "Pieces of the Universe" which reminds me a bit at "Truckfighters" with a vocal style of Glen Danzig(at least at the beginning), what a mix! With "Elbsand" i have reached the end of this record and i have to say that the album has positively surprised me. 
For me the band has evolved like a strong pokemon. Now they are finished and have found their way together as a band.
After a hard way they have deserved it to have a place in this scene.
Thumb up!!


get it here

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Friday, June 20, 2014

...zeus is back and stronger than ever!!


Planet of Zeus are a heavy rock, southern metal band from Athens, Greece. Were formed in 2000 and since then have extensively toured around Greece, playing in every venue possible, ranging from shitholes to stadiums. Their raw , sincere and constantly evolving live performances have secured them a loyal and hardcore underground following base, which exceeds Greece's geographical boarders and has led them to sharing the stage with acts like Hermano and Brant Bjork, Monster Magnet,Karma to Burn, Eyehategod, Church of Misery. 
Their highly successful 2011 Greek tour, which included all Greek major cities, their participation in the Stoned from the Underground Festival in Germany and their cult music videos led to this year's sold out Planet of Zeus's Athenian concert. A concert which took place in front of an 800 people audience. After a lot of touring the last years around Europe they released this year their third full album "VIGILANTE", follow the link's to get your own.

"I mean this year is the perfect time for another energy full album of the mighty Greece mans of PLANET OF ZEUS, like before the record contains rifful and high quality music. The characteristic vocals of Babis are doing the best again and forms over the years to a truly mind blowing capacity.
The whole concept is thoughtful and mature and brings new ten high quality POZ tracks.
Like always the touch of "Clutch" is to hear and with this southern rock attitude the members of "Planet of Zeus" hit the point! Again a mighty album from the beginning to the end!!!
My favorite songs: "Second Coming", "No Tomorrow", "Sky High Heels", "The Beast Within"
Absolute recommended!!!
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Monday, June 16, 2014

...Tape Session again...


In the fall of 2012, Lansing Michigan metal rockers The Swill was formed from current and past members of Wastelander, Harbinger, Borrowed Time, Ghost Tower, Trouble, Solace and Bert. Recording sessions began in winter of 2013 resulting in the Thirst For Misery EP. Engineered, recorded and produced by Kevin Kitchel and Matt Preston. 

"The tape recorder is moving and the of my cabinets are wobbling. The Swill is rocking my living room and i'm sure my neighbors also have some fun with this. The short tape has a lot in it and brings me in a old known mood of old dirty metal,beer and motorcycles. The super group has a lot of experience and this you can hear on this album. At all it makes fun but it's not really my kind of music but i'm sure there are enough lovers of this music out there. Check them and like it on their social network sites. "

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Friday, June 13, 2014

...phantasy sludge...



Mother of all the multicultural cities, London is the melting pot where five lads, their respective nationalities and single musical influences happened to collide and form Strauss. A project inspired and driven by the adverse powers of modern western society, this is also the repressed need to speak out for those wishing to break away from a far too rationalised routine.

Groovy, fierce yet soul-rocking, Strauss’s sound is the musical produce of a desperate attempt to drag out what is left of their heavily besmirched creativity. A mould of old-school metal, stoner and sludge, this is the tuneful achievement of five inspirationally distinct musicians with no obligations but a mutual tendency to overcome sonic clich├ęs and deliver awesomely exiting live performances.

Sure they know how to have and bring fun. Vocals and riffs are just as heavy as the aggressive drums bashing throughout each bloody song. What you hear is what you get – a blast of musical adrenaline, power and coordination.


"A very intersting raw sound what this dude's of "STRAUSS" recorded on this album.
With a lot of good ideas, a good concept and also a great implementation the whole album has a good
duration function for me. At home the album sounds full and good mixed. At first it was a bit exceptional for me but after a intense listening it was exciting and enthralling.
The vocals are heavy and brutal and fits good to the songstructures.
My favourite track "Burning Sky" I recommend several times to take in portions daily."

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 in fire...


Firelord start up in Turin in 2007 from the ashes of a Doom Metal project named Saint Judas
founded by Mario E. Bussini few years before. In 2007 Beppe Tozza, Daniele Biffaro and Giulio Buscaglione joined the project. The band plays some covers and a couple of draft tunes heavy influenced by Black Sabbath, Count Raven, Gates of Slumber, Earthride, Saint Vitus and Wino projects, Doom scene, Stoner and Metal until '80s.
Many problems and changes happened to the lineup, until 2011 when get stable with the entrance of bass player Dario Giuva, who joins the project and partecipate to realase of the four tracks recorded in the first Firelord EP "The Burning EP".
2013' lineup is formed by Mario E.Bussini (voice, guitars), Giulio Buscaglione (drums) and Mario
Pappano (bass). The band is in studio writing new tunes for the first full lenght. 


get it here

"Trying to describe firelords music style, I would say it is type of stoner-doom-metal with a footstamping groove and a additional influences of Black Sabbath. After the first song/intro "Among the snakes" "Man of mayhem" sounds more like classic metal with a punch of dirtn'roll, however this one did not impress me that much, but it still rocks! This track is followed by "Black Kommander" which has more uptempo parts in it than the first songs. It made me footwhippin and headbanging. The song "Ghost Of Eymerich" is a doomful groover which lasts over 11 minutes. At first the song comes slow and hard, but at 6.30 the tempo speeds up. The solo is a classic one which gives you a short view back into the 70's...Black Sabbath fans will totally like it! "Road to hell"continues the direction with some cool bassparts and deep guitars. "Werewolf" starts with a classic horror movie sample and goes into a straight rocking tune. The midtempo and raw voices make this song to one of my favorite songs on this debut. Finally follows the Sabbath cover "Children of the Grave"which is faster than the original. When you listen trough it and you know who's song it is...but with the voice of singer Mario Bussini  create a dirt'n'roll tribute to Black Sabbath....very very well! Last but not least, Among the snakes part II completes the album. This song is also more a bit more uptempo and heavy. The dirty voice adds up to a coherent foot masher..."

Guest Review: ALEX FUCHS (Dutch&European Stoner Rock)

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Monday, June 9, 2014

...Time to freak out again!!!




Romanticly hidden behind mining areas and idyllic landscapes, there is a place, where once a year freaks come together around the country and celebrate a festival. This festival has only existed for three years, and is a solid institution for fans of well-kept Heavy Psychedelic Stoner and Blues Music. In this article I report on my impressions from the FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014.

The Festival Area
Just like as last year the festival took place on the company site of the AWO in Netphen. Where normally the employees work for these social institutions, is now space for everything you need on a Rock festival. Several food stands, for normal, vegetarian and vegan food, a big garage as merchandise shop, with posters,shirts and all the band stuff. Also Go Down Records, Kozmik Artefacts and the Doom-Dealer are on this area and sell their finest selection of Vinyls and CD's.
There was even a swing for the young at heart people!! And a Cocktail Bar... GREAT!  There where enough clean toilets for all until the end of the festival, and as I know from special source the ladies rooms were luxurious too!
The approximately 2000 people found comfortably place and the terrain had a nice family atmosphere. 
The visitors where  a really colourful mixed crowd of small kids up to older people, but all came for the music and the scene, so it was an amazing mood. The Festival has the right size and i hope that the idea of Jens and his crew will keep it in this size to keep up the quality of the festival.

The Crew
From the paramedic crew to the security helpers, all employees of the Freak Valley Festival did an outstanding job. The guards were friendly and helpful, and so it is not surprising that the whole Festival is very peaceful expired. The whole organisation of the backstage area (parking, hospitality...) was very professional and so the artists were able to enjoy that.
It shows if the head-organisator is  a  smooth man then it transmits out mood to the whole team. And this brings good vibes to all people on the Festival. What is important as well. Here other festivals can still learn a lot.
Also the stage and sound crew made their best job, which brings me to the next point: The sound.

The Sound
Needless to say, that the Sound is one of the most important things about a  Rock Festival. So on FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014 the sound was awesome! As I stood in the front row, the sound was good, but not too loud to differentiate. But also in the back, in the chill out area, the sound was crystal clear and still had pressure and big balls of  ROCK!!! 
Some little blemishes are to hear on the base drum on some bands but nothing can be perfect. At all a very high quality open air sound which the rock freaks offered to the people and the artists.

The Bands
The line up on FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014 was just right for this size and even better than some other big Festivals with 5 stages. There was something for every taste, and so the motto of the organizers: “No Fillers, Just Killers” was fulfilled to the best. From the Local Heroes “BUSHFIRE” (GER), to the  festival highlight “MOTORPSYCHO” (NOR) there were bands of 11 different country’s. Especially PAPIR, IVY GARDEN OF THE DESERT, ELDER, MOTHERSHIP and SOLSTAFIR was a blast and impressed with a powerful show. The good knows KADAVAR, BLUES PILLS and RADIO MOSKAU already do their best on stage and let groove the freak brains all day long.

The Campsite and Shuttle Bus
Imagine you were just six hours on the festival grounds and now you finally want to go back to your tent. Unfortunately there are 2 Kilometers of mountain march to absolve. In the whole Shuttle Bus thing there were some improvements since last year. This year there were also some cabs for disposal. Nevertheless, there remains the long march then for the people who do not want to afford.
The campsite is normally used for grazing horses or cows. So if your unlucky, you could tap in a cow pat at night :) But otherwise, the place was big enough an clean. Also the toilets were kept well.


After 8 car-hours and highway traffic in extremely bad driving visibility my body is screaming for cold beer and fun. Which also did not last long. After greeting the festival crew and reload my cam the festival starts at 4 afternoon with THE COLTS with nice hard rock and driven music.
With a mix of AC/DC,Motorhead and Deep Purple this young musicians activated the first foot movement of the people and warmed up the ears for the following three days.
THE LONE CROWS are also a new band for me and this guys from Minneapolis really surprised me with their great performance with a well played mix between Blues Rock, Grunge and Heavy Rock. I also got a Promo CD of their dudeful manager backstage, so it will be a review coming out to their full length "Dark Clouds". The CD was a faithful companion at the drive back to Salzburg.
After this amazing show THE HEAVY EYES rocked the crowd with their guitar orientated playful stoner/heavy rock  with psych rock  influences. A beneficial feeling arised when the first pure fuzztones reached my ear. At this point the Festival has started the engine.
Another Beer and a short talk with Ander'sof the BLOODY HAMMERS about their tour and the new album "Under Satans Sun"  lead me forward to see his band rocking the Freak Valley Stage. Most did not know the band but despite the bad weather the mood was nice and the people like what they heared.
"The Town That Dreaded Sundown" impressed with big refrains and a classy atmosphere. I'm happy to expose an Interview with them in the next weeks on the blogsite.
Now to the beautiful encounter with PAPIR.
This band from Copenhagen brings the perfect increase in every song. The music is transforming permanently and shows you the whole bright spectrum of the band. From Space Rock, Ambient, Post-Rock up to classic heavy rock riffs and big stoner rock mills. Especially the drummer totally freaked out and brings the phils always to the right point.
The visuals on the back of the stage made the rest of the great  performance perfect. For me this band was definitelythe band of the day and so i was encouraged for another beer.
It was even colder and the people made party on the way to tent.
But the hardboiled rock freaks were ready for RADIO MOSCOW. This american garage band comes with 70ies oriented rock music. The great guitar work of  Parker Griggs fitted perfectly to the songs and made at least a good rock'n roll attitude for this first day of a great festival (yes I already knew that before).


After this extreme cold night in the car and a hole in my air mattress I was tired and out of energy.
Volker of was my hero of the day because he enabled me the entering to the stuff showers.What a blessing for me. Fresh and full of new intention i startet to get through the small stage on the left of the festival.
The powerful and with full force playing band MOTOR MAMMOTH (also from the same label FAT&HOLY RECORDS like WIGHT) was the perfect heat up for waking up at 11:30 am.
The driving songs brought the people to shake in the front rows and all the others looked intently through this happening. 
Now it was time to see the second part of the Wake&bake stage for this day, WIGHT got some bad news cause thier drummer 
was prevented for any reason, I think something with his ears.
So with this handicap the band including myself had some groogy moments, but this means nothing and is absolute expressionless because the jam with the alternate drummer Tony Reed known from bands like MOS GENERATOR,STONE AXE,TREEPEOPLE and a second guitarist (friend of WIGHT) there was no reason for hiding. 
The jam was very simpatic and i think the most of the people haven't attracted attention that something is missing. The spontan jam was very trippy and made a lot of fun, you also have seen it in the artists faces. 
The next exclusive show at Freak VALLEY was the" SUN PREACHERS" from France which opened the main stage on this day and provided a decent warm show. A very interesting mix of sabbatic riffs and fast hard rock parts. The voice fitted well to the whole being of the band and the sound was good (like always).
Thumb up! After a Curry Wurst and  a cold beer i was ready for the next band.
But band fits not on this point, rather chapel or army because "IVY GARDEN OF THE DESERT" was definitely the surprise of the day. This italian dudes played a real cool set full of amazing prog/stoner/psych rock compositions. Sometimes they remembered me on "TOOL" and this is truly a compliment for a band. 
Also this band will have a review on this site in the next time, don't miss this!
The next band proofed raw power, a rad and dirty voice and spread out a mood of southern driven stoner rock.
Do you know which band i mean?
Of course the "MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN" from the state Kansas.
With their down tuned  heavy rock and the backing vocals they won every heart of the rock freaks in the front of the stage. Song's like "The Swill, Foxhole or Spacefaze" ruled the whole Freak Valley visitors.
But this temper was not all because after this spectacle "STUBB"(UK) entered the platform.
An Excellent played psych rock with an characteristic voice and an exciting guitar work of Jack Dickinson and the rhythm section of Peter Holland and Tom Feyfe who hitted the drums.
 It was a party for my ears and this started again the party enginee of the crowd and the sun became more warmer and full of energy. 
With "MOTHER OF GOD" from Sweden the party went on with the next exclusive show. Doomful stoner rock and a touch of good old rock created an enormous wall of sound.
I didn't know why but it wasn't  hard to miss that this band comes from Sweden because most of the bands from this northern land are formative  for the sound in this scene. But that was not enough because "MOTHERSHIP"(USA) had also something to do with us.
Fast played powerful hard rock and a temperementful stage performance let seemed this fresh band like a professional every day playing band.   
 I see a big future for this group of people with the real rock attitude, i hope to have the guys in the future on the line up of a show of me.
Now the party mood was on the top and "BLOOD CEREMONY" was perfect for another round. Their spooky and dark occult concept didn't work really good in the sun but this means nothing for the music and their sound. Since a time i tied to see them live and now i have got the chance and i have to say that it was totally worth it. 
Very likable people this Canadian occult band. I met them at the festival area and talked about the festival and their favorite bands of the festival. "WO FAT"(USA) continued what the bands before started.
 With a huge wall of sound this psychedelic combo threw riff after riff straight through into our faces and we couldn't get enough of this!!After 4 full length albums their are back again with the mighty new one "The Conjuring" and with a mix of this discography the set list was formed. Just awesome!! 
Now to my personal headliner of the day "SOLSTAFIR". I never seen this band live before and on the records it was not enough to convince me but from the first second on stage they proved me the converse of their work.
They started their engines at 21pm, the weather was fine and the people happy about a relaxed and mind expanding festival!! 
With an energetic and better magical show they enchanted all of the visitors and brought them to be astonished. Decently one of the best performances of this year for me so far. 
After this mind blowing atmospheric ear party the good old known "TRUCKFIGHTERS" entered the stage. 
With a little delayed start because of any technical problems the Swedish heavy gods vehicle began to roll and simultaneously the rock freak heads include beards and hairs began to bang.
 I think I've seen this band more than ten times and like always they did a very solid show and brought  kind of a ballermann 6 feeling in the front row. Dango the flying guitar hero was always in movement like a crazy Capricorn what  gives the whole show the required  dynamic. 
The throats were wet and the smoke in front of the stage revealed the next band. "BLUES PILLS" formed the grande finale on this exciting second day at FREAK VALLEY 2014.
Grooving riffs to excellent solos and licks from Dorian Sorriux brought the inevitable color in the band. The harmony between bass and the drums were also exhilarating and let Elin enough space for her powerful and matchless voice. 
The 70ie feeling was guaranteed everyone looked pretty and it was a hard developed amazing closing of this day for the BLUES PILLS. After some beers with the bands and the people on the festival area i quited for this day. Dead Tired and broke, I went to sleep in my car to make fresh space for the new music which awaited me the next day.


After reloading my camera and about 2 liters of coffee i started the day with a smile but also with eye rings because the night was inhuman cold and it was hard to find sleep. But who cares?
Because MAGNETIC MOUNTAIN (EX-BLACK LIZARD) do their best to wake up our associated outputs and this they did very convincingly. Good played Stoner/Grunge/Southern Metal with a big output on stage.

"BUSHFIRE" got ready for their show as personal house band of the Freak Valley Festival.

 The desperateness Bill and his fellowship of Fuzz persuaded with a premise and back-breaking performance.
I have planned to do another interview with "BUSHFIRE" in the future, check out the first one here.

 The wake&bake stage was full of motivated visitors who enjoyed this happening. What a good start for the last day of the energeticall festival. 
"BONE MAN" were also a fresh powerful band from Germany who opened the main stage this day . The music contained a lot of groove and fuzzy Sounds.
With a mix of psychedelic and with the  good old 60s,70s attitude constructed songs they got a good feedback! Thumb up and hopefully they will decorate a line up on one of my shows in Salzburg. 
Now to "ZODIAC"(D) which i already reviewed  2012. My result of the review: "A really great newcomer band with a big future, smooth psych tunes meets Alice in wonderland in a great atmosphere and a ass full of energy" was the statement at the time too. 
Now they are signed at Napalm Records and played a lot of shows in Europe so i was right. Also this show was full of energy and made a lot of fun. The grandiose insert of "ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE"(DK) in the afternoon sun took me with them in a world of peace, fondle units and a lot of colors. 
The unique feeling what they created was very special and the whole festival looked intently or simply lied down in the grass and look through the clouds. 
Scott Heller and his Troop of space rock soldiers demonstrated again a high quality jam.
Now again on stage Tony Reed with "MOS GENERATOR".On the last day he also acted with WIGHT on stage.
Today he does the work on vocals and the guitar. 
The hard rock orientated music caused a good mood and party on the  battlefield. 
"Lonely One Kenobi" my favorite song of the last record came fat and with a lot of groove.
It was really nice to finally see these musicians live after knowing their music for  a long time.
"ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL" a hard rock inspired band from the UK count their roots to bands like Status Quo, Budgie, Ram and all this bands.
The exclusive show and the appear of the exotics were well received by the audience. The Berlin-based band "SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT" stared their thunder new with only three members. 
The pressure of the sound remained available on stage. Now on bass instead of Richard Behrens(now the sound technician of "KADAVAR") the second guitar player Hans Bob who did his job very well. 
I hope that this band don't lose their spirit for the music and find a new fourth wheel for their vehicle.
 We will wish the best for them and also check out the side project of Hans, it's named "RODEO DRIVE" and kicks ass, review will follow soon on this blog.
Now to a very special moments of the line up of the Saturday.
"ELDER" from Boston/USA really knew how they  had to play their doomful and heavy riffwar on stage. The guitar fixed band forms every melody pearl after another. Surrounded by colorful, psychedelic solos of the young Nick DiSalvo the whole band came like a tsunami. 
This amazing show was my best experience at the festival and made me happy to have met the people behind the music. After this brainfuck the stage get a new look for the first headliner show of the multinational band "MOTORPSYCHO" from Norway. 
The band tried for about 20 years by various structures of jazz,punk, pop and any kind of rock and won with this bright spectrum many fans over the time. 2 hours of finest heavy rock and always forming psychedelic trips with a interesting and rousing stage performance of the group.
The mood was just right for the last band of this three day spectacle. "KADAVAR" entered the stage and inflamed the last energy reserves of the people.
After their planned tour they will focus the main thing again to the rehearsal room to form new songs for a upcoming album.  On this day, I'm looking forward already. At midnight the show started and with all their good known song's the party came to a  glamorous pinnacle of the FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014. All the nice time was over now and all the people look forward to an upcoming festival next year.

So all in all, FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014 was a beautiful and family friendly Rock Festival, with peaceful and crazy people. Let's hope, that FREAK VALLEY 2015 will be as nice as this year, and never will be one of those expensive and overloaded mass accruals.
So at this Point its time that the Stonerhead let groove your brains tonight Crew say thank you JENS HEIDE for this spectacle and for sure also to all helpers, promoters, bands, sound engineers, light dudes, festival visitors for this amazing three days and hopefully the rocking freak mood will burning for a long time!!!

Text: Stonerhead & Bam Bam

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