Friday, June 13, 2014

...phantasy sludge...



Mother of all the multicultural cities, London is the melting pot where five lads, their respective nationalities and single musical influences happened to collide and form Strauss. A project inspired and driven by the adverse powers of modern western society, this is also the repressed need to speak out for those wishing to break away from a far too rationalised routine.

Groovy, fierce yet soul-rocking, Strauss’s sound is the musical produce of a desperate attempt to drag out what is left of their heavily besmirched creativity. A mould of old-school metal, stoner and sludge, this is the tuneful achievement of five inspirationally distinct musicians with no obligations but a mutual tendency to overcome sonic clichés and deliver awesomely exiting live performances.

Sure they know how to have and bring fun. Vocals and riffs are just as heavy as the aggressive drums bashing throughout each bloody song. What you hear is what you get – a blast of musical adrenaline, power and coordination.


"A very intersting raw sound what this dude's of "STRAUSS" recorded on this album.
With a lot of good ideas, a good concept and also a great implementation the whole album has a good
duration function for me. At home the album sounds full and good mixed. At first it was a bit exceptional for me but after a intense listening it was exciting and enthralling.
The vocals are heavy and brutal and fits good to the songstructures.
My favourite track "Burning Sky" I recommend several times to take in portions daily."

7 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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