Thursday, January 30, 2014

...your last chance...


Made out of 180g finest colored vinyl, limited to 300 pieces and shipped in a gatefold cover, this double LP was recorded live at the Danspaleis circus tent in Salzburg, December 30th, 2013.
It contains old, recent and unreleased songs, representing Been Obscene's journey in the last couple of years, arranged and played live and unplugged only for this special occasion.
As a bonus every LP contains a download code of about 40 minutes full hd video of the night's performance as well as a code for digital download.
To make it even more special you are also able to get your LP signed personally and/or add a surprise shirt with the size of your choice.

Check out the first video of this special show HERE

The album is planned to be out by the end of April 2014 but you can pre-order it already! Quantity is limited so make sure you order right now...

DLP, 180g, VIDEO, MP3 | € 35.-
DLP, 180g, VIDEO, MP3, SURPRISE SHIRT | € 45.-

All prices plus shipping, tax included, only available through the official Been Obscene store.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The 5th Element...

The Black Explosion 
Heavy Psych/Stoner Rock 

Chris Winter took his rock and roll visions to create a spaced out, rock, fuzz and psyched out band called The Black Explosion. The musical style is rooted in rock & roll although it draws big influences from space-rock, soul, blues, noise and psych. After the great debut album Servitors Of The Outer here and now - the new album Elements of Doom. 

Now i hold the second „holy grale“ in my hands and i am really happy about it, because this record hits me like good acid! 
Welcome to the freaked out world of The Black Explosion! A really awesome psychedelic bluesy stoner crew with a epic potential to rock. The vocals remembers on Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop, Wolfmother or something, but sounds clearly different, great arranged screams, and some effects and samples makes it better as it already sounds. What the whole Sound belongs at first definitely Hawkwind and White Stripes comes in my mind but it is harder, deeper and slower (mostly). The right point so say that i find that it is really good recorded and mastered. Sounds real professional for the second Album. The Tracklengt goes from 02:15 up to 06:01 minutes, apart from the „Wee will fall“ with the hidden track. 
The cover is really strange and awesome, what is a „must have“ for such a album. 
On the title track „Elements of Doom“ the Oscillator brubbles a strange brew with doomy riffs and some other spaced up stuff which sounds more fuzzed up, downtempo and psychedelic as on the first album. 
The whole band could get real legendary as Mr Winter still is in another scene. 
For me they are as good as Graveyard, Mamont and other bands from sweden, but it is another kind of music and especially that rulez. It may hasn´t the same „Earworm“ but comes very close on that point. 

Some „Asskick“ songs are up there, like „Freekin Ride“ or „Blow it away“ which has a huge hit factor. 

The Old School Fu Manchu, TAB, Nebula fraction will like „D-471“ pretty sure. 
But that is only Side a if it was a LP. There are a lot of other good songs up there. 
On „Mothership“ i thought Cheech and Chong himself cries out the intro and starts the ride. 
The riffs sounds a little bit like the good old Sabbath here on some parts but still another strain. 
A hidden Track and many good vibes are waiting at least as last track on this baby. 
Chris Winter – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Joel Bergström – Guitar
Simon Haraldsson – Bass,
Andreas Lindquist – Drums

Spaced out guitars, samples, bass, aggressive drums (as we heard on the first album) and a „out of control“ voice remembers us that we all „Will Fall“. 
I can highly recommend this record because they might get legendary and i have to say, that FOR ME they already are! So it's really worth listening! Not everyones sound of choice maybe, but i think the most Stonerheads will like it. 
And That is my point in the end: Check it out LOUD! Turn on, Tune in, Drop out! 



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Thursday, January 23, 2014

...Cause i know you really want it...

Opoponax Records

You've been waiting a long long time for this to come! If not you just didn't know about your audio orgasm desires yet.
These 3 guys from Phoenix really got it.
For the few who didn't heard about them, they are pretty much comparable to a newborn, created during a neverendless satanic fuck orgy with ritualistic „sleep“ dimensions initiated by the „electric wizard“ his own.
This will and already did produce some fucking big waves in the scene.
„Rites of hash“. The first track. Guitar-starting punch of groove! Pure fuzz-driven pot pleasure.
Great vocals by mastermind Jeff Owens who writes most of the songstructures. Really outstanding mix between extreme powerful riffing and flowing grooves.
„Necromance“. Absolutely wizard-like. Spreading their diabolic movement around human spheres. Goya proving why there was such a huge demand for their first EP. Wah-pedal-burning shadows on stage, they really know how to create a good flow between slow and fast(er) riff-demons.
Oh yeah and then it comes „Night Creeps“. Upcoming from the depths of hell, these i-sold my-soul riffs just punch you in your goddamn face. „Forever dead, forever stoned“. Nothing else to add.
11 minutes of highness framed by a sound that everybody just dreams off.
„Death's Appro“. Another bummer. Getting closer to audio orgasms you'll beg for more while you keep on tripping to this one.
Sticky, filthy amounts of satan-riffs which lead to extraordinary weed desires.
„Blackfire“. Second song you should already know from their first EP.
Fasten your seatbelts folks cause this will kick your ass off.
Get the record, get some dope and booze and get your stoneheads fucked literally.
„Bad Vibes“ for pussy pop. Great last words for a record that surprised me positively like nothing else for some time.
Again: No compromises in here. Just fatness, played on point.
„Fuck you! I know you're gonna die“ 
I mean does it get any better or could you ask for more...
They give you exactly what you need and that's some fucking heavy stoner doom rock with clouds of green dust which stays in your mind. 



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Friday, January 17, 2014

...Slingshot from Vienna...

Deeply influenced by the sound of the 70's and the 90's Rock-Music, the Vienna band „SLINGSHOT“ combines mainly elements from Stoner Rock, Heavy Blues and Psychedelic Rock in their compositions.
Founded in 2006, after an initial productive phase began, where a Demo-CD was recorded, several reorganisations in the team had taken place.
During this time drummer Günther and guitarist Jonas prooved an iron will in continuing the development of their project. Thats the reason, why 2011 the band finally found its current members.
Bass player Wolfgang and singer Erich joined Slingshot, and therefore could realize their common desire, to start a Desert-Rock-Band.

With this present formation the direction of the band‘s music has developed from the basis Grunge bound to Heavy Rock/Stoner.
Erich, Jonas, Günther and Wolfgang are very versitale musicians, who were engaged with not only diverse Rock-Music styles as well as with Jazz, Funk, Electronic, Classical and Contemporary European Art Music and Traditionell Music from various cultures.
During their joint composing they playfully manage combining intuitivly their musical influence and ideas to a harmonious overall picture. In the meantime the pieces arise at the jaming in the rehearsal room, whereby this process is showing that the members of the band are very well used to playing together.
In Slingshot’s music smooth, pointed riffs and playfull, but captivating grooves are meeting and merging due to intelligent arrangements to a tight and varied collective.
The multifaceted and warmth radiating voice of the singer merges perfectly with the band, and raises their music to a more higher level of intensity.
Due to the change of light and loose moments, with extrem pressurefull passages, the atmospheric tunes with heavy guitar riffs, the four musicians are creating a tremdous tension.
Also with songs being torn back and forth over the asphalt with a steamroller – filthy, loud and without compromise – the band knows how to convince.


"With "A Period of Reflection" a real cool debut album is born. The album tells you a lot, ranging from different things of your every day live to other strange stories about it. The style reminds me sometimes on Monster Magnet, Brant Bjork as well on Vibravoid and Iggy Pop. There is no song on the track list which doesn't fit the concept, which, as a matter of fact works great with the composition of the songs. A living proof that Austrians can make good music ...Thumb up!!!"


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Thursday, January 9, 2014

...time for some flower blues...

Alice Tambourine
Go Down Records
Psychedelic Blues

You wanna ride down the Route 66 with a bottle of Whiskey, your last bucks, a hot chick, a fucked up bottleneck guitar on the right place, and a voice like jefferson airplane , coven or nowaredays jex thoth, sabbath assemly or something like that?
Welcome to the weired psychedelic World of Alice Tamourine Lover! A really smooth groovy psychedelic bluesy folk journey threw a great world of instruments, tones, tunes and vibes!
Shame over my head, but i never heard of them before. Maybe thats why i am impressed so much of this masterpiece. I really like Blues and when it is psychedelic and funky too, thats my ride!
There are so much Tracks that i only wanna write over the whole Album and what i think about it. The Vocals very softly fiting in the wah n fuzzed up psychedelic blues guitars. Some Bottleneck, Harp and Tambourine inlays and other great Stuff rounds up the mixture.
There are only two artist who make sound for about a whole band. If you want the White Stripes but clearly different.
It only remembers on stoner stuff because of the „simple“ but mindbreaking riffing.
On the first few Tracks you can enjoy the very awesome voice of Alice.
But then the fourth track starts and „gipsy mind“ defenetly kicked me to another planet like a afterhour with the band of Gipsys and Hendrix. Really awesomse psychedelic love sound which couldn´t be played better from the old garde.
It is very nice to hear another album without the standard brew where they think they should play or the producers say that they should play this or that.
For me it is a new age hippie masterpiece of their own psychedelic stoner blues sight, wide away from the flood of modern Stoner that comes over us. Just see it like a present with a huge mixture of all tones a psychedelic stoneardhead will dream from.
„Between the Cup and Lips“ impressed me with the awesome Guitar bottleneck lick and the wah effekt which is strickly awesome (and my favorite track up there). PLAY IT LOUD!


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Sunday, January 5, 2014

...Buffalo steak and fat riffs to lunch!!!


Hey folks,
stop what you're doing in case it's not drinking some good whiskey, smoking some hazy pot or hittin' down the highway doing both.
Because here are 3 guys from Vancouver creating sounds that will dry your throat like a bong-session. „We hunt Buffalo“, riff-bombs you won't miss!
Their new release includes 4 tracks of fuzz-driven-stoner-power.
„Blood from a stone“, the groovy opener of this record immediately kicks you in.
Your head starts shaking by listening to this heavy piece of 4.20min.
Nice use of slower parts followed by some rolling mid-tempo stuff.
„Cobwebs“ captures this heaviness with some really great (maybe not dreamy but definitely) psychedelic atmospheres.
Sometimes the use of 2 vocals is the icing on the cake, what's the case in here.
Third track. „Hometown“. Here comes a turn. They seem to lose their dirty directly riffin' and flow more into a heavy-post-rock-kind-of-thing. Maybe not say lose but in my opinion here they missed it a bit.
With „Telepathetic Eyes“ they found a good solution for a closing track.
It's hard enough on the one hand and enough atmospheric on the other hand.
Last chance to mention this brilliant bass sound!
All in all a solid record.
I wouldn't say world-shaking but if you like some nice fuzz tunes enriched with some post-elements you're definitely right with this one.


Also check their other material, it's hot as hell!!!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

...2014 is here i have a beer and i want to say something...

 ...2014 is here i have a beer...

After 143 Reviews, 4 Festival Checks and countless concert visits the year goes to an end and so I want to thank all people out there who have support us this year, we had 11 great shows in Salzburg with the concert series of the blogsite,a big thank you to the following bands:
Scorpion Child, Planet of Zeus, Spiral Arms, Nivalis, Ghouls come knocking, Greenleaf, Grandloom, Grey Czar, Chango, Nightstalker, Underdogs, Sativa Root, Otehi, Cosmic Dead, Black Space Riders, The Machine, Sungrazer, Ape Machine, Pater Nembrot, Stone Pine Circle, Doctor Cyclops ,Far away Town...every show,every evening whether or not well was a blast and i want to thank all of the SHLGYBT CREW (Flo, Christina, Dave, Martin, Roman, Manfred, Sebastian and Mina) who made this possible and helped me to do the shows and kept the blogsite alive. Also a big thank you to all who came to the shows over and over again, without you the site and the whole thing would not work. 2014 will be a cool year for another fresh reviews, interviews, festival checks and surely some great shows in the upcoming show dates:

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014 um 19:00
Rockhouse Salzburg
14. Februar 2014
Mark Salzburg
Mark Salzburg
19. April 2014
Rockhouse Salzburg
 ...more infos and dates soon...
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