Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It was nice to be able to see the surviving dependent Kyuss (Kyuss and Garcia play Kyuss Lives) since 2010 again on stage. After very many sick storys, bass player change, about right and management bonuses and some dispute, they have really managed to forge a new album...this guys will ever appear a new album...They are back...Strong as ever!!!
Fuck Yeah!!!! 

The Intro starts...the first seconds of the album...1 minute voltage building tones and than...

We know this song already, as the stream was released I had a big grin all day long...
Kyuss are back and especially on this song you can hear that.

Hot air,desert sand and a bottle of whiskey...a smooth rhythmic beginning, John Garcia and his burning throat networked with a driving melody with many fine licks by master bruno and the typical brant bjork drum style...

This song would fits perfectly to the album "Blues for the Red Sun"...this song goes slowly on to the top and breaks out like a hurricane, finest stuff for your ears...

Planet 1&2
Brant Bjork together with John on the Vocals...this song reminds me from the structure like a mix between "Greenmachine" and "Gardenia" but let's stop to's a new killer song!!!

This riff is so much in the boogie man style, i'm sure Brant Bjork has written this song...Garcia fits perfectly in this world, melodic, groovy and  moony!

A short stopover at the nearest gas station...smooth jam parts, unfortunately too short!

Stop and go rhythms accompanied by crazy licks made as good as it also homme did...Bruno definitely rocks!!! Thrown mess and totally lathed but it works and let groove your brains...

Here much variety is on offer, beautiful choruses and mange every guitar-driven parts.
Almost a nice little song for Kyuss but also this song rocks from the first to second...

Here comes my absolutely favourite song of  this genius album"Peace"...
This song kicks ass, it's like a little story,there can be several songs but all are beautifully linked together. At 6:20 the song turn 180 degree and grooves slow and fat as we expect this from the gods of stoner rock, this song is to dance or have a nice sexy time...i don't know what you prefer but check out this album because it's good for you!!!

"On the whole a very successful project,there where one can only hope that it will continue to exist. It's really a long time since I was so convinced from the first listen to an album like this and not only because it is the famous Kyuss, because this guys are fucking live their music and that is that what you can here, real musicians, nice people,remain on the ground.
Vista Chino prove similar to Black Sabbath that not every reunion is brown in the pants...

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

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