Monday, April 29, 2013

...go down records special part II...

proudly presents the new products of 
All bands are available to buy here's time to check more good stuff from the great label GO DOWN RECORDS from italy!
Two unique unheard tracks straight from the Karma to Burn heaven.
52 minutes of finest and pure instrumental stoner riffing,live, dynamic and high quality sound!

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Stoner Rock
We'll be Brief

A powerful band from italy and they will do very noisy thing's with you...
Great grooveable straight drums with in a lot of different rhythms and song structures.
Blue's base riffing in combination with fat down tuned guitar sound is that what beat's you down!!!
Unbelievable power of the singer, great vocal work also the two part stuff (second singer) works well.
Song's like "Today", "Thin Line", "Sweet Love" or "Beat you down" prove me big balls!!!
So Mr.Bison must not hide from bands like Clutch, Dozer, Kyuss...they have a lot of energy and this is and this is just the beginning. buy here

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

...sandstorm time...


UK stonerrockers Desert Storm boast gigantic riffs, sludge and blues grooves. Their recent release, Forked Tongues, features a vast dynamic range. 
The five piece operation based in Oxford first formed in 2007, hitting the local rock scene with full force. Now having torn up multiple cities across the UK and festivals such as the mighty Bulldog Bash; on top of playing with the likes of Orange Goblin, Taint, Weedeater, Zoroaster, CKY, Winnebago Deal, Firebird and Black Spiders they're well underway spreading the NOISE.

get it here
"DESERT STORM is back again with mature material and new incredible power. 12 tracks straight from the deept of Oxfords underground, ton heavy riffs and brutal and extensive vocals from the mighty Matt Ryan. The whole album is bursting with energy and driving willpower!!! Song's like Mr.Strongbatch, Titan, Hofmann and Astral will make your heart beat faster. If you like band's like Orange Goblin, Planet of Zeus, Clutch, Down you will also like this dudes from DESERT STORM. Horizontal Life is a piece of gold in my buy it because it's good for you!"

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

...LOWBAU from Austria...


Lowbau was formed in 2006 in vienna . The response to their first release, a full-length demo, titled „The EP“ (2009), was very positive and established their name in the Austrian rock/metal scene  In 2012, the band has recorded „A Darker Shade of Blues“....the first full alum and "A Darker Shade of Blues" will rock your socks of.


"A great album with a really good sound quality and a big spectrum on nice and moving song's in the kind of Stoner Rock/Stoner Metal and great Bay Area Trash Metal...LOWBAU rules the stage and also my cabinets at home, my living room is vibrating and my glass of water is shaking like in the movie"Jurassic Park" the sequence in the car.'s time to see this guys live.
Song's like: Order of the Bull, The Maestro, Alcoholic or Coming Down on Wisdom will slave your ears and bukkake them!!"
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Monday, April 22, 2013

...ruby do it with psych...


Ruby the Hatchet is a four headed band from Philadelphia and they make truly nice psychedelic rock. Jillian give's with their voice a extra note on flavour of good retro psych mood.
If you like band's like Aqua Nebula Oscilator, Kadavar, Electric Moon or old band's from the seventy's you will love Ruby the Hatchet too.

The band members harmonize very well with each other and that you can hear on the record.
Under flours with a lot of guitar effect's,whistle, beep and of course with a handful of great heavy rock riffs. "Ouroboros"in whole a very good tape
  with all the characteristics of good music taste.

Enjoy their material on bandcamp for free and also the new song "Paralyzed"

get it here

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Sunday, April 21, 2013 from the roots...

Helsinki - Finland
Stoner/Pagan/Heavy Progressive Rock

Stoner Rock meets the Witch of Plague

Fasten your Seat Belts and take a trip to Helsinki – Finland. 
First of all here are some background Information’s about the Band, taken from their own Biography:
“Lovijatar was born in the shores of lake Saimaa in east of Finland. She is a witch of plagues and sickness and the last in line of devil Piru. She was first mentioned in a collection of Finnish folklore book Suomen Kansan Vanhat Runot 1846. The name of Lovijatar was sang by the old people living in the forests of Carelia...”   “...Lyrical inspiration comes from Finnish folklore, old believes and nature...“

It is very impressive to hear a Finish Rock Group singing in their native Language. And although I can't understand a single word, the Pagan Folk Poetry of this beautiful country enters my brain with the forceful voice of Tommi Vaittinen (Vocals) and Jussi Rautio (Background Vocals / Guitar).

On the First Listening session HÄMÄRÄN KULKIJA is like a vocabulary roller coaster. But then the Stoner Rock riffs come out, and the Sound fits together, with the guitar Work of Petrus Rapo, the Bass Sound of Sam Ollikainen and the Drums of Mikko Neuvonen.

About some tracks:
The First Song “LOUHEN LAHJAT” starts with an acapella Chorus and slides into a typical Stoner Riffing. 
“PUUJUMALA”, the second, and also my favorite track on the Disc, comes with an ¾ time signature and a beautiful voice line.
Soft and chilling sounds are on the fourth track  “KUN USVA PEITTÄÄ MINUT SALEIHINSA” and so, all of the 6 tracks have their special note.



Sure, LOVIJATAR is not made for every ear, but if you have favorites in The Folk or Pagan Metal scene, and also like Stoner Rock, you should give your attention to this kind of “exotic” Band.

text by Bam Bam

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Friday, April 19, 2013

...high on interview...

1.)Tell us something about the history of Dopethrone you think is interesting and that just a few people know?

Well... It's hard to remember much because we’re always drunk as hell...
The first time I jammed out with Vince and Tom (ex drummer), it was for Vatican (The band Vince used to drum for)... After a few songs they switch instruments Vince got on the guitar and they showed me the ''Stoner shit'' they started jamming out a week ago...
And I was like DAMN!! I really love this stuff!!... The next week we practiced again and decided to find a name... Dopethrone came out, and it just stayed that way... I didn’t even know about Electric Wizard at that time... I was more of a Black Metal dude stock in the 90's... so I said HELL YEAH!!! The name also reminded me of Darkthrone...

2.)Which bands have inspired you and influenced the sound of Dopethrone the most?

As in many interviews before...
Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Bongzilla, Weedeater
and many more...

3.) How is the song-writing-procedure working? Do you all create them together or is there a writer in the band?

Vince is the foreman. He’s the one that comes out with most of the riffs...
We support him while the song takes roots and work around that… The riffs just comes to him out of nowhere while we’re improvising ...Some other riffs are born after a long night of substance abuse... Others are jammed out on the acoustic at first.

4.)What do you think of the European audience? Is there a difference to e.g. the American one?

They both very similar... Europeans tend to be very kind and respectful, they love to encourage bands and buy merch. I guess we are more popular in Europe so far...

5.)Dopethrone is the name of your band, an allusion to the real lifestyle of the band?

No comments...

6.)After a show, you're more likely to make the party – or to rest and recover?

Well, we always try to do both... But the party tends to always have the “upper hand”.

7.)Since there is Dopethrone (2008) – what was your finest moment on stage and why?

Roadburn, because it’s motherfucking ROADBURN and the Montreal Street fest in 2008, a fest all organised by street kids.
We met a lot of people at that fest, and our drummer (Carl B, former Downtrodden drummer) was there to party with us.
The after party was EPIC... But sadly, I don’t remember much...
Damn I was drunk...

8.)When will there be new material? In 2013 or do we need more patience?

We like to play new material live, we should be in studio by fall if all goes well.

9.)Tell us three things that you should not be missing on tour.

-Waking up early...
-Spending way too much time on the road without drinking ...
-Shitty food...

10.)What would you advise young bands out there? Any tips for making good doom,sludge music?

Listen to good music all day everyday. Get high/drunk as hell and let your inner demon beast scream through your fingers...


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

...go with the flow...


It started when they had blow up her home planet at a giant millennium party in honor of Lord Zardoz, accidentally, but they managed to escape in a "borrowed" Space Van. The four galactic Space Cowboys had no other choice than surfing restless and supernova like in a huge sound wave through the universe, letting everything deaf behind.

Recently, they are stranded on Earth and are awake from their kryptonian space slumber, ready to shake the planet with their Rock "from the Dark Side of Uranus" ...Like a cosmic supernova Sonic Wave...


"This 4 dude's straight from Berlin do Stoner Rock like House of Broken Promise/Kyuss/Unida/Queens of the Stone Age but not yet definitely matured. "Steal my Thunder" contains catastrophic disagreement...if this is intentional? i don't know?
 "Red Rain" comes with a fat beginning... unfortunately, the voice is killing the magic.
Also "Natalie" is coming with a dark and groovy start, the song works but subtleties missing.
"All the Way" the same at this song...nice riffing but no pressure from the vocal's...
There is still a lot of work to do but everyone starts with a low Quality Demo, maybe the debut album will be better and mature."

Thank's to Deaf Flow

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Monday, April 15, 2013

...spooky tunes from Sweden...



VÄXJÖ, Sweden, January 31, 2013 —Yes, it´s a thousand-armed sonic polyp, coiled knot of winged serpents, doomed, fuzzy, ominous and dark frenzy of eclectic infernous doom metal. Could it be the latest album from Swedish doom metal/stoner doom act, Inferno (XII)? Yes.

"Call of Kia" is the follow-up to their 2011 debut album, "Septem Sermones," and it beckons listeners to come along on a magical, esoteric doom-driven ride, as it kills all light with everything from colossal dark fuzz riffs to high frequency whispers of insane voices, travelling in a sound scape shaped from the core elements of doom metal and stoner doom twisted to an unrecognizable shape of unique dark music. The album features a blend of epic song structures and heavy dose of dynamic range between crushing power and sad hymn melodies.

Featuring Bob Ruben on drums, also in “Band Of Spice” and “Kayser”, ”Mushroom River Band”, three formations in which we also find Spice, who was the first singer of “Spiritual Beggars”. Bassist Johann also has history in “Band of Spice” and swedish doom legends “Kongh”. Given this affiliation of the Swedish Doom / Stoner / Metal scene Inferno (XII) has some fine roots serving as creative ground.

Vocalist/guitarist L admits the band has obvious doom/stoner roots, but has now found their own dark sonic idenitity, one that has been slowly emerging since the band started garage-jamming in 2009. All bandmembers do share a love for the dark, the doom and the heavy, including names like Sabbath & Electric Wizard, but also classical composers like Scriabin & his piano sonata ”Black Mass”. L explains ”..even though we love the almighty fuzzy doom riff, we always try to break away from the template, and I think the sonics and the harmonic language on this album verifies that. Its us with an age-old palette, attempting to create something divine and unique.“

”Call of Kia” is currently released independently through Shadow Field Seawall recordings. Inferno (XII) is currently promoting the album, and are planning an upcoming tour of europe this spring.

get it here

"Dark ambience and oppressive melancholic sound's are on "Call of Kia"...
Deepest high quality Doom, fat slow riffs from down tuned guitars...that's good stuff for my ears...
Absolutely worth listening to: Snake, Demon Food, Spawn in the Tear
Throughout considered a very good album...thank's for that!!!"

...or order your physical CD on:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

...jenny the bitch...


It's time to introduce you a new Southern/Stoner band straight from munich/germany, this four headed monster project is named JENNY HOOKER and they create a really interesting concept debut album...and here the first funny Trailer to their debut album"Hooker Rock" who will be released on 19th may.

Metal with groovy Stoner Rock and a punch of Southern Rock is that what Jenny Hooker makes horny and also the crowd in the front of the it's better to write the release party into your fucking phone and enjoy this high quality music from a young and dynamic band live and rare.
Fat drum hook's, down tuned riffs and powerful ballads from the frontman Peter.


Live @ AFKtv

Absolute large spectrum on music, song's like Caffeine Kids, My Band Suxx and Opposite have a big recognition value. Other song's like Ritalium (Stonerhead's favourite song), World Whore One and Below has more sludge in it.
A bit from band's like KoRn, Crowbar, Clutch,Orange Goblin or El Caco but surely a own diffrent sound...
I prefer the spooky one's...but most of all a really good first album and absolutely nice guys this unwashed,bearded and drunken german's...a must have for all stoner lovers out there...enjoy it because it's good for you.


Be fast, free blowjobs for all buyers(not from the band)

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 avantgarde release...

from the home of 

Immagine in linea 1
Black Metal

Avantgarde Music is proud to present the debut album by Polish Black Metal 
Experimentalists THAW. Unlike many other similar obscure projects, 
THAW are not just another home-made, computer-based output: they are 
real, harsh and arcane... and they have a violent hobby: they just love to 
reduce amps to ashes! In their home country THAW have already shared the 
stage with top notch acts like Altar of Plagues, Monarch, Jucifer, Blindead, 
Behemoth, Jarboe, Neurosis, Sleep, Killing Joke and Amenra. Now they are 
finally ready to unleash their sick and convoluted sounds onto the world.

listen here

Immagine in linea 2


Black /Doom Metal

'The Strange Inconvenience'

Formed by Sorghal of Nehëmah, this is the French combo’s third album and 
their second on Avantgarde Music. Progressing from a raw black metal 
infuenced by Darkthrone, towards a sort of psychedelic black doom metal 
drenched in haunting atmospheres, NAHAR will lead you through the 
gloomiest soundscapes and tortured states of mind with their brand of 
depressive yet intense black metal.

listen here

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

...whoopy gets rivals...

Post-Rock/Alternative Rock
Aloud Music Ltd
Santa Rita is a band of sisters, if not by blood then certainly by bond.

Together now for close on five years their journey from Barcelona’s best kept secret to one of the city’s must see bands was bolstered back in 2011 with the release of their debut EP Santa Rita. A storming and stormy rock ’n’ roll riot of guitars and harried drums, wracked emotions and raucous onslaughts of noise. Taking their cue from some of rock’s more clandestine corners with groups such as Sleater-Kinney, Babes In Toyland, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, Bangs, The Pillows, and Nirvana, recorded by Aloud Music Ltd label boss Sergio Picón it plotted a triumphant course for this, their first full length long player High On The Seas.

The band has never sounded more together than they do right here, best exemplified on opener ‘Báltico’; a building exchange of tune and tirade. A formula that runs throughout the album with quiet contemplations on love and life (‘Mar Muerto’, ‘Necochea’) broken up with heavy and passionate choruses. High On The Seas is the sound of Natalia Brovedanni (guitar/vocals), Martha Wood (bass/vocals, Ceci Diaz (lead vocals) and Laura Oliveras (drums) in their element. Produced by Santi Garcia (Toundra, Daniel Higgs, Tokyo Sex Destruction) and mastered by Victor Garcia at Ultramarinos the band remain as aggressive as ever but have recorded an album of unquestionable maturity, and fun. Locked into a schedule of relentless rehearsals and writing sessions – which tested both their personal friendships and musical talents – this is a more complete sound honed from their energetic live shows. The sound of four sirens taking shore leave to plug in, tune up and make waves.

With the album already released in their native Spain, High On The Seas gets an official UK release on 3 June and will add to a tremendous year that has seen the band pick up fans across Europe after an appearance at last year’s Primavera Sound.

"High On The Seas"

listen the first song here

get their first EP for free here

"Whoopy Goldberg gets rivals...sister act once upon a this female power combination of four sister's rock your socks of, check them out and give them a hugh!! Nice interesting tunes and a good album concept awaits us soon!"

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Monday, April 8, 2013


Soleil Gris
Doom / Stoner Rock

There lies something hidden, something mysterious between the
conceptual imagination of man and most primitive instincts given us by
nature. Those who have discovered the plain of spiritual
subconsciousness will discover the plain of a new form of self renewal.
They have discovered a new sunrise - a new way of
awareness. They have discovered the rising of the grey sun.

Formed in 2010, this three guys from Ulm and Munich, play innovative
and ominous Stoner Rock with a good portion of heaviness as well as
mind blowing psychedelic vibes.

Thanks to max

A very intersting mix of doom, trash metal and driving stoner lick's, the voice of Max remind's me on the greece band LAST RIZLA or sometimes on the godfather of loudness Lemmy.
In total package very satisfactory, a good stuff to rock properly. Recommended songs: "Goatrider", "Sungrazing World", "Frozen Desert"

7 from 10 Stonerpoints


Mother Sloth
Madrid-based band, started in 2008. Original members were Oscar on drums, Alvaro - guitars, Rafael - vocals, and Jackie - guitars. 
Started jamming and playing the first songs, called Pile Of Fortune, Gothic Cyborg, Shadow Witch, songs written by Oscar and Rafael who had the idea for the band since 2007. 
The first collaboration with the rest of the band members were songs called Monster Dinner, Revenge , and Hardened.
The band recorded some demos in their rehearsal space to send to a festival, and later on edited these recordings with the title Death Flowers ( 2009). 
Then Rafael left, and the band started writing songs in a different direction,perhaps a wider approach, some of them have remained instrumental, such as Holy Wall and Death Flower.
They invited Diego Birch to play bass, he stayed in the band until 2010. 
As soon as the band found a new singer, they started rehearsing for the debut. Rolando Fernandez took the position and with him the band started playing around the Madrid venues. The debut show was on 14 April 2011 opening for La Dolorosa. 

They kept on writing more songs, such as Supersun, Goliath and also found a new bass player, Gerald.
The band played with some other bands such as Cherry But No Cake (UK), Pura Muerte, Craneon, Teething, Dawn To Dusk, Orthodox, until the beginning of 2012.
Right before getting into the studio to do some good quality recordings, they decided to replace the singer, and called Fernando Polvaredo from local band Fungus to do the job. 
They called this collection Hazy Blur Of Life, consisting of four songs, namely Pile Of Fortune, Goliath, MotherSloth and Supersun.
In the band's sound you can find several influences,70's inspired sounds combined with heavy guitar riffs and open chords, in order to give each song the sound it needs.
First band EP, released December 2012 via bandcamp.

get it here

"This 4 track piece of high quality stoner metal kicks ass and does not need to hide.
MOTHERSLOTH focus on groove and hardening, the singing goes well with the entire.
Recommended songs: "Supersun", "Mothersloth"
Exciting and nightmarish moments are guaranteed, enjoy "Hazy Blur of Life" free on their bandcamp site..."

thank's to Oscar
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Saturday, April 6, 2013


Berlin calls for one of the highlights of the year in the European Stoner/Doom/Sludge/Psych Scene...
...from 25.-27.April it's fuzz time again... Sound of Liberation spoiled us with a divine lineup, over 29 great band's a big spectrum and alternative possibilities to enjoy your festival day. Enough beer for all the cheerful people and high quality sound is offered.

A nice market with a lot of merch, silk print's, vinyl's and awesome food it will also reflect. A historical event awaits us...Dozer blessed us with the finest Nordic Stoner Rock,
Unida is back again to kick your asses and John Garcia will definitely make right party,
Pentagram will enslave us with deep and heavy doom, Lowrider will play after a long time on stage.

Not only veterans but also young and dynamic band's delight us with new material...
Kadavar will play new stuff of their new album "Abra Cadabra" also band's like
Witchcraft , 1000 MODS, NAAM will play new song's on the DESERT FEST BERLIN.

Here is the link to the current Line Up

Also newer and younger comer band's will rock your socks's like Belzebong, Satellite Beaver, Alunah and other great band's do not need to hide from the big and oldknown band's, they have also unbelivable fat material for us. fast enough and secure you an admission ticket here

Of course the SHLGYBT Team will be there again on the DESERT FEST and will make a lot of photo's, video's, interviews and other cool stuff. You can read the festival review a few week's after the DESERT watch out and also jon our facebook site and hit the like button here