Saturday, April 6, 2013


Berlin calls for one of the highlights of the year in the European Stoner/Doom/Sludge/Psych Scene...
...from 25.-27.April it's fuzz time again... Sound of Liberation spoiled us with a divine lineup, over 29 great band's a big spectrum and alternative possibilities to enjoy your festival day. Enough beer for all the cheerful people and high quality sound is offered.

A nice market with a lot of merch, silk print's, vinyl's and awesome food it will also reflect. A historical event awaits us...Dozer blessed us with the finest Nordic Stoner Rock,
Unida is back again to kick your asses and John Garcia will definitely make right party,
Pentagram will enslave us with deep and heavy doom, Lowrider will play after a long time on stage.

Not only veterans but also young and dynamic band's delight us with new material...
Kadavar will play new stuff of their new album "Abra Cadabra" also band's like
Witchcraft , 1000 MODS, NAAM will play new song's on the DESERT FEST BERLIN.

Here is the link to the current Line Up

Also newer and younger comer band's will rock your socks's like Belzebong, Satellite Beaver, Alunah and other great band's do not need to hide from the big and oldknown band's, they have also unbelivable fat material for us. fast enough and secure you an admission ticket here

Of course the SHLGYBT Team will be there again on the DESERT FEST and will make a lot of photo's, video's, interviews and other cool stuff. You can read the festival review a few week's after the DESERT watch out and also jon our facebook site and hit the like button here

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