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VÄXJÖ, Sweden, January 31, 2013 —Yes, it´s a thousand-armed sonic polyp, coiled knot of winged serpents, doomed, fuzzy, ominous and dark frenzy of eclectic infernous doom metal. Could it be the latest album from Swedish doom metal/stoner doom act, Inferno (XII)? Yes.

"Call of Kia" is the follow-up to their 2011 debut album, "Septem Sermones," and it beckons listeners to come along on a magical, esoteric doom-driven ride, as it kills all light with everything from colossal dark fuzz riffs to high frequency whispers of insane voices, travelling in a sound scape shaped from the core elements of doom metal and stoner doom twisted to an unrecognizable shape of unique dark music. The album features a blend of epic song structures and heavy dose of dynamic range between crushing power and sad hymn melodies.

Featuring Bob Ruben on drums, also in “Band Of Spice” and “Kayser”, ”Mushroom River Band”, three formations in which we also find Spice, who was the first singer of “Spiritual Beggars”. Bassist Johann also has history in “Band of Spice” and swedish doom legends “Kongh”. Given this affiliation of the Swedish Doom / Stoner / Metal scene Inferno (XII) has some fine roots serving as creative ground.

Vocalist/guitarist L admits the band has obvious doom/stoner roots, but has now found their own dark sonic idenitity, one that has been slowly emerging since the band started garage-jamming in 2009. All bandmembers do share a love for the dark, the doom and the heavy, including names like Sabbath & Electric Wizard, but also classical composers like Scriabin & his piano sonata ”Black Mass”. L explains ”..even though we love the almighty fuzzy doom riff, we always try to break away from the template, and I think the sonics and the harmonic language on this album verifies that. Its us with an age-old palette, attempting to create something divine and unique.“

”Call of Kia” is currently released independently through Shadow Field Seawall recordings. Inferno (XII) is currently promoting the album, and are planning an upcoming tour of europe this spring.

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"Dark ambience and oppressive melancholic sound's are on "Call of Kia"...
Deepest high quality Doom, fat slow riffs from down tuned guitars...that's good stuff for my ears...
Absolutely worth listening to: Snake, Demon Food, Spawn in the Tear
Throughout considered a very good album...thank's for that!!!"

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