Sunday, June 30, 2013

...transformers of doom...


Talbot, the heaviest duo on Earth (and beyond), has been conquering the world actively since 2008.

With Magnus Andre on bass guitar, synths, vocals and Jarmo Nuutre on
drums & vocals, this duo from Estonia's capital Tallinn, has created a unique sound of their own - massive, atmospheric and noisy with a nice amount of psychedelia on top of it.
Band has previously released an EP "Tundra" in 2008 and album "EOS" (2010).
"EOS" was nominated for the Best Metal album of 2010 at the Estonian Music
Talbot’s second album “Scaled was released in April 2013 and has already gained a lot of feedback from the listeners and reviewers. 
The duo just finished their yet another European tour and among the other festivals will also play a show at the Roskilde Festival this July.
In this autumn Talbot will continue their touring in Russia, Europe, Scandinavia and Balkan countries and getting ready for the overseas tours in 2014.



"Adaptable like TOOL
...disturbing and bleak like High on Fire
...violently and scathing like EYEHATEGOD
...pushing and harmoniously like SONS OF OTIS...
at the same time...2 humans do great music...SCALED is truly like a brain massage...try it because it's good for you!!"

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

...not fairtrade but handmade...

Stoner Rock/Hard Rock
USA/New York

Geezer is the (anti)band... not interested in winning any fashion contest, we just lay down grooves that make you shake your ass down to the barrelhouse to get drunk, get laid and get into a fight...

Geezer's debut album, 'Electrically Recorded Handmade Heavy Blues' will be released on Blues Blvd. Records on Sept 15th in the US (Worldwide TBA). You can stream the entire album HERE

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"Back with a new with the blues based dude's from GEEZER, they mix hard rock elements with heavy blues music, sometimes they remind me on "Clutch" but also on the farmer rock band "Left Lane Cruiser" or "The Black Keys"...the dirty voice of the frontman comes with full range  harmonise with the whole band. Get the first EP for free and check out the new's so fucking awesome to hear this music on a rainy day, in the car or in the it where ever you want!!!"

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Monday, June 24, 2013

...down on your knees...


Toner Low are a band from Leiden (Holland), having been around for fourteen years now. Starting off as a more or less traditional, yet quite directionless stoner/space/guitar rock-band they gradually evolve into doomy psychedelic droners that emphasize on repetitive riffing and minimalism with an overwhelming massive and heavy sound. This sound is first heard to its fullest on Toner Low"s debut cd, that got released in 2005.

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"I know this band since their beginnings and i'm really a fan of this band...they create a amazing downtuned wall of sound and a energyful moment...the sound of the record is so heavy that you feel the pressure on every tone...and the tones blades long and convincingly. This third album comes with a really big destructive cock and!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

...stoner beef to breakfast...


This classical formation of an typical stoner rock trio comes with a traditional stoner rock attitude...driving rythms with drop C tuned guitars, powerful simple drums with a rousing stomp and text's about ...time to wip with your legs to this sound. Its almost nothing revolutionary but it works good and i had a nice time while listening. A really nice first release and that for no money...grab'em and give them a listen because it's delicious...
because with so much variety they have create a big spectrum of great music and i think a big future in the scene.

get some tracks here for free and order your own beef surprem shirt here

"This steak is "medium rare" and is very pleasant on the can enjoy this earmeal without side you have more place for beef...dusty jummy beef with some fuzz and pepper...enjoy it because its good for you and you will have a great bowel movement on the next morning.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

...let's start the engine...


Palmer Generator is a Band born in Jesi/Ancona (IT) in spring 2010, thanks to the collaboration between Tom Palmer (the guitarist), his brother Michael (at the bass) and Matt (behind the drums. He's the son of Michael). The idea was to produce a stoner/alternative rock sound delineated by aggressive rhythmic and enriched by experimental cue with dreamlike reference, psychedelic and post-rock influences.
Sharing the same experiences of life they decide to join their musical abilities. 

Letting the melody flowing between the wide empty spaces of their neurons, they translate their mind-trips in long music travels, and thanks to a great flexibility in the composition of music, moving inside their sound, they can develop truth different musical landscapes.


"I love this trio of family members who create such a fat wall of sound. The album "(e​)​motionless" begins with a showering sleepy intro, sounds interesting...the full first track comes with a drone riff and forms to a very smooth psychy part with exotic instruments and a lovely atmosphere. In the next seven song's you  can experience lots of good moments...the singing does not convince me...but too bad it is not.
My favourite song's:"Enliven, Jargon and Sleep" let my tympanum vibrate...that makes good mood.
The sound is muffled, but get your free and enjoy!"

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

...electric hooves on the rocks...


We are Electricjezus – two man band from Russia, Moscow region, Dmitrov.
The group consist of 2 people, but a set of instruments remains classical – guitar, drums, bass. It became possible by installing single bass pickup in the neck of guitar. Also we use a very thick strings for best bass sound and use two 22” rides or piece of metal for hi hat. All our lyrics on album in Russian.


The band’s style is very multifaceted, you can find here post rock, sludge metal, doom metal, power violence, black metal, hardcore, stoner and everything you want. This is partly due love for groups like Melvins, Electric Wizard, Earth, Jucifer, Today Is The Day, Black Flag, Sunn O))), Monarch, Extreme Noise Terror, Flipper, Acid Bath, Unsane, Scratch Acid, Burning Witch, Dystopia, Ministry, Pantera, etc. We took a piece of these groups, added our surrounding reality (dirt, noise, monotony) and got our music. With this concept we played about a dozen shows in various cities including Moscow, Moscow region and St. – Petersburg.
Not long ago, we recorded a rusty, damp and dirty album titled «Mud of generations», and want to introduce it to you! It was recorded entirely on analog equipment and it fully live record, we recorded the album close to reality and it sounds exactly as we sound on live performances. During recording, we used analog equipment from different years and from different countries, old Soviet synthesizers, old piano, use ride cymbals or broken crash with piece of metal for hi hats, use old microphones.
For the integrity album we decided to insert audio from popular and not so horror films, these inserts reflect the character and mood of the songs, so we recommend you Listen album from the beginning to the end.
By the way Mud of generations is our debut album, which was recorded entirely on analog equipment but we live in an age of high technology and we decided to do a free digital release on Bandcamp, the digital age - a digital release, but not forgetting about analog equipment and lovers of physical media (especially fans of vinyl), we plan to release (if all goes as planned) a small print run of vinyl records!

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"Another dirty sludge/doom metal band with a ugly and aggressive vocals, spooky samples of old horror movies,  slow driving rhythms and a interesting concept of the whole album...i like it, check them out and get your own free album on bandcamp!!"

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

...horned tunes straight from italy...

 Nibiru is formed in august 2012 by the split up of Tronus Abyss (several studio albums and live with
Wolves in the Throne Room in 2010) the band moves towards psychedelic sludge
sonority with an enphasis on vocals only in enochian language,

deciding to record
the songs in direct drive to preserve the spirit and the energy of improvisation
on which the same are based,adding very few overdubs of keyboards and vocals during the mixing.
The band consist of three elements, Siatris:drums and Virus, Ardath:guitar and enochian chants, RI: bass and liturgic organ.

The band is notable for the disturbing videos posted on the web (Invokation I: the Acid Skull,
Celeste:Samsara is broken, Smashanam:the crematorium ground of Kali and Invokation IV: Heru-khentan-maati) visible on youtube,facebook and reverbnation.

The month of February 2013 saw the release of their first cd "Caosgon", containing five tracks that we difined ritual psychedelic sludge.

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"At first to the cover...a google image unimaginative and distorted...ok? To the music ...The Intro (available for free on bandcamp) is a track with a proud length of  18 minutes, on this song you can build your first impression. The song builds slowly to a smooth structure until it explodes in heavy doom riffing. A really good opener for  the album"Caosgon" of this horned italians...It continues with "Smashanam, The Crematorium Ground Of Kalu"a downtuned high gain chainsaw noise forms into a acid rock part and turns off at about 5 minutes...fortunately! Aster Argos,the third track on this crazy disc of sound constitutes a inharmonious successive ranking of riff structures that sometimes comes nice but the most of the time was exhausting for my ears.
Again a fat start with this downtuned crumbly bass guitar...ends again in a massacre of tones, strangely, it grooves once again!!! "Umbra Venefica" the last song on this album...The first minutes are very interesting but after a time it is simply too unstructured. My Conclusion:
If you like band's like FJODOR, The Cosmic Dead maybe you will understand a little this music...everyone wants he wants."

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