Sunday, August 3, 2014



¡PENDEJO! is a four-piece heavy rock band from the Netherlands, founded by two cousins with a history in Latin America. Digging into their latino roots, El Pastuso and Jaap ‘Monchito’ Melman started blending heavy riffage, pounding drums, right-in-your-face lyrics in urban Spanish about the weirdest stories in life, and to top it all off, a screaming trumpet.


"Do you like something different and special? So Pendejo will make you happy because this dudes are straight from Amsterdam and do a very mixed and interesting sound. I played with them in Schongau (Dutch & European Stoner Rock) and i have to say that this band is fucking awesome.
Frontman El Pastuso does a very good job, he is a great entertainer and makes a roofburning mood on stage. The spanish language caughts the certain extra for the band and makes it unique. Also his companjos do a great job and so the whole sound on the album and also on stage comes fat and mighty. "Atacames" brings you a handful of brilliant songs and the whole length of the record contains one hard riff after another. My favorite songs are: "Hermelinda" , "Dos" ,  "El Verano del  96" and "El Jardinero". For me the album is a masterpiece and doesn't need a warm up time. From the first second till now i'm simply delighted with it. Thumb up!"


9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints