Monday, December 16, 2013

motor mammoth

Stoner Metal

Dirty, melodic clean parts and gorgeous solos with full collated Stoner Metal, Death n Roll Stomps will let your Head bang automatically.
But it has still the opportunity to chill back and relax.
The "Intro" itself would be the best trailer for the whole album.
Oriental grooves and ambient "stereo pan effects" let you slide from A to B and from the middle back with a steam hammer straight to the first/second
track "The Kraken" to drain the steam.
The vocals have a wide range from dirty clean sound, to well arranged long drawn elements, to light digestible growls and screams.
Sometimes the vocal parts sounds like they send it through a full up-tuned guitar amp.
"Seven Witches" starts with some kind of octaver or doubled guitars. The bass, whitch is the most of time in harmony with the other instruments,
tempt to tune up your fuzzy muzi stereo-equipment. Here you get a load of aggression which reminds of the "Vulgar Display of Power" punch from "Pantera".
Maybe it sounds strange, because they are not in the same genre, but I can´t get it out of my mind. 
Other Bands like Stoneghost, Monster Magnet, Cathedral, Orange Goblin or Chrome Division come into my mind, but it's definitely the right time 
to say that they are still from another strain! They make their own thing and classify a own herd of Mammoths without being like their namesakes.
The best example for all this is "The Night of the Living Dead" with their fill ins, Anselmo sounding vocals and double time kick ass parts.
Who supposed tho hear some sludgy doom 'cause of their namesakes, will be surprised with a strange brew of straight avant-garde hard rock, 
a little piece of sludge doom and a big hand full of stoner sound of first grade!
I write "Hard Rock" because it reminds me sometimes a little bit of "The Atomic Bitchwax". 
It has some huge metal sounding tunes and did not get too fuzzy (if this is even possible :-)
On the other hand we don't wanna miss the fuzzy sound, like we can hear it on next track "the Snatcher in the Rye". 
Fat riffs and breaks are on the right place and tons of kick ass parts are given - LIKE IT SHOULD BE!
Intros from old Films and melodic "Interludes" turnes the album into a special journey.
In "Night of the living Dead" the Drums lead in round NR. 6. 
The fuzzy riff says "fasten your Seatbelts" and let's start the Hell of a Ride.
Awesome arranged breaks and more fuzzy, droning guitars let the sound become more doomy.
The guitar-weather is awesome on the whole album.
It scores with well placed fill-ins, polished guitar licks, to the point of groovy-clean sounding parts at the end, 
which reminds me of "Kyuss" on some tracks. 
Some good placed studio effects let enjoy you the solos in stereo on your hi-fi unit. The whole album is a very well done debut-album! 
Hats off friends of folk music! What a great work!
Most of you all Stonerheads out there, I promise that you will have fun with this work!
So don´t expect "soft" Stoner Rock or some psychedelic stuff.
It's much heavier and like a "doomed n stoned up punch" into your face, with a voice like Phil Anselmo.
The next track "Vampire Kiss" is a short-length track, but the lenhth is very well used and the gas-pedal is still pulled to the limit.
Ok, heads..if you still haven´t turned up the volume, so I'm sure that you'll do it NOW at least! You will feel the good vibrations from the buzzing bass.
In "The Man you Never See" the engine starts with spaced up wah-wah effects. 
After this one you'll cruise down the streets with a bottle of whiskey in your GTO till the gasoline is empty! 
After i got twisted by a "Cry Baby" in "Down on me" I felt relaxed the first seconds. 
Here they changed the speed and shift the gear one step down, but it still keeps the heaviness.
The singer crys his lyrics out of his soul and the guitar melodies follow him clearly. 
Faszit:The last track says it all "Don´t wrestle with the Mammoth" except you are in the same weight class!
Those guys from Germany show, that they have found another way to play "Stoner Metal" without following the footsteps of other Mammoths.
The only thing I've missed was the ear-worm-factor. 
But after listening to it a several times the earworm crashed into my brain!
I'm already looking forward to the next material and till this happens, I will enjoy the first "Masterpiece".
Text by Dave


9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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