Thursday, December 5, 2013

...more brutal tunes...

Stoner / Psychedelic/ Doom

Here comes the Quartet Dӕthlust from Germany / Solingen with their Album THE DELIVERER. My first impression was a fat and broad guitar sound, with a nice fuzz. A kind of rough voice, reminds me in parts of bands like “Sons of Otis” or “Hangman's Chair”. But Dӕthlust's singer Mike, has got a quite independently sound. Not easy to get used to this, but somehow impressive.
The Tracks on THE DELIVERER are between 4 and nearly 11 minutes of length. Sometimes the Stoner / Doom Sound turns into a bit progressive style, which makes it interesting to listen to the songs. There is nevertheless a straight line through the songs. My personal favorite was the longest Track KOLOSS. Nothing else to say, a solid and well done piece of work.
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