Sunday, April 8, 2012

...Zeus are back...


Today is Planet of Zeus a well known band in greece and more but it was not always that way. Tell us a little bit about the band-history.

Well, it all started back in 1999, when Babis and Yog decided to form a rock band, as they couldn’t express themselves through the bands they’ve been into
‘till then. The initial concept behind the music style they wanted to follow was all about rock n roll, with a 70’s flavour in it. In 2000 I (Jay) joined the band and we recorded our first 3-track demo “Loop 430” in 2004, just to try out our ‘sound’. 2008 was the year that our first full-length album “Eleven the Hard Way” was released by Casket music/Copro Records (UK); an album which caught the attention of foreign and local press.
The solid and heavy sound of the album led us to an extra member, Syke, behind the drums and Yog became the second guitar player.
Extensive rehearsals, gigs and song-writing delivered our second album
“Macho Libre” in May 2011 by B-Otherside records(GR) and “Macho Libre” tour followed, visiting many cities in Greece and ended up with our show in Stoned from the Underground festival 2011 in Erfurt, Germany, sharing the stage with bands like Monster Magnet and Church of Misery.
These days we are preparing for our first European tour in Germany, Austria, France and Netherlands.

What makes a band for you unique? What is most important to you?
Supposing that every possible riff or melody has already been composed or performed, the unique-ness of a band lies upon its sincerity, its honesty, and the quality of its work.

For how long do you make music? Have there been other bands before Planet of Zeus?
Yog and Syke are professional musicians, so the list of bands they’ve played with is very long. Babis and I had worked together in another band before Planet of Zeus.

 The general situation of greece as a country doesn't make it very easy for his citizens at the moment. What are your thoughts about your government?

Living in Greece in terms of economy and life quality is not as good as it used to be some years ago. But it’s not as tragic as it’s being presented by the foreign press. As far as the government is concerned, its members should start giving more attention for citizens’ true needs and expectations. They have totally forgotten the fact that their power actually stems from the citizens’ vote. So, anyone politician that cannot cope with that responsibility, he/she would be better to stay at home.

What is your idea or solution for the global financial crisis?
I guess that history just repeats itself. There are several examples of financial crisis in the past. The solution lies upon people’s optimism about the future.

Last year you rocked the shit our of the "Stoned from the Underground" in Erfurt (GER)and the clubs in greece are alway crowded when there is a Zeus-gig - what are your goals?
Our goal is to continue making music, releasing albums and touring. Simple as that.

Two headbang-provokin' records are already released, will a third follow soon? If yes, do you have some insider-informations you'd like to share with all the stonerheads?
The process of composing new songs for the third album is already on. 3 tracks are almost done and there are still many ideas waiting to be “shaped”. When the time is right, we will release it. I guess in spring 2013, it will come to surface. There is not a clear picture yet about the sound, but you should expect groovy heavy rock tunes for sure.

If you would have the choice, which female celebrity would you like to spend a evening/night with you?

That’s definitely a hard question to answer. The list is endless. Liv Tyler always on top, though! 

Which genre/band/artist dou you think should be prohibited?
Everyone is free to listen and produce any music, but a bag full of shit thrown at Skrillex ‘s face is not a bad idea

Who are your favourite artists and role models?
Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Jimmi Hendrix just to name a few!

Everything you would like to share with our readers:

Thank you all for your support and hope we meet you ladies and gents during our European tour! cheerz

Thanks for this great interview and looking forward to this big mega event...
what a line up, see you there!!!

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