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Il Malpertugio
Stoner Rock

The history of the musical project “Il Malpertugio” begins in the late spring of 2002, in a small town near Caserta (Region of Campania, South Italy) by an idea of Antonio Zannone (guitar), Mario Antinucci (bass) and Gianluca Zannone. This first line-up paved the way to a sound-which would be explored and developed later on – focusing on STONER ROCK, a mix of metal, psychedelic rock, acid rock, sludge doom metal and desert rock.  

The combo widened with Ivan Franzini (vocals and lyrics) whose powerful vocal style would allow the band to define a better songwriting by adding angry and disillusioned lyrics to their explosive notes, thus getting an immediate positive feedback in the local rock scene.
The line-up’s powerful sound furtherly improved with guitarist Emilio Cuoco, while bass player Mario Antinucci was replaced by Giuseppe Marino first and Alberto Nardone then. Nowadays the older drummer has been replaced by Stefano Mancini.
The old line-up recorded a first self-produced promo cd, “The blues Demon’s Show. This work is composed by six tracks (“Bugs”, “Wrong Lane”, “Sunset Screaming”, “Obsession”, “Let Shit In”, “Second Rate Man”) in a succession of dark atmospheres with detonating peculiarities enriched by the alienating vibrations of a jew’s harp.

Hear the Sunset

"Sound's a little bit like the first Hermano album, nice quality, great riffs and licks...Sunset Screaming is a really awesome art for your it...its good for you!" 

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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