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Rojek Wizard
We started to play in 2008r. At that time we were under big influence of New Orleans stoner/sludge scene, so our music used to sound more like Down, CoC, Superjoint Ritual, Crowbar. Music from this period of our excistence is represented by Demo Flesh and Bones, recorded and released in 2009. After that we moved more in sludge, doom metal genre, but we are not aware of putting some blues, progressive or core elements in our songs. Represetantive for our musical presence are two last releases : EP Skibidibi and our first LP - WOOD. Sounds more like Mastodon, Eyehategod, Crowbar, maybe even Neurosis (sometimes). Anyway, Vagitarians is not only a band, it is an institution closely connected with Ceremony Booking - concert agency which contains two members of band.

CB is responsible for Stoner Ceremony and Feel The Doom events. These periodical events are chance for the best polish underground bands, which plays stoner/sludge/doom music to show up in front of an interested-in community. Bands like Blindead, Belzebong, Major Kong, O.D.R.A, Merkabah, Elvis Deluxe are representative for polish underground scene. Furthermore Ceremony Booking was a promoter of polish gigs of bands like Weedeater, Church of Misery, Karma to Burn, The Flying Eyes and more...

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"...heavy sound brew what VAGITARIANS create on their demo...and you can hear a big power up on the great album "Wood"...ass kicking vocals, fat mosh parts, groovy riffs and a assful of doom...also the lovely acoustic album "Stoner Boner Blues" is a great production from this dudes from Poland...give them your ears!!!"

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