Saturday, March 24, 2012

...roots bloody roots...


Blood Red Water formed in the summer of 2010 with Michele (vocals, ex grindcore bands: NAB and Grunter Screams) Fiorica (ex and bass player in Blank Symbol, now at the drum). Michele & Fiorica were longtime friends, drinking partners and united by the passion for sludge music so they decided to create something wicked.
Immediately Francesco “Volt”  joined them as guitarist and feedback noise junkie, so Mick, Fiorica and Volt started to create their music as Blood Red Water.
Tarantula as bass player joined them after few months.

For Blood Red Water it became clear that the band would not be the umpteenth cover band in the zone but their interest/purpose is writing the music they like and feel.
All members love bands like EyeHateGod, Eletric Wizard, St. Vitus (list of musical influences is long, very long) but - jam after jam - they realized to not belong to any particular genre. Some tunes are pretty doomy, other tunes could be more into stoner stuff.
Blood Red Water lyrics are a merciless portrait of what can save a life or ditch it. Far away from fantasy themes, lyrics give off Michele’s life experience; you can even find redeem words as well as the deepest dopesick despair.
At the end of 2011, they entered at the Flameout studio and they did their first 5 songs EP “Tales of Addiction and Despair”.

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"If you have ever experienced addiciton and despair, then BRW's EP will certainly evoke those memories once more. This 5 song EP has a number of head thrashing moments,
followed by skull crushing riffs and yells that will destroy the walls of 'Dopesick Despair' that this album buries you in. BRW stands on the shoulder's of giants in the genre
such as Eyehategod and Electric Wizard and carry the torch onwards and downwards into that pit of blood red water.
A standout track that shows versatility that BRW possess is 'Avoid the Relapse'. This tirade is moshy, dirty and highly addictive. This EP is like your next hit, it will peel your eyes open, make you weak at the knees
and wanting another fix. It's time folks too 'Let the Blood In'.
Thank's to PSYMIN for the Text
and Mick from BRW

8 from 10 Stonerpoint