Friday, March 23, 2012

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Blues Sludge

In the year of our Benevolent Lord, 2011, A small band of like-minded, stolid men decided to take up arms against a tepid, robotic, and ineffectual musical territory. The Blues. Infuriated, aggravated, and mystified by the sad state of The Blues.
These men. First one KRAMER (G) , a man of vision. A man fed up with charlatans and the lackadaisical frauds dragging The Blues through the mud. He needed an ally. A man that possessed the same fire for true searing rock and roll. From the Deep South, bearing an SG louder, and redder then the Devil’s Dick, came Adam (G) Two soldiers. Bearing deadly weapons. Gibson. Fender. Locked. Loaded. Meant for business. Hell bent for action. Blood. Guts. Blues.

Two became three (PUGH -D) Thunderous, steaming, fury. Pounding the Earth and shaking the foundations. They were in need of a fourth. A man to ruin ALL men. A man to weave the stories of the world. To wield the weapon most dangerous and universally feared by all the weak minded men. Words. The words of truth and consequence. Enter SEAN JOVI (V)
These four, these soldiers of JAW HORSE bring their influences ( Sabbath, RL Burnside, MC5, Chuck Berry, etc,) to the battle for the soul of The Blues. 

Hell bent for salvation. To break the elevator, easy-listening spell that has doomed the sweet sound. To save The Blues from fast food commercials, Christmas parodies, and to right the heinous deeds perpetrated by that dastardly evil Kenny G of The Blues. The motherfucker with the unpronounceable last name. A name which must not be uttered.
Face-melting, Hot rodding, Dick kicking, Date raping your mind, NITRO burning, funny car smashing, aeroplane crashing, HIGH octane BLUES ROCK AND ROLL to satisfy the soul. This is JAW HORSE. 

Ride the Horse here

"Black Flag on Blues with some Danzig Influence...this guys are defiantly a monster live band and the sound is nice too but only nice...for me its a little bit to simple and to much rock'n roll attitude but some parts are really great...listen for yourself"

6 from 10 Stonerpoints

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