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No Gods No Masters
Sludge/Stoner Metal

At the end of 2012 some former band mates of local metal and hardcore acts felt the urge to go slow and brutal. No Gods No Masters was formed and songs were written. Their 4 song demo/EP was released in September 2013 and presented during a release party with Acid Deathtrip and others. Their demo/ EP was greeted with positive reviews. No Gods No masters is often compared to bands from the NOLA scene and English bands in the likes of Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey and Black Sabbath, but with a twist of Cro-mags and Integrity.
Their live shows are low, loud and tend to piss off sound engineers. The band is currently working on their full length and is looking for a label that shares their ambition to release some vinyl and go for space domination. 

So, like us on facebook, buy our shit and book us for awesome shows!
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"Only few tracks on this record but this song's have it in yourself...
sly and without regard to losses they shred one heavy riff after the other and create such a fat sound that
matt pike personally gets wet dreams. After almost two weeks trial hearing in the car I already feel like a faithful fan of the band because this first impression (Sludge uit Twente) will rock your socks off!!!
Favourite Tracks: All
Do it, name your pice on!!!"

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Instrumental Stoner/Sludge

Ed is a 40yr old custodian from Boston, who has 2 kids and loves everything from the 70s: especially Sid and Marty Krofft, Brady Bunch and station wagons. And then there is Speck, a muslim/half-iranian who was born in 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland but has lived in LA since 1983. He loves chicks with dicks, 80s VHS, wrestling, 70s rock as well as funk. As they both loved Sleep, Sabbath and Electric Wizard, they formed a band, and got the name by chance: Speck was looking for something to put inside the kick drum in order to dampen the sound. While doing so, he found an orange shag carpet that reminded him oft he 70s Krofft Supershow. They started playing outside anywhere they could, and eventually got to play at Uncle Rehearsal Studios in Van Nuys, CA. Krofft basically is influenced by some of their favourite bands: Grief, Fu Manchu.. however, Speck’s guitar playing reminds a lot of Nirvana’s Bleach – altough his co-member Ed hates them. Despite the fact that they sound great live, both of them say that they don’t look cool enough to have a live show worth watching. What is more, Ed never goes to live shows, because he is much more interested in the recorded sound, also he is always fidgeting with the knobs as well as changing the sound.

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"There is not much to say about Krofft, they make a kind of experimental Doom Metal, all arrangements are very chaotic but that's i think it's intentionally and absolute their style to make music. Simple and minimalistic drumwork and such a spooky sound what they create, after a time it's a little bit hard to hear but you can hear the motivation. From Muff's,Overdrives and Octavers on the Guitar, main thing is it is deep and booming...Check them out and get droned!!!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

..ooze the force on!!!


Ooze started its path of destruction in late 2011 when friends Antonio Strain, Sirio Palese and Andrea L'Abbate congregated in a dirty, smoke filled, filthy practice space in the middle of Trieste, Italy, to give birth to the bastard child of their corrupted, hazy minds. After few months of intensive sessions of mental and musical distortion, they started recording their first self-released, self-loathing driven demo CD titled "Sister tank", an infamous collection of intricate, pummeling, rotting riffs topped by thunderous drum work and tortured vocals that took them under the spotlights of the local DIY scene.
 Israeli label Total Rust can't resist the band infectious sound and put Ooze under its wing and send them to a proper studio for the first time to record their upcoming LP. Due to early 2014, the self-titled "Ooze", collects Ooze most punishing, sludgy and perverted material to date. Their music crawls from the bowels of the most rapidly decaying city in Italy and hits you in the face like the vile stench of stagnant bong water. Get ready to get smashed by a slimy wave of feedbacks, possibly with a fat joint in your hand.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

...pylar rituals...


It's dark, it's evil, it's spritual

Founded in 1016, by several hierophants, shamans and druids, PYLAR have finally made it to record their first album. They released it on Knockturne Records. With a running time of 48mins, packed into 7 constructions, they really sent you into some ancient times full of rituals, full of alchemy. Under the cowls somebody allegedly saw members of Orthodox and Blooming Látigo but maybe this view was faked by hallucinogenics.
Also it's hard to define when you have several people on stage with masks and robes.
No. Keep in mind we're not talking about Ghost but same phenomenon.
Anyway. PYLAR do a great job with that mixture of noise, experimental metal and ritual chants.
From time to time i felt remembered to some experimenting krautrock acts. Especially those long improvisations with this odd voice creates a great flow. The heavier parts are absolutely ass-kickin'. Here you have to mention ¡Alzos, oh, puertas eternas!. Well structured and really heavy riffing at 7min. Definitely the song i would recommend the most on this record.
What shouldn't mean that the others aren't worth a listening.

It's really rare to find something atmospheric like this.

Text: Basti


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Friday, November 22, 2013

...get your Libido swollen...

Retro Rock/Stoner Rock
Pink Tank Records

Libido Fuzz is a heavy tuned hard rocking psychedelic boogie band.
The three piece out of Bordeaux/France, Nick Blazy (Bass), Thibault Guezennec (Drums) and Pierre-Alexis Mengual (Vocals/Guitar), started up in 2012 with their mind blowing and unique sound. Libido Fuzz combines classic elements of finest 70's psychedelic music and mixes it up with tasty hard driven Blues stuff.
This summer Libido Fuzz was on tour, sharing the stages in southern Europe with acts like Kadavar, The Machine, Sungrazer and Mars Red Sky and built up a huge fan base, that shows how energetic and intensive the bands' style is. Listening to the fuzzy and crispy sound of Libido Fuzz is like a liquid heavy shockwave! It's blowing your mind away, we'll bet!  
Also check out the Review of my friends on the  Sludgelord-blog right here


 "Libido Fuzz will bring multible orgasmns for your organ of hearing cause the debut sounds great and after a lot of positive feedback from other online mags,blog sites i have the honor to say also that this band is great, every second on this album, pure raw rock'n roll like a mix of Human Instinct, The White Stripes,Killer Moon, Twin Bird and the Black Keys...It's full of Blues and great riffs...boring is not so move your fingers and click the like button..."

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

...Manthra Dei...back again!!!

Manthra Dei
Acid Cosmonaut Records

Manthra Dei is an Italian stoner/psych/space rock four-piece that brings us some serious intergalactic soul/blues jams and let us fly in their colourful world...

The band's self-titled debut starts with the mighty long and trippy song named "Stone Face" and it makes you sure to know that the following song's are not more worst than this one,because also "Urjammer "(The faster 70ies song) ,"Xolotl" (great licks and solo structures) follows with the same power and it brings attention to the point. If you like bands with a lot of vocals and a nice jam atmosphere like Causa Sui, Earthless,The Machine or others, you definitely will like Manthra Dei because they have big cojones in they music and you can hear that.

With "Blue Phantom" the listener get the option for a free walk into a church and can listen to a spooky interlude followed by the last power and genius song "Legendary Lamb"this song gives again all the power of the band before the smooth acoustic song of "Stone Face" brings the record to a cozy end. Thank's for this great album...see ya soon on the road!!!

Text: Stonerhead

It's released in October 20 on CD through Acid Cosmonaut Records. Also available as Bandcamp download and don't forget the release party on 22th November.

Pre-order here. Vinyl will be distributed through Nasoni Records.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

...get haunted...


Drone Hunter was concieved in late March of 2012. Drummer Rus had this idea of a groovy rock band that would allow all members to express in a way that gives them a lot of freedom without limitations concerning genre or stereotypes. After writing a song in 20 minutes with guitarist Fitz he decided to jam together more frequently and seriously. Soon after Klen joined us on bass guitar and as we jammed an average of one new song per rehearsal we realized that the band works great without a vocalist. Drone Hunter songs are quite simple, groovy and heavy without any fancy melodies or shredding solos. 
Reduced to mere rawness and stripped of overthinked and overproduced arrangements, we play straight from our hearts and souls and are having a good fuckin' time as we do that. In July 2013 we recorded our debut self titled and self released album which contains 10 songs and rounds up our work since we started this whole thing.


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"Attention,attention...this band is a present from god,satan or whoever...this album rocks the shit out of you from the first second to the last, full of great riffs, awesome solos and a bunch of great rhythm changes and other cool arrangements. The Drone Hunters play instrumental music in the style of Karma to Burn but with they own's like "Blood Island, The Hunt, The Ram and Backfire" let rotate your kick back and give them your support and like them...because it's good for you!!!

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

...Monachus for President...

Alerta Antifascista Records
MONACHUS are back with their new 4 track heavy album "below" and I have the pleasure to write about it, while the vinyl is turning on my phonograph in full power, volume 30 (it's loud). 
At first have a look at this awesome cover art, the green is beautiful and has a nice contrast with the sketch-like drawing, a very successful design. Next we will check out the material on the vinyl...
 The first coloss of the album lasts 12 minutes without any trace of boredom, it's an atmospheric, psych doom song, slow and straight from the darkness. Sometimes the structure and the vocals remember me of NAAM, for sure a great opener. The Intro of "Curse" begins with a typical doom wit cheap and squeak and a first fat drowning riff. This song raises the tempo a little bit and sounds very rich and fat. The next song "Circles" has also a nice duration, some 12 minutes. This track functions as a mix of Post Rock, Doom and the melody really is a catchy tune and remains in memory.
Also the back vocals of the woman and the melancholic part of Erik agrees well with the entire song. "Onward" builds the exciting end on "Below" and the band once again gives the best to get my head shaking on and on. It is formed by some deep and crushing doom riffs up to slowmo parts and shows off the finest ballads. A song to sing along and drink beer with your friends... 
To cut a long story short, Monachus from Sweden have figured out how to make high quality music. Thumbs up!!!
Text: Stonerhead

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

...Journey to Poland – Desert Trips inclusive...


Here it comes. The new Palm Desert record. At least since „rotten village sessions“ everybody should know what comes from these guys is more than just some average stuff...
Even their Debut album „Falls of the wastelands“ is a guarantee for gourmet stoner rock.
„Adayoff“, released at 18.09.2013 on BSFD records, continues where the 4 dudes had to stop in january.
I remember some really catchy tunes like „Shades in black“ or „Down the Odyssey“.
But back to the future.
First track „Leave me alone“ starts slowly, bluesy and groovy. They keep it low for the first minutes but catch you with that blues-beat focused riffing. And then, when you think yeah it's a pretty cool tune they kick your god damn ass with some fuckin' fuzz-overload sounds. Not even 6 min and they got you.

That's when „End of the certain“ starts. A relaxing, folky short track. Perfect to lead to the next riff-monster. Thing to notice: They even improved their sound into a more direct, heavier and better structured version of their earlier stuff. Also this god damn sticky bass sound! Love it...

„Among the stones“. Damn where's my beer? A huge bunch of stoner bands these days but that's, let me say it again, not average at all. It never stops rolling, cheers to Piotr Lacny (guitar) and Jan Rutka (bass). Well done.


Same style in „First Scream“. Are there any deserts in Poland? Hard to believe we're talking about a polish band in here. Don't get me wrong but it sounds like some long-haired California desert dudes á la Scott Reeder would celebrate one of those 90's desert partys with tons of good dope and beer.

„Dusty“ is more focused on some dreamy fuzz jams. It starts heavy, gets added by some delayed vocals, looses itself somewhere in a slower harmonic jam part, gets almost faded out and then find it's way back in a mid-tempo riff which continues over the last 3 min of the track. Good use of vocals at this point.

„Overload“. Great guitar sound. Basslines to sell your soul for. Fatter than Oprah Winfrey could ever get. A lot of Repitition. Nearly meditating, paralyzing.

Even better vocals! Harmonic as hell. Brilliant end for a brilliant record.
Don't wait a second longer and spend the hillarious 3 bucks on their bandcamp page for the digital record or 8$ for the CD.

Definitly worth.

A fuckin' great sighting in european Stoner Rock.

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Band members for Palm Desert are:

Kamil Ziotkowski - drums
Jan Rutka - bass
Piotr Lacny - guitar
Wojciech Gatuszka - vocals

Text by Sebastian

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Monday, November 4, 2013

...Opium Drone shots...


You like stoner rock but always wondered why these guys don't keep it slower?
You discovered some ass-kicking doom stuff but still thought why so hectical?
And you still believe in the brown tone?
Well then you should check out Culto, a Drone Duo from Italy.
The self-titled debut album got 2 earth-spin-stopping noise colosses of 15 min each, which soak you into endless Cave-Swamps. Massive soundwalls, depressive mood, tones lower than Hip-Hop-pants and an almost apocalyptic atmosphere infiltrated by some whispered vocals what fits pretty well. 
Imagine doom Kings „Conan“ playing without drums on a neverendless Opium Trip.
These guys arranged it not to vary that much. You find heavier parts with great guitar-riffing and the bit quiter ones with mentioned ritualistic whispering on it. That leads to a certain bouncing structure.
But keep in mind we're talking about ambient drone. Well...convince yourself...
If you like it more slow and atmospheric but still heavy, Culto seems to be a good choice.
Let's see what comes next. 

Text: Sebastian
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

...bloody waters...


Blood Red Water is an Italian doom/sludge band formed in the summer of 2010. Michele & Fiorica were longtime friends and drinking partners united by the passion for sludge music, so they decided to create something wicked.
Immediately Francesco “Volt” joined them as guitarist/feedback junkie.
Blood Red Water’s interest/purpose is simple and straight: writing the music they like and feel - blending doom tunes with sludge tunes.
At the end of 2011, they entered at the Flameout Studio to recorder their first 5-song EP entitled “Tales of Addiction and Despair”.

In the meantime the line-up has changed. the current line-up is: Mick vocals; Fiò drums; Volt guitars; Eric guitars and Gianluca bass.

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"...a very aggressive and powerful album from this italian doomsters, if you know the first prank ("Tales of Addiction and Despair") of this band you will hear a progression to more structure and alternation on this album. BRW comes deep,fat and without mercy, they riff their setlist without regard to losses and build with their own songs a dark world in your living room. Tracks like"A ride in the Funhouse", "Thundersnow in Venice" or "A bad Trip in a Toxic mind" shows how well"All the Ills of Mankind" works..."

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