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No Gods No Masters
Sludge/Stoner Metal

At the end of 2012 some former band mates of local metal and hardcore acts felt the urge to go slow and brutal. No Gods No Masters was formed and songs were written. Their 4 song demo/EP was released in September 2013 and presented during a release party with Acid Deathtrip and others. Their demo/ EP was greeted with positive reviews. No Gods No masters is often compared to bands from the NOLA scene and English bands in the likes of Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey and Black Sabbath, but with a twist of Cro-mags and Integrity.
Their live shows are low, loud and tend to piss off sound engineers. The band is currently working on their full length and is looking for a label that shares their ambition to release some vinyl and go for space domination. 

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Get "Sludge uit Twente" here

"Only few tracks on this record but this song's have it in yourself...
sly and without regard to losses they shred one heavy riff after the other and create such a fat sound that
matt pike personally gets wet dreams. After almost two weeks trial hearing in the car I already feel like a faithful fan of the band because this first impression (Sludge uit Twente) will rock your socks off!!!
Favourite Tracks: All
Do it, name your pice on!!!"

9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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