Wednesday, November 6, 2013

...Journey to Poland – Desert Trips inclusive...


Here it comes. The new Palm Desert record. At least since „rotten village sessions“ everybody should know what comes from these guys is more than just some average stuff...
Even their Debut album „Falls of the wastelands“ is a guarantee for gourmet stoner rock.
„Adayoff“, released at 18.09.2013 on BSFD records, continues where the 4 dudes had to stop in january.
I remember some really catchy tunes like „Shades in black“ or „Down the Odyssey“.
But back to the future.
First track „Leave me alone“ starts slowly, bluesy and groovy. They keep it low for the first minutes but catch you with that blues-beat focused riffing. And then, when you think yeah it's a pretty cool tune they kick your god damn ass with some fuckin' fuzz-overload sounds. Not even 6 min and they got you.

That's when „End of the certain“ starts. A relaxing, folky short track. Perfect to lead to the next riff-monster. Thing to notice: They even improved their sound into a more direct, heavier and better structured version of their earlier stuff. Also this god damn sticky bass sound! Love it...

„Among the stones“. Damn where's my beer? A huge bunch of stoner bands these days but that's, let me say it again, not average at all. It never stops rolling, cheers to Piotr Lacny (guitar) and Jan Rutka (bass). Well done.


Same style in „First Scream“. Are there any deserts in Poland? Hard to believe we're talking about a polish band in here. Don't get me wrong but it sounds like some long-haired California desert dudes á la Scott Reeder would celebrate one of those 90's desert partys with tons of good dope and beer.

„Dusty“ is more focused on some dreamy fuzz jams. It starts heavy, gets added by some delayed vocals, looses itself somewhere in a slower harmonic jam part, gets almost faded out and then find it's way back in a mid-tempo riff which continues over the last 3 min of the track. Good use of vocals at this point.

„Overload“. Great guitar sound. Basslines to sell your soul for. Fatter than Oprah Winfrey could ever get. A lot of Repitition. Nearly meditating, paralyzing.

Even better vocals! Harmonic as hell. Brilliant end for a brilliant record.
Don't wait a second longer and spend the hillarious 3 bucks on their bandcamp page for the digital record or 8$ for the CD.

Definitly worth.

A fuckin' great sighting in european Stoner Rock.

 get it here

Band members for Palm Desert are:

Kamil Ziotkowski - drums
Jan Rutka - bass
Piotr Lacny - guitar
Wojciech Gatuszka - vocals

Text by Sebastian

9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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