Saturday, November 9, 2013

...Monachus for President...

Alerta Antifascista Records
MONACHUS are back with their new 4 track heavy album "below" and I have the pleasure to write about it, while the vinyl is turning on my phonograph in full power, volume 30 (it's loud). 
At first have a look at this awesome cover art, the green is beautiful and has a nice contrast with the sketch-like drawing, a very successful design. Next we will check out the material on the vinyl...
 The first coloss of the album lasts 12 minutes without any trace of boredom, it's an atmospheric, psych doom song, slow and straight from the darkness. Sometimes the structure and the vocals remember me of NAAM, for sure a great opener. The Intro of "Curse" begins with a typical doom wit cheap and squeak and a first fat drowning riff. This song raises the tempo a little bit and sounds very rich and fat. The next song "Circles" has also a nice duration, some 12 minutes. This track functions as a mix of Post Rock, Doom and the melody really is a catchy tune and remains in memory.
Also the back vocals of the woman and the melancholic part of Erik agrees well with the entire song. "Onward" builds the exciting end on "Below" and the band once again gives the best to get my head shaking on and on. It is formed by some deep and crushing doom riffs up to slowmo parts and shows off the finest ballads. A song to sing along and drink beer with your friends... 
To cut a long story short, Monachus from Sweden have figured out how to make high quality music. Thumbs up!!!
Text: Stonerhead

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9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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