Monday, November 4, 2013

...Opium Drone shots...


You like stoner rock but always wondered why these guys don't keep it slower?
You discovered some ass-kicking doom stuff but still thought why so hectical?
And you still believe in the brown tone?
Well then you should check out Culto, a Drone Duo from Italy.
The self-titled debut album got 2 earth-spin-stopping noise colosses of 15 min each, which soak you into endless Cave-Swamps. Massive soundwalls, depressive mood, tones lower than Hip-Hop-pants and an almost apocalyptic atmosphere infiltrated by some whispered vocals what fits pretty well. 
Imagine doom Kings „Conan“ playing without drums on a neverendless Opium Trip.
These guys arranged it not to vary that much. You find heavier parts with great guitar-riffing and the bit quiter ones with mentioned ritualistic whispering on it. That leads to a certain bouncing structure.
But keep in mind we're talking about ambient drone. Well...convince yourself...
If you like it more slow and atmospheric but still heavy, Culto seems to be a good choice.
Let's see what comes next. 

Text: Sebastian
feel it here

7 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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