Tuesday, November 19, 2013

...get haunted...


Drone Hunter was concieved in late March of 2012. Drummer Rus had this idea of a groovy rock band that would allow all members to express in a way that gives them a lot of freedom without limitations concerning genre or stereotypes. After writing a song in 20 minutes with guitarist Fitz he decided to jam together more frequently and seriously. Soon after Klen joined us on bass guitar and as we jammed an average of one new song per rehearsal we realized that the band works great without a vocalist. Drone Hunter songs are quite simple, groovy and heavy without any fancy melodies or shredding solos. 
Reduced to mere rawness and stripped of overthinked and overproduced arrangements, we play straight from our hearts and souls and are having a good fuckin' time as we do that. In July 2013 we recorded our debut self titled and self released album which contains 10 songs and rounds up our work since we started this whole thing.


get droned here 

"Attention,attention...this band is a present from god,satan or whoever...this album rocks the shit out of you from the first second to the last, full of great riffs, awesome solos and a bunch of great rhythm changes and other cool arrangements. The Drone Hunters play instrumental music in the style of Karma to Burn but with they own style...song's like "Blood Island, The Hunt, The Ram and Backfire" let rotate your ears...so kick back and give them your support and like them...because it's good for you!!!

9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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