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Melmak works with melancholy and morbidity...i think it's the music of satan.
This music is able to eat watch out!
Simply played but with all the  dirt and nasty what a sludge band needs.
Very aggressive and biting vocals entwined with a blasting bass drum and lashing drums basins all with rich and powerful guitar sounded.
Download the albums for free and listen to that fucked up sound!!!

get it here

get it here

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

...the force of psychedelic...

Strange Forces
Psychedelic Rock

Australian Band Strange Forces influences range from Spacerock to obscure New-Age Prophecies. It sounds like a black sanded beach below 20 suns. It’s multi dimensional dark-surf, powered by Peyeote and driven by dark matter induced by their pineal gland. Strange Forces deliver a washed out Lo-Fi Psychedelic experience channeling organic and digital sounds from one swell to another.

 Get the first album here

Get this "EP" here

Get the album for free here
or over 3 hours of free mixtapes here

"Strange Forces is a band with a lot of diversity and can call it psychedelic, experimental, avant-garde, space rock...say what you want but the whole work of this guys is very demanding and and raises no boredom. Check out their music and so I wish you a lot of fun with that stuff!!!"

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Friday, October 26, 2012

...time for a interview...

Hi Jerome nice to get your time for this little interview...tell me a little bit about your work on Eclipse Productions.

What can you say about the tour with Planet of Zeus in spring 2012 and the minitour with Radar Man from the Moon in summer 2012?

The tour with POZ was a blast being in four countries (Netherlands, Germany, France and Austria) in two weeks. Some gigs got cancelled but also some last minute gigs so that keeps it excited. The highlights were at Oetingervilla in Darmstadt which was kinda like a jamparty. First local support Black Lizard played a short set and after that POZ played their normal set. Afterwards people could join them with their instrument playing some songs and jams. The bands weren’t playing onstage but in the middle of the room with the people standing round them so that created a special atmosphere. Besides that the villa is an awesome place to be with friendly people and everything what a band needs. The other highlight was playing as support for Black Tusk and Red Fang in Salzburg. A sold out Rockhouse and cool to meet the people from both bands and of course you guys from Sativa Root. 

We rented a big van from Highway Tiger which was very relaxed with a bed and playstation in it. Pity thing was the playstation was already broken after one or two days. 
A thing that I would never arrange for a band is pay to play as we had to in Munich. Paying a lot of money to play for a few people and no food and drinks as even no sleeping place so that was a very expensive night unfortunately. But you learn the more you’re on tour. 

with Radar Man from the Moon 2012 

The minitour in Italy with the guys from RMFTM was a real fun thing to do. We drove twelve hours one way for just two gigs near Milan but it was worth it. Never had so much fun in that short time haha…we arrived in a small village which I can’t remember the name from anymore. The outside ‘venue’ was like a courtyard with a water well surrounded by some old houses. The night RMFTM performed onstage was the so called Rocknight from a fourdays festival and a couple of other local (stoner)rockbands played also. It looked all a bit amateuristic with simple electricity connections and stuff but the people took good care of us with a lot of bottles of homemade wine and pasta. 

The day after was also a little festival on the square of a school in the centre of the village which looked pretty professional when we arrived. Also here we were welcomed very good with everything on it. Too bad a storm spoiled the festival but after some discussions they decided to remove the festival inside of the school which was for RMFTM maybe even better cause of visuals and sound. 

What can you tell us about working with the people of Planet of Zeus? What kind of guy’s are they?

The guys from POZ are friendly malakas who are very pretentious and make good quality rockmusic. But to answer this question a bit more generally so far I luckily always worked with nice people and bands who knew what their status is. 

What was your first record you bought and how old were you at that time?

Oef, that’s already a long time ago and I cant remember exactly what my first record was actually. But I guess I was 15 years old when I got into the local punkscene and started to listen to a lot of punk- and hardcorebands. Then also I started to collect my musiccollection which is now like 3000 cd’s, 200 vinyl’s and several music DVDs against the wall. Bands like NOFX, Pennywise, Green Day, Offspring, No Use For A Name, No Fun At All, Lagwagon but also hardcore like Ignite, Born From Pain, Earth Crisis, Spirit Of Youth, Morning Again etc. and local bands like Zwaar Klote and Cradle To The Grave I played and saw many times. 

Then in 1997 I met some guys in my town Heerlen who played in a band called Cupids Quality who made kinda noise/postrock with influences from Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead. So I started to listen to a lot of bands like previous and more. Years later after working for several local bands I met a band called 3 Speed Automatic and then the world of stonerrock opened up for me. 

Jerome at work with Cojones 2011 

Count me three positive things and three negative things while you are on tour.

Positive things;
- having a small vacation
- meet new people and see old friends
- a lot of alcohol and (soft)drugs

Negative things;
- too less sleep
- too much alcohol and (soft)drugs
- dirty toilets, sweaty and stinky vans and Burger King/McDonalds
Ups, bit more then three but some belong together! ;)

What bands are your absolutely heros in the scene of stoner/doom/sludge/psych?

That’s a pretty difficult question because there are so many good quality bands walking round on this fuzzy and psyched planet. Not only the well-known names but also a lot of underground bands who make quality music. To name a few of my favourites; Unida, Kyuss, Karma To Burn, Brant Bjork, Sleep, Earthless, Celestial Season, Astrosoniq, Lonely Kamel, Colour Haze, Green Leaf, Graveyard, Sons Of Otis, Truckfighters. These are just a few cause there are too many to name all of them. 
Ofcourse I listen also to a lot of less-known bands like 1000mods, Cojones, Nightstalker, Planet Of Zeus, 3 Speed Automatic, Blowback, The Quill, Deville, Routes, Bushfire, Grant National, Radar Men From The Moon, Arc Of Ascent, etc…I can go on and on. 

Do your listen to some other kind of music?

Of course I listen to other music. Main thing is indeed stonerrock but also psychedelic music I listen to even as some heavy rockstuff, metal and postrock. My favourite of all times is and always will be Pearl Jam. These guys make such intense and emotional music, no other band can tip on it is my opinion. Besides that what I like bout them is that they’re famous all over the world but almost never you hear rumours or commotion bout them. Another big favourite of me is Mastodon. What a killerband! I like the cult that is created around them with all this magnificent artwork and of course also I dig their music a lot. Their latest album isn’t the best and not a concept-album but the previous ones are all good to me with maybe ‘Crack The Skye’ one of the best albums from the century. Besides these two bands I listen a lot to other bands also like Baroness, Alter Bridge, Isis, Helmet, Therapy?, Red Fang for example. Sometimes some slow music like on a Sunday morning but for the rest I listen mostly to heavy stuff. 

What are your plans for the future, some new tours in planning?

At the moment I’m working on some upcoming tours for bands like Wo Fat (USA) and Abrahma (FR) together, Nightstalker (FR), Ape Machine (USA), The Quill (SE), Banda De La Muerte (ARG) and Planet Of Zeus (GR). Another goal is reached and that is to get a band on the famous Roadburnfestival which is Wo Fat from USA for next year. Besides that at the moment I’m in contact with some pretty well-known Dutch bands which I’m also planning some tours or gigs for but we’re still discussing how and what so I’m not gonna talk bout that too much for now. Keep an eye on my website or facebook

Me and Jerome are hard working on SFTU 2012 

Do you have an other job next ECLIPSE PRODUCTIONS? Can you live on that?

Yes, I work as a pedagogic worker in childcare which is a fun job to do. It’s cool to see how these little children grow up and I can teach them some education. Ofcourse also some music education ;). Unfortunately I can’t live on that cause making too less hours. 

How would you personally assess the current situation and popularity of Stoner rock?
At the moment there’s a good and big scene going on but I’ve got this feeling that it’s getting too big. So many bands and so many festivals are existing now that people can’t decide anymore what to listen to or where to go to. Don’t get me wrong but it all looks like a big concurrency and on a lot of festivals you always see the same names.Stonerrock is getting more and more commercial which is a good thing in a way cause bands getting more attention now and the scene is getting more accepted by the big audience. But I hope it still stays also underground cause of the atmosphere and the tight relationship between people. 

What are the Stoner/Doom/Sludge/Psych bands of the near future...which you can think well?

Radar Men From The Moon, 1000mods, Kadavar, Black Bombain, Monomyth, Nightstalker, Blues Pills, Goat, Wo Fat, Stoned Jesus to name a few.

Some words to the Stonerhead's out there?
Thanks for this interview and giving me the opportunity to tell bit more bout Eclipse Productions and I’d say; keep the spirit alive!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

...doom mag...

Here is the magazin for the dark thing's in music...DOOM-METAL-FRONT includes all info's about the Doom Scene and offers so many interesting insights behind the scenes of the occult and dark images of the band's and their music. A magazin with high quality content in two languages (german,english).
Interview's with DUST, WOUNDED KINGS, BALAM, WITCHSORROW and many other's.

Wino with the latest version nr.9

Review's about the upcoming album's of all your favourite band's and also many Live Review's for example DESERT FEST,  MARS RED SKY, SLEEP, OM, BLACK COBRA and other's...a must have for every lover of the depressing and dirty music. Order your own DOOM METAL FRONT MAGAZINE or the COMPILATION HERE. The Compilation includes 34 band's of finest Doom/Doom Metal/AMbient/Drone Stuff and and is worth your money.

Big thanks to Sven

Ominous & black...

Anthropic Records

Ominous Black began their journey in 2007, deploying lush, doomed, cosmic post-rock mixed with textural psychedelia.  Ominous Black has polished their way through four releases, creating a sound and feel that sets them apart.  For this fifth release, Ominous Black recruited Evan Pontell-Schaefer of Sadgiqacea to beast the gut-wrenching vocals and heart-pounding drums.  This two song release is a testament to where they have been and where they are heading.

The self-titled release is available from anthropic records in white vinyl and black/white marble vinyl.  The art was designed by Alyssa Maucere with hand pressed packaging by Reuben Little (Ocean). The music was recorded at Electrical Audio by the mighty Steve Albini and mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering.

Ominous Black will tour US/Canada Fall 2012 and will set out for their 6th Full US tour in Spring/Summer 2013.

get it here

"Angry vocal bite's...KVELERTAK mood is working in this band...but a little bit smoother and with more slow space and psych part's...real mighty sound...thank's for good music!"

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

...the bananas strike back...


Go Bananas
What a unbelievable nice evening...the Banana Space Festival last night was a blast form my ears and also a real eye spectacle, very colourful decorated stage with blacklight effect's like in the hardest Goa Party's and the best thing is that the location was under a big church...what a fat event!


Go Bananas
The local opener for this event named "Go Bananas" and that have his reason...Psychy Jam Atmospheres mixed with mighty and powerful stoner riffs and biting vocal's...they combinate a lot of other instruments in the song structure's and go through different style's...the band with the most groove.
Baby Woodrose
The Second band are also the headliner of this festival...straight from Denmark...groovey, psychy and unique..."BABY WOODROSE" with the one and only "Lorenzo Woodrose" on the lead guitar...great lick's and real flowering song's let groove the legs of the crowd... from start to finish a successful concert with all the trimmings!!! The crowd was boundless enthusiasm.

Oresund Space Collective
After more beer's and some smoke break's also begins the afterburner band "Øresund Space Collective" to play...a realy sick and crazy stage show with a great big jam at the beginning...unbelivable feeling's at this moment... the name of this sound "Totally improvised space rock" hits the nail on the head and that's what you can feel in this quantity of music fanciers. A really nice event and hopefully, the idea will be further developed and implemented again. Thank's to the dude's of "GO BANANA'S" for the nice evening and the cool line up...


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

...pull the trigger...


TRIGGERMAN are pleased to announce the release of their third album, “Hail To The River Gods”.
The band, from Derry ,N.Ireland release the album on June 1st 2012.
This album contains yet more examples of the band’s ability to fuse heavy riffs with aggressive grooves and huge choruses. Recorded in Einstein Studios, Antrim.N.I. ,the band were pleased to have Frankie McClay producing, as he did with 2010’s release, “Brand New Day”.
An album which gained TRIGGERMAN attention at both national and international level, METAL HAMMER called it, “a breath of fresh air to the genre” with CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE play listing the opening track, “The Riff Holds Sway”.
From the opener, “Rage of the Goddess” to closing track, “Blind Side of the Moon”, TRIGGERMAN have put together an album which continues with the band’s signature sound. Singer/Guitarist Bap says, “These new tunes sit well with our back catalogue. They sound great live as well as in the studio. We’ve tried some new ideas to keep it fresh, but it’s still TRIGGERMAN.”
Whether it’s the deep thick grooves of “Th’on Strange Brew” or the vicious attack of “Rise of the Woodsmen”, TRIGGERMAN have yet again delivered tunes riding on riffs of real quality. “Hail To The River Gods” delivers on all fronts.

listen here
buy it here

"big and large chunks of solid sound meet on driving rhythms and landscapes made ​​of fat riffs...TRIGGERMAN rock your sock's off!!!! Enjoy particularly: "Blind Side Of The Moon, Thon Strange Bew and Hail To The River Gods"

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Saturday, October 13, 2012



General is a band from the UK that has a huge buzz surrounding them.
Aside from the fact that the legendary Billy Anderson has worked with them,
this band is laying down some pretty fat Stoner Metal jams worthy of your
attention. Fierce, soulful and in-your-face, these boys know how to rock and
I’d say they do it rather well.

Where Are Your Gods Now? is recorded by Greg Chandler
 (Serpentcult, Moss, Alunah) and mastered by Billy Anderson 
(Acid King, Cathedral, Orange Goblin, Eyehategod). 
Enjoy the official Video to "Bullet Train"

Buy it here

"...a voice like ben ward or sometimes like Dave Wynedorf with the touch of the band UGH!..sludgy and fat riffs let groove your brain all day and then deep fuzzed and octaved...that's what every Stonerhead wants safe...GENERAL is a  murder's like "Better Dead, Hell in your Eyes, Hydrogen, Monkey City" makes me really happy...enjoy that masterpiece!!!"

Many thanks to David

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

...short cut...

Two years on from the release of their critically acclaimed album II, Spain’s finest instrumental post-rock group Toundra return to the progressive fold with (III); an epic, brutal and beautiful new chapter in their career.

Opener ‘Ara Caeli’ sets out its stall and encapsulates exactly what the band has been about since day one. Pioneering grand and striking song structures with ideas behind each that explore issues surrounding life and death, they chip away at the melodic post-rock landscapes some might find comparable to Mogwai or Pelican, but under the surface (III) incorporates elements of even greater traditional influence. Their appreciation of classic rock groups such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin (check out the heavy folk and swirling string sections of ‘Requiem’) can be heard all over (III), interwoven into the progressive metal of ‘Cielo Negro’ and ‘Marte’, three albums in this is Toundra at their most impressive. A true musical force.


Tour Dates:

20.09.12 Metz, Zikametz Festival, France
22.09.12 Solingen, Pretty In Noise Festival, Germany
23.09.12 Düsseldorf, Session, Germany
24.09.12 Berlin, Schokoladen, Germany
25.09.12 Chemnitz, AJZ, Germany
26.09.12 Winterthur, Gaswerk, Switzerland
28.09.12 Thun, Mokka, Switzerland
29.09.12 Bordeaux, Les Lectures Aléatoires, France

"III" is a beautiful album with a lot of psych parts but also big stomping riffs pared with post-rock and more psych and lovely smooth tunes...great musicians and a killer live band...the album is a must have for all fans of the post-rock and progressive metal. In one sentence i can say it comes like a harder version of my sleeping rock on and stay tuned...

9 from 10 Stonerpoints me fire!!!!


Feuerzeug, which means “The Lighter” in German is a Swiss band based in Lausanne. Founded in 2008 by David Denega ( aka Deneg aka David Van Neeg ) (guitar-lead singer) and Marc Cappelletti ( drums – backing vocals ) they originally named themselves “Tesla Intoxicates…” but after the arrival of Steve Wolfensberger ( guitar – effects ) and the current bass player is Terry Pinard, the band changed its name into “Feuerzeug”.

In 2008, the band has recorded a first album “Drive Fast and Crash”. It has finally been released on January the 24th 2009 in Lausanne on Ishii Kamikazi Records for Europe and Poison Tree Records for the USA and rest of the world. The 12 titled album was well accept by critics, having sometimes even been compared to the ” greatest kick to the ass since Mötorhead “! This enthusiasm allowed them to go on tour twice across Europe.

listen here
buy here

Big thanks to Domino Media Agency

"A full and dry guitar sound of british orange amp's is creating big riffs like Brant Bjork, Fu Manchu, Truckfighters, Kyuss and QOTSA...this four friends have found their own cool sound and know how to handle it..."Dead Wahines and Tsunamis" is the best album for me...Feuerzeug throws one heavy riff after another out of the window and it works good...Order this mighty album and have a nice time..."

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

Friday, October 12, 2012 desert sound...

Stoner Rock

ALL HAZE RED is a German rock ´n´roll band influenced by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath with obvious hints of contemporary groups like Clutch or Grand Magus. The four creative guys blow out a sound around stoner and vintage blues rock. Hippie-alike guitar riffs are barely able to tame the omnipresent rock steamhammer and are going to be blown into the nirvana by vocals swinging between raspy shouts and bluesy hooklines.

listen here and buy it here

"All Haze Red....fuck what a powerful band...heavy fuzz riffing and a biting vocal's like "Into the Sun, No Regrets, Lie to Me" are the absolute engine of this album...this band has a big potential to grow bigger in the future of the modern stoner rock band's. Great refrain's, solo's, nice  albumconcept and a good production. Close your eyes and enjoy!!!"

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

Sunday, October 7, 2012

...el straffo...


Hola dude's and duderina's today i proudly present a new doom band from mexico they call their style "mexicannabistonerdoom" ...this records are straight from the rehearsal room and had a littlebit shity quality but its possible to find a groove in the song' i'm looking forward to hear the debut album of this heavy doom rollin band...

get it here

"...i think this two dude's go the same way like OM, Sleep, Kyuss...i like the song's...simple riffs with a mighty sound...check them out...and maybe in some month we have a real album...doom on!"

7 from 10 Stonerdoompoints

Friday, October 5, 2012

...electric heat and a house in my aquarium...


Heat and House of Aquarius...two really hot band's with really big cojones...listen...

listen to it here

The Eleventh House, The House Of Aquarius, is the house of group creative expressions. It is the desire to pool and merge the time, efforts and resources of the individual with those of the larger society in order to create something new for the benefit of everyone. Enhancement of the polity overwhelms the desire for self-aggrandisement, the walls of Ego come tumbling down and the individual communes with the totality of the species.
House Of Aquarius was a Swedish band that saw the light of day in 2001. Jamming on a few ideas guitar player Thomas Eriksson brought to the table led to a three song demo that was set free to explore the world. A bunch of pretty nice reviews, airplay and some label interest came out of that demo and shortly resulted in one more demo. Daredevil Records suggested an album release and the band thought it sounded like a good idea and recorded the album in 2002.

The album was released in 2003 and followed by two shorter tours in Sweden and in Germany. The first press of the album was sold out within a short time period while the band was writing and recording for a new album. One song, “Awaiting The Sunrise” found its way on to a compilation released by Daredevil Records, Burn The Streets Volume IV. To release a song in the company of such great acts as Mastodon, Entombed, Alabama Thunderpussy and others, was a great experience for the new, relatively unknown, band, especially since their doomy waltz, on the compilation, was noticed and praised by several critics.
Unfortunately the band couldn’t find a way to make ends meet with music, work, bills, life situations and general costs. This led to a last minute cancellation of a tour and sort of drained the energy out of the project.
10 years later, the album “The World Through Blodred Eyes” is re released by Electric Magic Records. This time on limited vinyl formats, probably the only proper way to enjoy this fuzzy-retro-rocking-four piece from Sweden.


"Awesome and powerfull voice combinated with a rank guitar sound mixed with nice rhytms...sometimes like DOZER or absolutely favourite song "UNHOLY"...this song will go down in history and hopefully soon there will be a tour to...House of Aquarius rock's!!!"

10 from 10 Stonerpoints

listen to it here

The guys in HEAT have been around in several bands for the last years, among them names like The Hara-Kee-Rees or Samsara Blues Experiment. So you bet they definitely know how to rock out and roll over with their hefty dose of 70s Rock. And there´s no need to become nostalgic. It is 2012 and they´re here to stay with an energetic Blues-drenched mixture of early Sabbath, Zeppelin, Jerusalem, whatever... Pull a name from your Classic Hard Rock collection, they have it all.

photo by Shooting Heads © Rob Zim
"Incredible cool album with great musicians of Samsara Blues Experiment (Richard Behrens), Marco Rischer(Grandloom) and other great dude's...almost every song makes me happy and the whole album is a masterpiece...a must have for every fan of this kind of music!"

9 from 10 Stonerpoints


Thursday, October 4, 2012



TRùC (which means "Trick", in friulan minority language) hails from Udine, North-East of Italy.
Formed by the rhythm session of a long but unlucky musical adventure (Egnog) with the help of one historical pillar of the Pordenones' Crossover Scene.
Existing since less than a year, they put together what is their first effort, a sstrange and singular blend of their own influences, without following this or that genre, trying to "keep it personal".
What you can witness, is the loyalty to rock and roll, in all its propagation.
Their songs are in 3 languages (friulan minority language, broken english, and itaglian), and the lyrics are based on lived-life histories. They kick off sometimes instrumentals because there's nothing to say, sometimes.
The records names "Curt", which means "Short", (which was released september 1st)
 shows the singular artwork of young but promising paintress Elena Chiandussi, which illustrates perfectly the various changes of mood of the friulan outfit.
They like to sweat during live shows.
The CD is a proud d.i.y. product, and is sold at a really low price at their shows, or on request, and it's also distributed by MUSICHE FURLANE FUARTE, the indie label specialized in music sung in friulan minority language and owned by a hystorical radio station broadcasting in friulan, RADIO ONDE OFURLANE.


"...the first impressions was not exactly stunning but in the running time the album showed their it was possible to find some song's...with whom I could start something...for example "Piccola Intro Marziale" or "Pierdisi"...the other song's aren't not bad but for me it was to simple and reminds me on highschoolrock...form your own opinion"

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

...bloody tunes...

What the Blood Revealed
Instrumental Stoner Metal

What the Blood Revealed is an instrumental rock band from Irvine on the West Coast of Scotland. We came together in 2004 and have created a sound that’s drawn comparison with such giants of the leftfield as Isis, Neurosis and Mogwai. We find our inspiration in science, and the truths it reveals.
We have released two well received EPs which have found their way to friends in 5 continents and we released our album “Harbour of Devils” on Field Records in 2012. We’ve recently shared stages with great bands like Kylesa, This Will Destroy You, Maybeshewill, Crippled Black Phoenix, Storm of Light and many more.

...getthat fine stuff on bandcamp...something for free here

“If you are even a casual fan of ISIS, Red Sparowes, Neurosis, and Mogwai then you will love this guy's... big walls of sound and such a captivating mood in the song's...enjoy "What the Blood Revealed" buy their albums, and visited their show's otherwise you miss something. Stonerhead has spoken!!!"

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints