Monday, November 12, 2012

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Doom meets Metal meets Stonerpunk meets whatever. 
Intensity as a side dish and a fist in the face for dessert. Born in summer 2002 and
in 2005 the band is joined by two new members and two other EPs follows.
In November 2006 their first LP „Beyond An Armored Skin“ is recorded  at Planet-EarthRecordings and released through Raddatz Records in June 2007.
 In 2009, just before recording the successor of „Beyond An Armoured Skin,“ J.R. Lavendel decides to go his own way. This delays the recording of „Kaventsmann“ which is 
finally recorded at the end of 2010 with Esche Ahorn on drums, again with Alex Hornbach at Planet Earth Studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
 „Kaventsmann“ finally sees the light of the public.

Voltron is Victory

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Almost five years after the critically acclaimed debut album „Beyond An Armoured 
Skin“ the Berlin based band VOLTRON 
have released their next opus - 
„Kaventsmann“ and the name couldn‘t be more fitting. 
This old German word comes originally from 
seamen-speech, meaning ‚a big wave‘. In fact, VOLTRON 
have thrown us a big, heavy mass that 
requires our full attention, taking us through twisting travels and leaving us 
breathlessly behind. 

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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