Wednesday, November 7, 2012



Wayne Furter, Quentin Vega, Niko El Moche and Cactus Flo give birth to Wheelfall, a band following the tradition of the 90's Desert Rock and Doom Metal scene.

After one year, made up of a lot of gigs where the band stands out with its authentic and intense shows, the "From the Blazing Sky At Dusk" EP comes out in April 2010, recorded, produced and distributed by the band itself.

Giving as much importance to its music than its lyrical themes, each Wheelfall's song is part of one and only story, illustrated by Terry Hellrider without whom the universe of the band would not be complete. 

A few months after the release of the first EP, Quentin Vega decides to leave the band, replaced by Niko Elbow in September 2010.
Wheelfall's story resumes with renewed vigour : the gigs keep coming, and 2012 seems to be favorable to the release of a first album...

listen and order it here!!!


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