Sunday, October 30, 2011

...Stonerhead and the Operators...

Stoner/Psych/Desert Rock
feels like...the Doors or the Ramones in the world of stoner rock
Rock on Dustdown

..."Stoner Rock'n'Roll Overdrive"...

In mid-2008 was found in Berlin a very special constellation of six young men, beyond their geographical and musical roots far beyond Berlin. Driving drums, rolling bass, symbiotic guitars, joyous organ and versatile-creative vocals combine the rock music from the 60s to today in a fun and exciting cocktail.
This nice dudes from Germany construct a nice wall of sound, with many instruments and a great live shows, they played with a lot of great stoned bands like Grandloom, Pyrior, Fuzzmanta and JUD and others...
The songs were recorded and mixed by the band. The record is published by the band's in-house brand 'DUSTOWN', renowned in Berlin for their stoner rock events,
until a label has been found.

Säsh - drums
Dan - bass
Orge - guitar
Dirk - guitar
Konni - organ
Eggat - vocals

LINK DOWN...decision of the band.
but you can buy the album on the upcoming link

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Friday, October 28, 2011

...sweden is a burner...


Burning Saviours / 2005 / 256 kbps
Stoner Rock/Folk

1. Silent Prayer
2. Pytho
3. Thoughtless Fools
4. Shadow
5. Seeing is Believing
6. Spread Your Wings
7. Trees and Stone
8. What's the Point

 Hundus / 2006 / 256 kbps
Stoner Rock/Folk
1. Out Of Sight
2. Dark Lady
3. The Servant
4. Lilly Marion
5. Ballad Of Time
6. Heathen Rites
7. Let's Dance
8. The Man I Used To Be
9. Hundus

Nymphs & Weavers / 2007 / 160 kbps
Stoner Rock/Folk
1. Looking After The Phyre
2. Pondhilllow's Finest
3. The Spellweaver
4. Woodnymph
5. Dreaming Of Pastries
6. Signs
7. Trinity
8. Hillside Mansion
9. Exposed To The Heat Of Solace
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

...get trippy again...

Re-release now as download on the Baby Woodrose bandcampsite
Today the re-issue of the Baby Woodrose album Love Comes Down from 2006 has been released on LP/CD and as download. The limited first print on LP on black vinyl including a free 7" is all gone from the Bad Afro headquaters which means that right now is the right time to obtain a copy at your vinyl pusher. A second press on red vinyl without the 7" is also out....but it's not quite the same. A lot of positive reviews have already been written about this album and this one below will appear in the upcoming issue of Shindig:
"Back in 2006 whilst Scandinavian Garage Rock was enjoying a high profile due to the likes of Dungen and Soundtrack of Our Lives, Danish ensemble Baby Woodrose managed to land a deal with the sizeable Playground Music. Unfortunately as bigger labels tend to do, they increased the recording budget and then failed to distribute the album effectively thereby creating one of the bands best but hardest to find recordings. Now thanks to the eminently improved distribution of Bad Afro the album has been reissued. Fans of On Trial will recognise band leader Lorenzo Woodrose’s song writing and vocals which flourish here on the beautiful ‘Lights are Changing’ the powerful garage fuzz rocker ‘It’s all over now’ and the trippy and spacey title track.  Not many bands have a catalogue as impressive as Baby Woodrose and it’s great to see this little number back in the fold. LP version features a single with two unreleased tracks".

Upcoming Baby Woodrose album is called "Third Eye Surgery"

Baby Woodrose is recording their upcoming album this fall/winter at the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen and now the new baby has a name. The 6th studio album (excluding the cover album "Dropout" and the live album "Live at GutterIsland") will be called Third Eye Surgery and it's due out in April 2012 on LP, CD and as download. Lorenzo Woodrose was recently quoted for saying that it will become a totally psyched out space rock album with a few twisted pop songs included for good measure. What that means time will tell - but the plan is to release the first single for radio and download in January. And maybe as a 7" too.....that has not been decided yet. I will post it if i know more about this hot album...

Thanks to Lars from...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

...wake up in the morning...


Ilya in action
The Moscow-based instrumental power-trio THE RE-STONED is usually associated with the local “stoner rock” scene, not because their music can only be appreciated by inveterate weedeaters but because of its heavily fuzzed sound and reliance on muscular riffing in golden 70’s style. Ilya Lipkin (guitars), Vladimir Nikulin (bass) and Andrei Pankratov (drums) leans on a combination of bluesy guitar-drenched textures and spacy, almost psychedelic jam-meandering trips, but the most important thing is their great skill at creating melodies so that you get really caught without any vocal hooks. This one is a great thing, whether you are “stoned”, “re-stoned” or not. Riffing is the essential of each song, but the band are not shredders of the simple boogie rock power of raw. They care a lot about the arrangement and try to give individual flavor to each composition using voice-samples (like in an opener “Gravitation”), or acoustic percussion (jembe on “Oriental Doom”, “Eternal Search” and “Sleeping World” is played by Evgeny Tkachev of YAT-KHA), or keyboards (Hammond on “Moriarty’s Blues” is played by Pavel Panfilov), or acoustic guitar (“Eternal Search”). “Moriarty’s Blues” also features guest appearance of Sergey Hodnev, drummer of the early ARSENAL.
In the follwing link you can download three songs from the band, enjoy these and then buy something. A great band with a lot of great songs and very  trippy arrangement.



Get this three songs for free download "Retrurn", "Put the sound down or get the hell out"and "Run"
and buy the CD here.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

...united troops of doom...

Meditative Stoner/Doom
Netherlands/Peru/Brazil/Unitated States

Formed in November 2010, Ayahuasca Dark Trip its conformed by 
Buddy Van Nieuwenhoven , Brayan Buckt, Pedro Ivo Aráujo, Floris Moerkamp,
Indrayudh Shome and Sifis Karadakis.
The sound is based in the sacred rituals,
trying to evoke the ancient ceremonies experience.
Now they have a new great record named "Mind Journey" you can buy it here.
I have test it for you, nice music to relax...i think sometimes ADT sounds like OM, the titlesong "Mind Journey" and  "To the holy  Mountain" grooves your brains like "At Giza" kick back and buy!!!
This Album is the beginning of a nice working concept, 
start very atmospheric, smooth and psychy, but there is no stoner or doom...

This hard parts starts at the second plant, so buy it...
The first album is for free, you can doom it here
Only one album is not enough to build a complete mind, 
you need the i rate the two albums together...

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Friday, October 21, 2011

..great mixes...


Band was formed in 2005 as a trio (guitar, synth, drums); one year later Mirko Golubić (bass) joined the band. From 2007 the band consists five members and they play in their biggest set-up: Ivan Aranđelović – synth/el. piano and Tena Novak Vincek – violin (Nimbus Dhei, TenaNovak) including three current members and occasional guests. In that period Fjodor recorded their first promo CD in Kramasonik studio in collaboration with Hrvoje Niksic.

In 2008 they went to The ExYuBalkanTour with Slovenian band Coma Stereo. After that tour they played several concerts with the band Belgrade Noise Society (Serbia). In 2009 the band mostly plays in and around Zagreb and at sessions in the woods on the hill above Zagreb in their own organization. Cosmic Valley Jam Session, with Mario Bandic (Bamwise) and Lovro Zlopaša as guests, was recorded and released on "21st Century Space Adventure" free download compilation at R.A.I.G. in 2010; shortly after Fjodor recorded their first album “I”
(Kramasonik, SAE Institute, Metro Studio Ljubljana). Synth and violin player left the band and Lovro Zlopaša (Owie Pockshull, Seven That Spells, Tigrova Mast, Vergl Grind) joined them on their Danish tour in December 2010 with band The Univerzals (Dk). Adam L. Turjak joned Fjodor in May 2011 with his laptop, synth and smile. 

 The band is now working on new material which is going to be recorded and promoted on their European tour in August 2011.
Ivan Beuc – guitar
Aljoša Reljić – drums
Mirko Golubić – bass
Adam L. Turjak – laptop, synth, vj-ing
Lovro Zlopaša – saxophone/synth
Tena Novak Vincek – violin
Ivan Aranđelović – el. piano, synth


FJODOR - Riding to the black Hole (2011)

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

...who let the dogs out....


Simone "Sabbath" of UNDERDOGS wite me, and so i will proudly present his great
italian band, nowofficial  on my blogsite.Dark and deliberate elements of THE MELVINS and FU-MANCHU round out this robust sound creating a solid musical foundation to pleasure your earholes. From start to finish every song is a hit. Every glorious chord, every single note. Enjoy bio, video and the download. 
Have Fun!

 If you want to listen to their shit you can try here: 

Once in a great while, a band comes along that sets itself apart from the rest.With the recent explosion of independent music this becomes an even more difficult task.
As rock bands evolve and develop a more technical and refined sound, it becomes increasingly necessary to sonically "strike hard and fast" and leave your listener "hooked and begging for more. Powerful and versatile trio inspired by the "desert rock", supported by GoDown Records and formed in 2004. They already occupy a respectable place in the Italian underground, thanks to a lot of granitic & wild r'n'roll gigs all over Italy (and not only..), supporting international cult bands such as Nebula, Josiah, Colour Haze, OJM, Joe Lalli (Fugazi), The Answer, Brant Bjork (Kyuss), and many more!! The lucky debut album "Ready to burn" was released in 2007 for GoDown Records, followed in 2009 by an E.P. unplugged "Dogs without plugs".After one year away from the scene for recording the new album & changing drummer, on summer 2011 they are ready to come back and strike again.
This sophomore album "REVOLUTION LOVE" follows-up right where the "Dogs" left off with (“Ready to burn” – GoDown Records 2007). Long-time dynamic duo Simone (bass&vox) and Michele (guitars) have joined forces with new drummer (Alberto Trevisan) and this super-union of rock-and-roll power is a force to be reckoned with! The new album you can buy here.

In the meantime you can download the unplugged album

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even soon on my blog the new album...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 some new psychy stuff on sulatron records....

Electric Moon and Glowsun Split 2011 

1. Death´s Face - Glowsun
   2. Lost Soul - Glowsun
   3. Monkey Time - Glowsun
   4. Trip Trip Trip - Electric Moon
   5. Lost And Found Souls - Electric Moon

"ELECTRIC MOON presents Psychedelic sprawling sound antics, long, ecstatic and groovy - mostly improvised - trance tunes, are the mark of electric moon. But not that generic jam-tootling - therefor the trio has no time to lose. The parallel universe opens and draws everyone to the place of ecstasy, where the moon is electric - to fill the room with psychedelic shimmering sound paintings. Signatures are Sula Bassanas psychedelic guitars and Komet Lulus unique driving bass. With many releases in a short time, electric moon are real high flyers! GLOWSUN: The french band combines current stoner riffs with the space rock attitude. Within this, they are as successful as with the artwork from Johan Jaccob (guitar/vocals), who also painted the cover for the split! Owing to gigs at the ,Stoned From The Underground" or the ,Yellowstock Festival" as appearing in respective magazines like ,Rock Hard", Glowsun made their mark. Hard but driving, floating and spacy - this is the sound of Glowsun in their very own style.“

Limited 500 hand signed  LP's


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...also brand new "Flaming Lake" from Electric Moon...

The new live CDR of Electric Moon! 4 long pieces taken on the Open air in Battenberg (2.7.2011) which is organized by extremely nice Daturana people! Sound quality is good but not perfect. Better than the after all photo (sold out). The beautiful cover Artwork comes from Lulu again!
 One can publish so much good music unbelievable this in such short time. 
And this is uniquely super quality, every single song with this one.
The music is absolutely hypnotic Trancerock of the space manner! Hypnotizing! 

Limit on 250 Stk.

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