Tuesday, October 18, 2011

...here some new psychy stuff on sulatron records....

Electric Moon and Glowsun Split 2011 

1. Death´s Face - Glowsun
   2. Lost Soul - Glowsun
   3. Monkey Time - Glowsun
   4. Trip Trip Trip - Electric Moon
   5. Lost And Found Souls - Electric Moon

"ELECTRIC MOON presents Psychedelic sprawling sound antics, long, ecstatic and groovy - mostly improvised - trance tunes, are the mark of electric moon. But not that generic jam-tootling - therefor the trio has no time to lose. The parallel universe opens and draws everyone to the place of ecstasy, where the moon is electric - to fill the room with psychedelic shimmering sound paintings. Signatures are Sula Bassanas psychedelic guitars and Komet Lulus unique driving bass. With many releases in a short time, electric moon are real high flyers! GLOWSUN: The french band combines current stoner riffs with the space rock attitude. Within this, they are as successful as with the artwork from Johan Jaccob (guitar/vocals), who also painted the cover for the split! Owing to gigs at the ,Stoned From The Underground" or the ,Yellowstock Festival" as appearing in respective magazines like ,Rock Hard", Glowsun made their mark. Hard but driving, floating and spacy - this is the sound of Glowsun in their very own style.“

Limited 500 hand signed  LP's


9 from 10 Stonerpoints

...also brand new "Flaming Lake" from Electric Moon...

The new live CDR of Electric Moon! 4 long pieces taken on the Open air in Battenberg (2.7.2011) which is organized by extremely nice Daturana people! Sound quality is good but not perfect. Better than the after all photo (sold out). The beautiful cover Artwork comes from Lulu again!
 One can publish so much good music unbelievable this in such short time. 
And this is uniquely super quality, every single song with this one.
The music is absolutely hypnotic Trancerock of the space manner! Hypnotizing! 

Limit on 250 Stk.

8 from 10 Stonerpoints