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Blue Aside fuses science fiction with heavy psychedelia to create a sound where the music and lyrics tell a timeless tale...a tale of loss and woe, but also of hope and redemption.  A tale that begins with the story of The Orange Tree. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, these former members of Palace In Thunderland and Aeolian Race formed in 2009 when Adam Abrams called upon Matt Netto to assist him with a new recording project that was heavier and more cerebral than his previous bands.  They picked up Joe Twomey on bass, rounding out the power trio, and immediately began infusing underground doom metal into their heady psychedelic sound.
Within months after their formation, Blue Aside recorded a 3-song demo which set the mood for their newly formed concept band.  After that Blue Aside immediately recorded their debut EP, The Orange Tree which was picked up by Hydro-Phonic Records in 2010. This recording was more refined and layered than their demo, and has become the definitive statement for their ultimate sound.  Fans of Dead Meadow, Naam, Quest For Fire, Yob, Sons Of Otis and Boris need to take notice, as the EP delves deep into familiar territories, and still manages to establish a strong and unique sonic identity.
"terrific recipe for an doom album"

Blue Aside - The Orange Tree
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