Thursday, October 6, 2011

...stonerhead's caravan...

Over 140000 clicks in few months, I'm very proud, i make this site just for fun, today i can look back, it's very nice, people from around the world, every week new bands with e-mails, nice reviews from stonerlovers. If you had a band, label or other cool stuff let me know, write me a e-mail.

Now i'm on facebook to, enjoy the "stonerhead let groove your brains tonight" facebookgroup, you search " STONERHEAD LET GROOVE YOUR BRAINS TONIGHT" come in and see every day new post of you tube releases,videos, infos, concerts and other dates.

in the rehearsal room, doing sound for the new world with my new band Sativa Root...more...soon!!!
Thanks for all the clicks.
Rock on and stay tuned!!!

at next on this site: OTEHI, Lorenzo Woodrose Interview, Hollow Leg and other cool out!