Thursday, September 29, 2011

...its done...

13000 click since may 2011, thanks to all musiclovers out there and also the guests from outta space, thanks for the great support for my site and the bands, thanks for the e-mails and all the other cool stuff, i hope we rock on hard together, with the force of stoner/doom/psych/prog/post/metal-energy!!!

I say it again and again...its your chance...

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you can download the 2010 Demo here for free, enjoy:

keep on rollin

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...low tone...

Live in Maastricht, Netherlands on 3 June 2011


Toner Low started in March 1998 and has become one of the heaviest bands from the Netherlands. Autumn and Winter of 2011/2012 they are working on their third full-length album, which will be released at some point in 2012. And now we enjoy a Special Stonerhead Tone Low Sampler with 2 Songs of this psych bros. I think they play Orange Amp...hahaha^^
From the First Album"Toner Low EP" the great song called "Devilbot" and from the Album "II" the Track named..."I", 2 songs over 20 minutes nice doom/drone riffs with a many effects and huge experimental psychedelic parts. Enjoy the link and enjoy you night with "TONER LOW"

50 Megabyte makes you a great time here

 All Photos are shooten by Michel Vanderhoven, great work
also a big thank to Daan and the band!!!

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...punch your brain with...


 Wisdoom from Roma let groove your brains this evening and let shake your heads out from the boring rushes
and stress, please lean back, smoke some and enjoy this great Stoner/Psych/Doom.
3 Songs with great songwriting and a handful of groovy riffs. This guys know how to let the earth shake with their Doom.
Visit them on facebook and thank this guys for the good music, buy shirts and come to the gigs. 
So enjoy now the spicy wisdooms in the following link....


and here a video, enjoy pt.1,2 and 3!!!

Hail the Wisdoom

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

...concrete sunburn...

Concrete Sun is a five-piece band from Novi Sad, Serbia. "Southern sludge 'n' grunge" is probably the closest you can get in an attempt to put us into a genre, but there's a lot more to the story than just that. There music is a blend of southern rock, blues, stoner, groove, sludge and grunge, characterized by bluesy melodies, sharp vocals and heavy riffage. Formed in September 2007, the band went through a lot of lineup changes which halted its initial progress, including a year long hiatus in 2009.

The present lineup is active since October 2010 and continues to evolve musically, with every member bringing their own set of influences into the story.
Enjoy this asskicking sound and let your balls roll out on the highway, this band is really good and when you like Orange Goblin or Earthride and Gas Giant then you will love "CONCRETE SUN"...enjoy the new album with the links.

 Concrete Sun - Sky is High (2011)

rock on here

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...great time is near...



White Hills

Thursday, September 22, 2011

...the Elephant this time was really angry...

"The Instrumental Power Trio"
"Louder ROCK"

Led by the ex-guitarist of Gardenia, Manuel Ponzani, offering a stoned ass-kicking sound, The Elephante was born in early 2009. Their sound is inpired by instrumental Sabbath (what I love) and refined by Max Berg on the drums and Luciano "GUX" Robibaro on the bass.

The Elephante just finished recording their first record,

they are working on artwork and looking for a label.

But now you must download

and rock your ears with that shit.

If you can help, please contact this friendly and talented italian elepahnts...

The sound is simple but very groovy and for me it's very important that a band comes out of the own music, so it works on their 2nd song i've heard. Enjoy the following song on the link and give nice feedbacks.

you can test it on soundcloud or do it now here

meet the guys on  facebook


 Thanks a lot for the free song and let us know, if ELEPHANTE had new material


Sunday, September 18, 2011

...the start of the big stonermachine...


Salice Cried the big stoner machine started their engines in 2004...
Inspired by the american desert scene and a lot of beer they produce a bad ass sound that comes straight from earth.
Their psychedelic guitar tunes, deep basslines, and a great drummer kick ass.
Enjoy the two songs on the link and say thanks!
Album is still in progress, so i will post the new one a.s.a.p

Wood: Guitar/Bass/Voice

King Bastoner: Drummer
Peppe Kaput

Erdurkt Thrash
Simone Pennicciand Gianfranco Spinuso 
are the Bassdudes



Monday, September 12, 2011

...straight from mühldorf...

Dear ladies and gentlemen, straight from germany 
near my hometown here to beat you down on your knees.
BLACK NOVA are nice guys with freaky grooves and lazy tunes
they know how to
drop the rock on your stoned little dustheads.
Funny liveshows and good sounds are the true "cojones" of the band.

you can hear something here or you can buy some shit here.

 thanks to:
Christian Schratt (Drums)
Ron Ronson (Bass)
Tom Brüssel (Git)
Hubert Wastl (Voc)

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Friday, September 9, 2011


Metal / Psychedelic / Progressive

Strange tunes straight from italy, 
this group this group of men with big cojones,
fat grooves, nice guitar solos, good concept and  
especially the fear-causing singing voice...
a little bit of System of a Down, Tool Atmosphere...
a great modern Progressive Metal band with a touch of stoner and sludge.
My favorites are "The Treasure"," Caravan To Your Destiny" and "The Omen".
Enjoy very second on this album it is worth.
Thanks to:
Dave - Vocals
Sergente - Guitar
Franz - Guitar
Stonino - Bass
Ferico - Drums

and out now the new album "MAKTUB" 
buy it here for itunes or rock it now here.

...white rainbows...

formed in 2005, after recording their first full lenght album ("Twilight In The Desert") they were picked up by Longfellow Deed Records, a french label based in Paris, already known for the production of bands like: BABY WOODROSE, HONCHO, RITE ,SPARZANZA AND THUNDER EXPRESS (with Robert Dahlqvist, ex Hellacopter's guitarist). In these last years BLACK RAINBOWS shared the stages with bands like AIRBOURNE,WITCHCRAFT,DEAD MEADOW, BLACK MOUNTAIN, LOS NATAS, WHITE HILLS, FATSO JETSON,  Their sound it's a sort of a mix between MC5, BLUE CHEER ,HAWKWIND, BLACK SABBATH and recent hard-psych-stoner rock as KYUSS ,MONSTER MAGNET, FU MANCHU, QOTSA and NEBULA. "The band plays a kind of psychedelic Stoner Rock, that draws influences from actslike Nebula, the high and mighty Blue Cheer (hail!) and Slo Burn, as well as the groovy touches from Kyuss(All That's Heavy) BLACK RAINBOWS second full lenght is called "CARMINA DIABOLO" 45 minutes of HeavyY-Psych/Stoner Rock enjoy the video and than follow the link and get your own rainbow.

...two friends...

Los Pollos Hermanos the crazy duo, formed in November 2010 
in Nancy France by longtime friends Nico and Fred.
Fred plays guitar and sings, Nico plays drums and does backing vocals.
The first Los Pollos Hermanos was recorded this March , no bass was
involved during this recording !
Nico is also the lead singer and guitarist of french post-punk band
But today we are here to check the sound of 
"Los pollos hermanos"......lets get it on here.

Thanks to Fred and Nico

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 the Sunset...

The german ones „Pyrior“ started during the year 2008 with jam-sessions.
This jam-sessions result in a trio of a classic rock formation, Torsten - Bass, Max Appeal -
Guitar and Danilo - Drums. But that was not enough after Pulsar(2009) the music of „Pyrior“ is a round mix of stonerrock and psychedellicrock with some cosmic tunes. 2010 a new member, Mathias - Guitar come into the band. Now they play much more influenced
by atmospheric sounds and produce an enormous space on you records. 
2010  „Oceanus Procellarum“ released on Awaymusic. Psychy/stoned sound on this great album, "Sunset" a great song with nice atmosphe, the perfect beach sound ithink, "Orbiter" is my favourite Song from Pyrior, hits you in the face...i hope i can see this dudes sometime in one of the austrian locations. Thanks to this awsome guys!!!

Pyrior - Sunset



Saturday, September 3, 2011

...friends of zeus...



Psychedelic support for Brant Bjork, Mudhoney, 1000mods,Truckfighters in the last time, now on a little but fine independent label in greece. This beardy and nice guys make very interesting music with cool and varied songstructures, minimalistic vocals and good feelings in slower parts. The latest album "The Dive EP" convinced with 11 independent songs. Psych/Stoner tunes in you livingroom...enjoy this great sound.

"Fabio Fabio"

catch the hare here
pw: stonerhead


thanks to John and the other Dudes

Thursday, September 1, 2011 italians...

The Whirlings, a Stoner Rock Band from italy of the superlative.
From start to finish a successful album, with great riffs and stoned atmosphere.

nice acoustic guitar parts, amps rattling parts,SUCCESSFUL stoner rock band. 
 the best thing you check it out and enjoy it in your own ears!!!!
Attention, could be addictive!!!



Booking and Info: 
Here the Album
The Whirlings - EP (2010)
Enjoy this psychedelic grooves here