Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It was nice to be able to see the surviving dependent Kyuss (Kyuss and Garcia play Kyuss Lives) since 2010 again on stage. After very many sick storys, bass player change, about right and management bonuses and some dispute, they have really managed to forge a new album...this guys will ever appear a new album...They are back...Strong as ever!!!
Fuck Yeah!!!! 

The Intro starts...the first seconds of the album...1 minute voltage building tones and than...

We know this song already, as the stream was released I had a big grin all day long...
Kyuss are back and especially on this song you can hear that.

Hot air,desert sand and a bottle of whiskey...a smooth rhythmic beginning, John Garcia and his burning throat networked with a driving melody with many fine licks by master bruno and the typical brant bjork drum style...

This song would fits perfectly to the album "Blues for the Red Sun"...this song goes slowly on to the top and breaks out like a hurricane, finest stuff for your ears...

Planet 1&2
Brant Bjork together with John on the Vocals...this song reminds me from the structure like a mix between "Greenmachine" and "Gardenia" but let's stop to's a new killer song!!!

This riff is so much in the boogie man style, i'm sure Brant Bjork has written this song...Garcia fits perfectly in this world, melodic, groovy and  moony!

A short stopover at the nearest gas station...smooth jam parts, unfortunately too short!

Stop and go rhythms accompanied by crazy licks made as good as it also homme did...Bruno definitely rocks!!! Thrown mess and totally lathed but it works and let groove your brains...

Here much variety is on offer, beautiful choruses and mange every guitar-driven parts.
Almost a nice little song for Kyuss but also this song rocks from the first to second...

Here comes my absolutely favourite song of  this genius album"Peace"...
This song kicks ass, it's like a little story,there can be several songs but all are beautifully linked together. At 6:20 the song turn 180 degree and grooves slow and fat as we expect this from the gods of stoner rock, this song is to dance or have a nice sexy time...i don't know what you prefer but check out this album because it's good for you!!!

"On the whole a very successful project,there where one can only hope that it will continue to exist. It's really a long time since I was so convinced from the first listen to an album like this and not only because it is the famous Kyuss, because this guys are fucking live their music and that is that what you can here, real musicians, nice people,remain on the ground.
Vista Chino prove similar to Black Sabbath that not every reunion is brown in the pants...

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Monday, July 29, 2013

...sim sala bim with beard...


Ten Foot Wizard are a heavy blues rock band from Manchester with a penchant for tasty groove-heavy riffs and hard rocking fuzzy tunes. Since 2009 they have create their own style in songwriting, sometimes a little bit confusing but most of the time the album comes fat and groovy...

get it here

"Southern Rock attitude, a style the old known hard rock song's and a handful of grunge...Ten Foot Wizard fucking rock's...Especially the song's named "Real Love"(Ghost feeling's), "Medicine", "The Storm" and definitely "Return to the Infinite"...give them your ear!!!" 

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

...sludge musical...


Formed in 2010, Garüda is a band that takes its sound from different styles like stoner or sludge, but always with an eye on progressive and heavy music.
Garüda's first EP was 'Labyrinths of Stone', a first aproach of the band in the quest for it's own sound. For this work Garüda had the collaboration of sound engineer Billy Anderson (Melvins/Sleep). Later on, this album got out as a digital-free download edition. 

Next step for the band was thinking on a new project. Finally, in the summer of 2012, Garüda decided to get back to the studio with the technician Ruben Durán and record its next proyect, a split record with their band friends Blooming Látigo. For this new record Garüda has performed 'Raven Prayer' a 12 minutes trip through darkness and luminiscent stages, an eternal search between arcane formula and pagan symbolism.

During this time Garüda had shared stage with bands like Mars Red Sky, Morne, Viaje a 800, Verdun, Your Hihgness, Athmaa, Blooming Látigo, Mentat, Mordida, Deviante, Louded....


"A very varied piece kind of music, but it works great within the whole concept of "RAVEN PRAYER", a really high quality split...!!!"

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

...down tuned twins...

Sludge Metal/Stoner/Doom

Twingiant is a Phoenix, Arizona based loud and heavy band that formed in the spring of 2010. To date they have released a full-length LP (Mass Driver) and a 4-song EP (Sin Nombre) that were both self-financed, produced and promoted. Both releases have received excellent reviews via numerous blogs and fans alike.

Twingiant have played numerous local shows and also in support of touring bands such as Pallbearer, Thrones, Satan's Satyres, The Atlas Moth, Saviours, St. Vitus, Weedeater, Intronaut, Church of Misery, Black Tusk and even Guttermouth. Twingiant also played both Denver Doomfest II and Southwest Terror Fest in 2012.

Twingiant recently toured this past Spring through the cities of San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and were received well by fans of death metal, grind and even punk! They will continue to play shows throughout the year and will be releasing a split 7” later this year. 

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"Brutal and without regard to losses, this guys kick ass and this the whole full album, i have heard the demo about few month ago and the first impression was very good but her debut album still surprised with more pressure and power. "SIN NOMBRE" is a piece of finest sludge, a must have for all music enthusiasts of the harder front out there!!! Very great ear cinema!!!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

...Hey colossus!!!

Stoner/Progressive Metal

True to their roots, this powerful trio who performs a headstrong metal with roots deep in the impenetrable mire of the stoner/doom/sludge tradition nuanced with streaks of progressive rock, post metal and psychedelia. A wide blend of influences are entwined and results in an accomplished and coherent music that is as direct and powerful as it is multi layered and meandering. Names that are commonly mentioned in relation to Colossus are Mastodon, Neurosis, Kyuss and Tool to name a few.

Colossus have created a name through a series of intensive, well regarded gigs throughout Stockholm rock scene. The demo "The Mechanical Engineering of Living Machines" gave the band a huge following all over the world and the songs could be heard on radio stations and compilations throughout the globe. 

Now, a year later the follow up is due for release, enter three song EP "Spiritual Myiasis" filled with nearly 20 demanding minutes. With this release, which is the final step to the coming fulllength album scheduled this fall, the band aims to take the next step onto the established scene and spread their music to a bigger audience.

Wake up here

"Colossus is a kind of a three headed medusa, adaptable and varied,beautiful and ugly but above all just very filling for my ear!!! 9 Track's of finest prog/stoner metal with a touch of old known band's like TOOL, Mastodon, or the Ocean...a sound what i prefer so am obliged to evaluate these guys really good...thumb up!!!"

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Monday, July 8, 2013


proudly presents the new products of 

All bands are available to buy here
Stoner Rock

Thanks a lot, that GOOGLE is your friend at the web....

So with it's help, i found out that the bands name is DOUGE, that they come from Italy, and the name of the album simply is “D”. The Artwork of the CD is a mystery for itself!!

But the music is Stoner Rock at its best. Nice guitar parts with ass kicking solos, and sometimes a bass orgy...

From groovy to dark there's a lot of atmospheres in “D”. And the Voice reminds me sometimes of classic Hard-rock bands... Interesting and really worth to be heard. 

listen here

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Psych Rock

The CD starts with a classic French Song called “Poupée de cire". The whole Album is in the mood of good old Psychedelic Rock... Sometimes it reminds me of Pink Floyd Album “Piper at the Gates Of Dawn” or Iron Butterfly...

With a mixture of old fashioned Organs and guitar distortion, and a perfect matching bass playing, the complete Album is a bless for everyone who loves the good old Psychedelic 60ies!!

Take a stroboscope and a oil lamp in your living room and let run DELIRIO DEI SENSI!!

A TRIP!! ;) 

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Desert Rock

Man... this Quest was really hard too, to find out what's behind this Band name and this long Album title. This Italian Band with an exotic name, plays desert rock. This is, what the music itself shows me ;)

The Album includes 9 Tracks full of genre typical songs, and reminds me of classic Desert / Stoner Rock bands like QUOTSA, KYUSS and FU MANCHU.

But there is a unique touch in it, so HERBA MATE forms a kind of own sound with this Album... 

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

...fresh funky sounds straight from berlin...


New heartbeats from the nice supergroup Operators from Berlin, i talk with them at DESERT FEST Berlin this year and they gave me this great 3.Track Demo from the upcoming album.
Let's start the engine and let's have a listen to this nice peace of plastic...


1.Terra Ohm(free download)
First taste is great, this song rocks like hell!
2.Bring on the Spice
Powerful riffs, a magnificent chorus, a party song for the whole family!
3.Contact High
Comes extremely groovy and funky, with the typical OPERATORS mood, hell yeah!

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

...purple suns and green moons...

Stoner Metal

Purple Suns are a rock band from Neptune City, New Jersey. The project started as a conversation outside of a grimy punk rock show, and spawned into a furious trio which has played from the basement to the city in less than 6 months. It is a trio consisting of Jay Hernandez, formerly of What About Frank on Guitar/Vox, Tanmay Buch, of A/S/L, on bass and Jon Troncone, of Overstand on drums. The vision has been to blend chaos with peace, noise with harmony, and the ugly with the beautiful.


"A young and dynamic band with a lot of influence of different kind of music, it's no pure stoner rock but also no standard rock band, PURPLE SUNS rock the shit out of your head and this with only four tracks...Baaaammm!!! I think they in a transformation and have not yet discovered their true strength but i'm sure they will do it soon, maybe with the new album...see ya soon my purple firends..."

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

...more dark tunes...


Electric Taurus formed in 2010 as a recording project by Matt and Rob before evolving into a full gigging band.
After various member changes throughout 2010/2011, the line up settled down with Mauro Frison (Alternative 4) on the drum stool.
In April 2011, Rob left the band to move to England. Over the next 4 months, Matt and Mauro kept on writing songs as a duo and came up with a totally new set of gloomier and doomier songs.
September 2011 saw James Lynch joining the band as bass player. Matt then took up vocal duties and this formation started the recording of their first E.P.
In May 2012, Electric Taurus was offered a record deal for their first album by Italian indie label Moonlight Records. The album Veneralia was recorded in July and will be released mid-October.
The band is heavily influenced by both the giants of the 60s and 70s (Black Sabbath, Hendrix, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Deep Purple) and the underground bands of the same era (Buffalo, Leaf Hound, Iron Claw, Primevil, Hard Stuff, Captain Beyond).
All this retro fuzz music is then blended with the 90s Monster Magnet, Sleep, Soundgarden, Kyuss, Electric Wizard and Orange Goblin.

get it here
"This first EP will heat up your blood, great riffs and powerful sound is guaranteed. A big spectrum of different styles of the good known Stoner Rock world...a really great album and a must have for all Stonerheads out there!Enjoy!!"

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