Thursday, September 27, 2012

...cobra news...

Sound of Cobra are really happy to announce that the Lp split between Expo’70 and Ancient Ocean is out!

After the onesided released some months ago the Missouri based multi-instrumentalist Justin Wright releases for Sound of Cobra a split lp with the new yorker avant rock guitarist Ancient Ocean.

listen to this great Split at bandcamp
buy it here

Justin Wright / Expo 70 for this 12″ keeps his psych drone space attitude mixed with kraut influences. Hanging the guitar at the wall in a corner, he recorded a great moog impro (using OPUS 3 and Realistic): a tranquil ambient soundtrack, dreamy as tangerine dream can be, perfect for a space journey, somewhere else near the stars, far far away from this earth we live on; a warm texture keeps us in vacuum place and no rythms come to bring us back to the reality. Listening to it, we thought there´s a magic place somewhere and we wanna find it and go there: but now, we just enjoy this 20mins Justin made for us.
The other side is for the brooklyn based musician John Bohannon aka ANCIENT OCEAN: hailing from the American South, he has howned a unique style of blissed-out amibent/drone meets americana-rooted psychedelia. The spaceship we were on slowly turns into a submarine and from the outer space we quicly dive into a deep ocean made of guitar loops and samples, listening to it we feel lost in a mix of cold and warm currents and dark shadows swim all around. Nice to be here!

The split comes out in 500 copies and it’s in collaboration with our friends of NO=FI Recordings and it’s released in occasion of their first european tour.

"A really interesting project of this two band' have a really big range of music and i think a lot of people will like this split because it's a little bit from everything in it...i hope i get the chance to see them live on their first tour...enjoy this great album and also check out other bands of SOUND OF the mighty DEAD ande other possible band's here"

Big thanks to Ricky 
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Monday, September 24, 2012

...take a little breeze of spine chilling...


Spine Chilling Breeze were formed in the spring of 2011 by Achilles (guitar) and Stavros (bass) as a cover band. With the entrance of Gregory (drums) and Bill (vocals) the band was ready to work on its own music.
In order to introduce themselves in public, in the autumn of 2011 recorded and in early 2012 released "promo 2012" with 2 tracks. Having received encouraging reviews from the media, in the spring of 2012 they began recordings for their first full length release, this demo "milky way".
The recording was made by Spine Chilling Breeze except vocals, which were recorded by Chrysafis Tantanozis. The mastering sessions took place at Grindhouse Studios in Athens.

get it on their homepage for free

"A very nice sound from this Greece dude's...anywhere between the 1000mods and Black Label Society Sine Chilling Breeze has found their own little world of sound. The best song's on the actually album for me are "Sweet Heresy" and  "Something from Nothing" but also the the other songs are rockin yur socks try this at home!!!"

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Saturday, September 22, 2012 magic...

Doom Metal

In an age when music tends towards the derivative, the mechanical, the over-produced, Black Magician cast their attention backwards, and then back some more. The result of many a long discussion in country pubs, and long rambles through the more isolated areas of the English countryside, they formed through mutual appreciation of 70s prog, eerie folklore and a good real ale.

While they confess to being just as influenced by the late 60s British folk scene as by the old guard of Heavy Metal and Doom, there’s no hippy-drippy philosophising here. Black Magician’s ideology is firmly rooted in the sinister. The brooding landscape of Arthur Machen, the haunted countryside of M.R. James is where they reside most contentedly.
Black Magician distance themselves from the current trend for pseudo-occult rehashed doom posturing and clich├ęd horror film imagery. What you can expect is something much more sincere, a genuine fascination with the darker side of British history.

Monolithic cosmic-nod-inducing riffs, swirling Hammond organ and dark acoustic passages are the ingredients in this alchemical brew, the resulting concoction a grim incantation, an ode to anti-urbanism, a very English darkness.Attached is the press release and there's a bit more info at...

listen and

Big thankls to Lee 

"a really interesting album with up's and down's...check it out"

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Friday, September 21, 2012

...wuff wuff...

Stoner Metal

This are Wolfshead. This is a hard rock band from Fleet, Hampshire, UK who play together since in the Autumn 2012 simply to jam hard rock tunes. 
They like to smash hard rock and doom together to create a delightful noise they like it to call Garage Doom - high energy, groove, and screaming fuzzed-up riffs melting together amidst a blaze of burning rage.
 Imagine the sound of The Hellacopters, Goatsnake, Red Fang, and High on Fire, piled up in a stolen muscle car with Dopesmoker blasting out of the stereo, 
being driven into a brick wall at 100 miles per hour: a sonic explosion of colossal magnitude. Listen to their EP "Wolfshead"

Catch the

Get the single "Sword of Fire" here

"What the Hell is going on... Huge waves of heavy tunes straight in my brain...really cool debut album from this UK dudes...enjoy this great sound and also check out the new song "Sword of Fire"stay tuned..." 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The Conspiraters
Heavy/Psych Rock

"A great young band with a lot of good ideas...heavy 70'is influenced rock with great lick's and solo's like Jack White from the White Stripes and also a lot of psych parts...the voice rocks too also i think it's a nice live band...check them out!"

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

...the COJONES are back...


Four guys, no desert, only cactus and music... Started a couple of years ago, played with some of our favourite bands- Umor, Bastinado, Ruiz, Good day to die.. Survived the first tour Mammoth March through Europe luckily with brain damage only, and the Sunrise tour in 2009 with Umor. After successful tours in Europe and some big show's like Stoned from the Underground 2012 they are on tour again this fall.

In their bags a great new album called "Bend To Transcend"...a royal album of finest stoner rock and great favourite album for this last hot summer 2012. Check out their tourdates and see COJONES live and rare...this dude's are fucking amazing!!!


Name your price for this great split with UMOR here

Get this masterpiece here

The last album "Bend to Transcend" is a killer album with almost fat & holy songs on it..."Tide" the powerful Hymn with a touch of Truckfighters..."Colour" the groovy and tight sound gives you a hit in your face...baaamm..."Shaman" this heavy sludge riffing song is one of my favourites..."Chagitza" a mighty song with a real earfucking refrain (It's the "Prozac" of this album)..."Hey Baby" let groove your brains...a voice like Dave Wynedorf...a really nice party song...if that's allowed ...
a real killer album!!!

Buy this!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

...touch my soul...


SOUL THIEF formed in 2009 when Robert Mathews joined Stuart Barton & Marcus Gage for some sessions they had been working on.

An immediate creativity was sparked with haunting etherial vocals and mighty pounding bass grooves. Guitars ripping up those riffs and shredding supernovae solos while drums thump like rocks being split as the band bring pieces to the brink of Armageddon and then lay them down again with sweet soul kisses.

Out of this union a music emerged that they referred to as Space Funk - mix of heavy psychedelic stoner space rock with the odd unusual time signature and a smooth aftertaste.


Listen and get "Funk City Revolutions" here or here

"buja...what a fat album...great solo's...psychy tunes and real trippy sound atmosphere...get your brain smashed from this awesome band...a band with a big future!"

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...trippy new york...

Psych Rock/Progressive

"This Brooklyn three piece drones and trips their way through psychedelic acid rock based tunes like the old doors or the new Vibravoid. Traveling Circle comes together in a beautiful mash of spaced out influences but also old well-tried riffs like black sabbath with a bit of surf rock influences . Song's like "Forest Floor" are really smooth and have this certain something...also "Note Drops" are a really heavy my opinion they are a better band-instrumental because the vocals sometimes are to conspicuously and drown important parts. On the whole, a wonderful album with plenty of good stuff...enjoy it here and order your own LP here.


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Thursday, September 13, 2012

...time for a interview...

A interview with the singer 
"Bill Brown" of the german stoner rock band "Bushfire"

Let's talk about Bushfire how would you describe your sound?

Well the sound is a good mix of rock and blues along with other various musical elements.

A new album is expected us what is waiting for us and when will it be available?

2013. we have a great solid base and i believe "diversity" is the core of this album. since we began in 2004 we had a plan. we have overcome that with great success, now the songs we are writing all have their own path and i believe the BF sound is what marries them all together. but in the end (you) the listener will be the judge of that. 

Let us talk about the last BUSHFIRE/WIGHT tour did you enjoy the time? What can

you say about the band WIGHT and which compound has bushfire tied to this band. And what the fuck mean’s “Malaka”?

We all enjoy the time we spend together, it is a true brotherhood. some bands you can tour with and you are friendly to another but with all the M.O.T.U. tours we are FAMILY. everyone is taking care and watching for the other... when we tour together i see it as 1 big band giving you the viewer a larger spectrum of sound for the evening. in DA the town is small enough that everyone knows everyone from mostly all types of bands. if you are a musician here then you've been in many beds... oops bands.
malaka is a greek word and that's all i'm allowed to say (or i have to kill you)  

Which song of yours do you like playing live the most?

The song at the moment are all the new ones coming, like "dream" or "elephant" as far as things already released i would say "useless" or "nwo33".

What moment or concert do you think was the highlight of your rockcareer until now?

The highlight is easy. i'm 40 and been doing this for a while now. my highlights are those (bookers) who make our time on the road very comfortable and they make the effort to go out of the way to show it. for example freakvalley or WDS or SFTU. i guess the best was SFTU only because we were the first to play and then we could party for the next 3 days with all the people we met over time. what a nice family of freaks!

Do you remember the first record you owned? If yes, can you still listen to it without feeling ashamed?

The first record i bought was "thriller" and i can still listen to it. but in all actuality my mother had a good collection of LP's ranging from sugarhill to the doors to hank to the bee gees to rush. secondly, american radio was the shit in the early/mid 70's. i think i have a vast openminded musical ear.

Which type of music or band do you think is so bad that it should be prohibited?

The only music to prohibit is music without HEART. and i believe everyone can hear what that is. i'm not going to be specific because i believe it is all our own personal choice what we like and don't like. 

Whats your favourite albums in this year 2012?

Hmmm i've been listening to the green/yellow from baroness and orangegoblin at the moment. but my highlight was hearing siguria at sftu (i guess thats not from 2012 but i never heard of them before and they blew me away and of course Wight not only for the kick ass fusion of jazz and rock music but also because i'm on it as well for a track or two. (under my real name)

Last and most important question: Which advice can you give all the young and unknown singers/songwriters out there?

Do what you do with heart, and do it for yourself. DIY is not a bad thing and as long as you do it for the right reasons, people will notice your heart.

Thank's for this nice words...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

...Stoner straight from indonesia...

Experimental Stoner Rock
you allready post it thanks again
The 2nd solo ep's is it called Tommy Maran "Get Value 3.0" He played mostly all instrument except drums in this ep, a realy colorful and big spectreted album with up's and down's. Most of all a good peace of heavyness and groovenes.


Also enjoy the post the project "Drybox" here

"A nice production with a lot of magic moments and really fuzzy riffs with a really nice sound...enjoy this hot shit!!"

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Thursday, September 6, 2012 some retro vegetables...

Toady i will show you a solo project of a crazy dude from germany, he creates sound worlds of the finest somewhere between ├śresund Space Collective and the style of old movie's and sound sample's of daily life...not everything is meant but some song's are really interesting and arouse curiosity what is yet to come.
Bewildering parts, playful atmosphere's, broken dream's, crazy songwriting...just different.
Enjoy and support him on his Facebook page and download his album's for free on bandcamp.

Get "Schadenfreude" here

Get "Tom mit de Bon Style" here

Get "Mc Goyle Style" here

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

...some dark tunes...

Funeral Marmoori 

FUNERAL MARMOORI released their debut album, creatively called “Volume 1” in 2011. This review is all about it. According to the Metal Archives they play Progressive Doom Metal, but I would say they are more traditional. Just listen to the first track “Funeral Marmoori”, I wouldn't call this progressive. The sound of “Volume 1” seems more 70ies Sabbath influenced with some doom passages. Like their colleagues DOOMRAISER, who I've written about a few days ago, FUNERAL MARMOORI are some doom guys and a doom girl from Italy. 

The first time I listened to this album I was not very keen about it, to be honest. Not very innovative and even for a doom band some riffs are repeated pretty often. More variety within the songs would suit them well. But the thing which really annoyed me were most of the keyboard parts. On some songs (especially 1st, 2nd track) the keyboard really ruins the song. Like some guitar parts the keyboard passages repeat themselves very quickly, but are unfortunately more intrusive. Too much in the foreground if you ask me. 

Get a some tracks here

I would not go as far to call FUNERAL MARMOORI a bad band. If you give the a second run, you'll recognize that they do have their moments on this album. Like the 3rd track “Drunk Messiah” and the 5th track “Black Rooster”. At least these two songs sound like respectable compositions. The rest of the matierial... even if there are good parts, there are also flaws which ruin the songs or make them a boring listening experience. FUNERAL MARMOORI have potential, but we have to wait for later albums to fully reveal it. IMHO you can skip this debut album. 

Text by Erhard F. 

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

...great mix of nice moments...

Stoner Rock
U.S.A. in the quality control of stonerhead...
Disastroid from the hot and spicy
city San Francisco with a bag full of great stuff...the self-titled album starts with a classical stoner sound like Q.O.T.S.A, Fu Manchu or a little bit like Mondo Generator...the song is named "Sunshine"... jarrr properly a smile in my face, the next song is called "Room in my Head"...a really smooth song with a exciting atmosphere and a cool structure..."Money and Guilt" comes with more speed and let groove my brain to me then "Gamera" comes out of my stereo unit...groovy and a little bit more aggressiveness...

"Eternal Home" sounds like a good song of Iguana but with the personal touch of Disastroid of course..."Happy Channel" remind me on a mix of Brain Police and Jack Black and some slower Slayer parts but i like this Song...pure Josh Homme riffing out of this band supported by a powerful voice...awesome...

The grande finale dude's and duderina's...a song to relax and to rock with some incomprehensible sound samples...great ending.


get it here

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

...gang bang...


BBQ and BEER addicted heavyweights.
Bang Bangalow rock your ass since 2008. 
Moulded by different musical experiences - 
death metal grindcore hardcore post-rock. 
Common goal: playing hard, heavy and dirty RNR 
with the most genuine attitude as possible. 
Writing songs and having fun, in a few months time BB rock the stage.
They play with the likes of Dalek, Clutch, Cripple Bastards… and more to come.
After a dirty'n loud recording basement demo, BB decide to enter the studio to record 5 songs under the production of the mighty Billy Anderson 
(Melvins, Alabama Thunderpussy, Cathedral, Neurosis, 16, Brutal Truth...).
Hard rock, southern rock, metal, blues, guitar hero shit - 
mud up to your bloody knees.
many and schizophrenic influences - Kickass with NO restriction.

get it here

"Loris, Demir, Mark and Uber are unwashed and exceptional male like their music...the five track album "No Job" includes classical stoner riffs paired with a lot of heavy rock and blues rock. The fast forward voice do the rest thereby creates these amazing and dirty and put up the volume...because it's good for you!!!"

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