Sunday, September 16, 2012

...the COJONES are back...


Four guys, no desert, only cactus and music... Started a couple of years ago, played with some of our favourite bands- Umor, Bastinado, Ruiz, Good day to die.. Survived the first tour Mammoth March through Europe luckily with brain damage only, and the Sunrise tour in 2009 with Umor. After successful tours in Europe and some big show's like Stoned from the Underground 2012 they are on tour again this fall.

In their bags a great new album called "Bend To Transcend"...a royal album of finest stoner rock and great favourite album for this last hot summer 2012. Check out their tourdates and see COJONES live and rare...this dude's are fucking amazing!!!


Name your price for this great split with UMOR here

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The last album "Bend to Transcend" is a killer album with almost fat & holy songs on it..."Tide" the powerful Hymn with a touch of Truckfighters..."Colour" the groovy and tight sound gives you a hit in your face...baaamm..."Shaman" this heavy sludge riffing song is one of my favourites..."Chagitza" a mighty song with a real earfucking refrain (It's the "Prozac" of this album)..."Hey Baby" let groove your brains...a voice like Dave Wynedorf...a really nice party song...if that's allowed ...
a real killer album!!!

Buy this!

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

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