Monday, March 31, 2014

...the art of sludge...

Stoner/Psych Rock

"Lofty riffs floating amongst fluffy clouds pour bursts of flavor creating the ultimate iTunes visualizer. Fluorescent atmosphere combines with 50 shades of groove to bring faith back into the power of instrumental stoner rock. Apt comparisons cannot be denied ranking along the lines of Karma to Burn.

Almost tribal like drum blasts intensify the already psychedelic vibe. Feeling of rapture levitating the mind into a whirlwind of excitement. Soaring amongst the highest kites, Brunt electrify the auditory senses with riff after riff and groove after groove.


"Brunt do not only have a graphic artist who does a great job concerning their cover and promotion, they also function as a ingenious instrumental band with a cool jam atmosphere. I like the beginnings of the songs a lot which are very innovative and then turn into the main groove. The solos gave the instrumental music a content and so the guys always guarantee fresh input. Boredom is definitely not to hear, the whole album comes groovy and fat...thumbs up again for another great band from the UK."


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Friday, March 28, 2014

...mangy and spooky good music...


Doctor Cyclops is a seventies-style power trio playing heavy rock music inspired by a vintage sound, eldest son of glorious Balck Sabbath and of other more underground heroes from the 70ies and early 80ies such as Truth and janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Witchfinder General. Even later and more modern references are warm-vintage style ones: Witchcraft, Firebird, Cathedral, Spiritual Beggars just to say some.

The project was born in 2007 in Oltrepo in a small village called Bosmenso, in the middle of the Appennino mountains. A place where winters are long and quite often really cold. Former members are Christian Draghi (guitar and vocals) and Francesco Filippini (bass), childhood friends who try to push by with their passionated love for music and good riffs. 

Doctor Cyclops’ music is an obscure kind of heavy old style rock, its groove made by a miscellanous heap mix of influences, which go from the progressive to the doom stuff played with a raw and dusty wish.


"Here‘s a new record of the weird and funny stoner band "Doctor Cyclops!Awesome and varied riffs as well as a dark occult atmosphere will await you! The strange album artwork fits to the music like a fist in a face and also the booklet has some really cool pictures in it - I wonder if there’s also a story behind this mind blowing art. The songs are very colourful and invite you to a grooveful and rythmic mood. The jam character of some songs are really cool, including all the great solos and licks. They again proof a solid and heavy world of good italian heavy/psych rock straight through your living room. Listening to them will definitely be worth your time!"

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

...made out of wood,earth and bones...


You literally had to expect something extraordinary as well as impressive from this band from Salzburg/Austria and even people who are not in the know (yet) should quickly be made rejoice with excitement by this exalted showcase of musical extremes. OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US sits comfortably between the chairs and especially through this fact they create a mood that other bands often lack completely. Intense Spiritual Music is the label that was chosen by OSDOU themselves. There are tons of bands on this globe that are easier to discribe than OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US are, one who spends his time with Sludge/Core bands such as NEUROSIS, CROWBAR, ISIS, CULT OF LUNA or also older SLEEP is likely to enjoy this. Despite all this these bands and the comparisons connected to them are not completely exact.
Also, only a few will remember the first tries of OSDOU in form of the 2 track EP Breathe from 2000, and as you can easily imagine, a lot has changed since then, which is partly due to the logical development but which can traced back to the changed line-up on the other hand. Apart from guitarist, vocalist and founding member Mucho (ex-SOULSEARCH/MY MIDNIGHT
SUN) you will find to other SOULSEARCH heroes in the lines of OSDOU. After the split of the Doom Metal institution from Austria, Thom
(guitars/vocals) and Hajot (samples/noise) have found a much more appropriate home. Eventually the team is completed by drummer Mani and bassist barth who is known from BELPHEGOR. It is almost scary how homogenously this quintet works.
Wonderful acoustic sounds, pitch-black sound samples, minimum acoustically and the mourning and conjuring vocals of the two singers. The seamless change between the single vocal parts is exemplary and extraordinary.
Rage, sadness, bitterness, suffering and hate are only a part of the emotions that are processed and thus channelled with OSDOU. Besides mighty slow motion guitar walls roll out of the speakers, so that you are hammered into the ground without warning and try in vane to escape this force. The tribal-like drumming, which disappears into the background time and again, unresistingly pulls you deeper and deeper into the dark abyss and thus into the world of OSDOU.
OSDOU set an unignorable sign that can also convince completely sound-wise and should not leave anything to be desired even for pampered ears.
Furthermore another, quite daring decision makes OSDOU unique, as theirrecords will also be released as a vinyl version (in coloured vinyl), perfectly demonstrating the inner closeness to the old-fashioned record.

get it here

"Finally a band appears with a dirty,bloody and muddy face...OSDOU makes the perfect mix of hard sludge, slow doom and atmospheric post rock. Like a sledgehammer they pull out their massive riffs and build an exciting and melancholic mood. Driven by the sick society of our world, pregnant by nature and high on roots of the occult and true music. To the band it is very important to form a unit which can be heard in every song!. Texts to think and melodies to relax are on the agenda. "Painful stories told with a passion for life" is a brilliant example of the band and brings a full spectrum on dark heavy tunes for every one. Groove your hairy heads to this fat grooves of austrias next super wizards, because it's so fucking good for you!!!"!!!"


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Saturday, March 22, 2014



This Stuttgart based 4 piece stoner constellation called Mahat release their LP „Looking for a ride“.

This 12 song construct wants to call desertscapes and whiskey soaked, sun-dried highways it's home.

„Atacama“, the opener starts rolling and groovin' in a pretty direct way. Easy structures for easy listening. Maybe this refrain is played a bit too long but it flows.

„Looking for a ride“ the self titled track of the album. Some nice, nasty blues rock riffs and even the voice is ok.
„Role model education“ isn't that kind of outstanding. A solid track pretty much focused on vocals and that's what i don't like that much. Comparable to tons of other stuff unfortunately.

„Solitude“ sadly continues what started a song earlier. Too much voice and a bit too melodical for my kind of taste. The riffs changing a lot from quite cool stuff to non-innovative 3 chord punk manner.

„Desert Night“. This one is actually pretty cool. Nice acoustic orientaded guitar track.

„Rewind“ really not my style. Sounds a bit insincere to me,I mean it isn't that bad but also not that cool. I'm missing somekind of an own style.
 „Skulls 'n bitches“ is probably the best song of this average record. Fast powerful riffin'...ok, the voice could be reducedfrom loudness (at the whole album) but the rest is ok. Breaking through the average and find it's way to the favorite track of this record.

„Lost“. To be serious i don't like this one but always remember music is subjective so maybe you dig it. Who knows.

There are 4 tracks left. Same manner. Identical structures. Not bad but the peak was done with Skulls 'n bitches. Stays solid but not above average sound pleasures.



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Thursday, March 20, 2014

...High delberg


High n Hell oh again Stonerheads!

GRIT are from Heidelberg / Germany and plays heavy psychedelic rock with a heartfelt jam-based approach to songwriting and perfonmance.
They currently recordet an EP-sized demo, which is freely avbailable in digital form on their homepage!

I never heard from this Band before, so i was very amazed about their first EP.
The Cover itself inspired me to climb up the snowy hills... (no not what you think! …ok maybe on first sight hehe) crap i want to sit up on the top of the Hill and Chill. Flying high with this windy, nature, psychedelic carped ride.

„First of it All“ is the right name for the first track and starts smooth with some nature sounds and melodic guitar playing. After that, a cool ska riff kick up the whole thing and let funk the fuck of.
A Sabbath like riff inlay brings us a awesome break till the next melodic psychedelic guitar orgy starts again. The Drums are very impressing on the whole album and deffinetliy rounds up to the concept.

The second Track is the same scheme but starts more oriental and fuzzed up.
At the middle of „She“ they get a bit harder, and at the end deeper and slower.
A Didgeredoo rings in the end and let us still in this deep nature ambient vortex wich is over the whole EP.
The „Rhizome Dumpster“ is another Chillout Track with smooth melodics and right placed breaks which are perfectly in touch with the growling bass and drums. The Stuff remembers me a little bit on Hypnos69, Tumbleweed Dealer or Colour Haze but like i always said... clearly different :-)
Yeaaaahhhh now fasten up your Seatbelts.... here comes last but not least my favourite Track on this Baby: „Try Zen“

get it here

The experiment goes on... it gets more heavy and doomy, when the song starts.
Some strange sounds and samples show us a panorama of a desert or something. It feels like the sun burns down and the water is out... only the tunes keep us alive for a few minutes. The bassline and drums kicks us back in time. Weired delayed tones leading us the way to the end, but before the Album is over they kick our asses again with some fine Stoner Riffs.

The EP is well-made and for me a really good entry into the Gates of Stonerland!
The whole Project is instrumental and don´t need a Vocalist, it is perfect how it is.
For my opinion their could be more doomy parts like we can hear in „Try Zen“ but for sure thats a question of taste. And there is no Material in the www. Hard to find pics, or any Info about the Band. Thats very sad because, they really show their potential on their first EP.

The mixing and mastering seems to be selfmade and is very good, no barriers for enjoining their sound LOUD!


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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sludgeflesh for breakfast...

Post Hardcore/Sludge

Fleshworld was founded in 2009 in Krak√≥w. At first inspired by The Cure or Deftones, as time went, the music and line-up evolved to finally emerge as “like we’re all equal again”, a debut album
released by Unquiet Records. It is a mixture of post-rock,
post-metal, sludge and many other genres that might bear similarities to bands like Envy, Isis, Cult of Luna, Opeth or Deathpell Omega ...


"A band with a big spectrum of music, ranging from smooth post-rock parts up to dirty and monstrous down tuned slow mo storms of riffs, however all those components are wrapped up in "Like we're all equal again". Song's like "The Infinite, Dust Eater, Hereinafter could not be more different but they all have the free building structure in it. The vocal parts are placed really good and not all the time, which can be seen all too interesting."


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Friday, March 14, 2014

...straight from slovenia...

Stoner Rock/Desert Rock
The band was started by me and our drummer somewhere in the spring of 2012. We didn't really call it a band at that point yet, just two friends jamming together, but when the two of us got ourselves a gig, we decided we'll get serious about it. 
After we finished our second gig, a guy came to us and said he really liked what he heard and asked us if we needeed a singer. We said sure and decided to get a bassist aswell. The new formation began its work in september 2012.

Our first release was published in April 2013, a 3 track demo called Illusions. People liked it, so we countinued with our work. In october 2013 we released the before mentioned Galora Wasteland EP.
Just a few weeks ago though, we decided it's for the band's best if we kick out our signer. It was tough, but a step in the right directon in our opinion.
We're makin instrumental music now, in hopes to find a new singer. 

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"INHIBIS make a calm and smooth sound, but also warm and earthy. Sometimes the pure riff spell hits the band and they march and stomp the groove in your brains...songs like "Hot Rotten Robot and Shit" could convince myself full line. "Good Line Galora" is my favourite track. In my opinion, the band does not necessariy need a singer and vocal parts, I’d rather prefer a pure instumental sound for them!"

big thanks to Matija
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Friday, March 7, 2014

...retro rock has a high...


Killer Moon is a psychedelic journey of three friends throughout the best years and times of our lives, reflected within our music. We are chasing a high mountain one that will enrich our souls, and make us better people and musicians. Our journey is one of love, anger, pain, sweat, and blood. Psychedelic jam band with classic rock and doomy sludge undertones. Extended instrumentals paired with ambient vocals make Killer Moon a must see for anyone looking to expand their mind and musical horizons.
Killer Moon was formed by Jesse Garza, Alejandro Santoyo & Amaris Aviles in the summer of 2007 in Chicago. The group honed in on their sound for about a year before deciding to take their talents to South Florida. Garza, Santoyo and Aviles were in Miami for 2 years playing shows and living under the same roof until the two decided to move back to the Chicago on Thanksgiving in 2010.

Upon their return to the Windy City, Killer Moon started playing shows at a break neck pace. The trio has recently started touring in the Midwest and continues to draw increasingly larger crowds in Chicago.
Killer Moon’s new album was recorded at Semaphore Studios and Electrical Audio with producer and musical wizard Sanford Parker. Self Titled Album was released May 2012 and can be purchased wherever available.

get their stuff  here

"It has been some time ago that a band impressed me this much! I even wrote a message to them to get the possibility to write a review for them ,that means a lot I think. The Retro Wave is coming and bands like Blues Pills, Mud Walk, Vidunder and a lot of others relieve the good old times again...Killer Moon have no reason to hide from bigger bands in this kind of music, they will rock the stages of this planet hard and dirty. With their own style they will charm many people live and hopefully they will release a vinyl. This music makes fun and has a high recognition value, trust me...get your own copy of their great work now!!! Thumbs up!!" 

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Unquiet Records are good for you part 1

SHLGYBT proudly presents the new label cooperation with:

Unquiet Records


Stoner Rock/Stoner Metal

PurpleHaze Ensemble is a Polish band from Cracow. Their earlier incarnation was called simply PurpleHaze and played a relatively simple version of stoner rock. With the new name, new drummer, new synth player, they started experimenting with their sound a little bit – e.g. adding ambient electronica, making the song more interesting, engaging and longer.


get it here 
 big thanks to Tytus 
"PurpleHaze Ensemble's debut album is not for everyone, it's different and maybe even crazy and weird but not bad at all. The best thing is to check it out by yourself, listen to a modern kind of stoner metal with a lot of funny other cool sounds in it. I'm not a big fan of electronic music but I think that it fits to the whole band and to their concept. If you ask me where I should place the tape? I would say somewhere between Nu Metal, Stoner Rock and Stoner Metal...but listen to it and ask your ears..."


"PurpleHaze Ensemble are definitely a band to look out for as they have an exceptional talent. " Sludgelord

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Monday, March 3, 2014

...kneel down for this guys!!!


Grey Czar is a four member tinnitus generating monstrosity that derives its doubtful origin from the shadows of the howling cliffs of the austrian alps. What once started as a reason to retain one's youth by repeating one's follies quickly became an unstoppable machine that slaughters every aspect of modern music.


"The new four tracked album of the mighty stoner/alternative rock formation "Grey Czar" is available now on CD,Vinyl or as digital download on bandcamp. The record is more different and mellow than their debut album. I like to see the development of the band, they form and fiddle on their sound since 2012 and so now they have found a cool own outstanding, original sound , which does not meet the standard. Thats the reason why i like this band so much. . The quality of the record is very professional and comes full and heavy, Roland Hickmann doeas a great job on the vocals again, the riffs are heavy and fat, the solos and licks perfectly adjusted and the bass keeps roillin hard. The drumer as well punches the shit out of his stack. Exactly how it should be...Grey Czar points with a great stage performance and gleam as a good live act. You can see this guys on a show of SHLGYBT on 7.march together with the Black Rainbows in Salzburg at the MARK. On the whole I can only recommend „The Men Who Harvest The Sea“ is not only for long-established stoner rock listeners, this record will appreciate the whole family including your grandmother and her cat. My favourite track on this album:All"


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