Monday, March 3, 2014

...kneel down for this guys!!!


Grey Czar is a four member tinnitus generating monstrosity that derives its doubtful origin from the shadows of the howling cliffs of the austrian alps. What once started as a reason to retain one's youth by repeating one's follies quickly became an unstoppable machine that slaughters every aspect of modern music.


"The new four tracked album of the mighty stoner/alternative rock formation "Grey Czar" is available now on CD,Vinyl or as digital download on bandcamp. The record is more different and mellow than their debut album. I like to see the development of the band, they form and fiddle on their sound since 2012 and so now they have found a cool own outstanding, original sound , which does not meet the standard. Thats the reason why i like this band so much. . The quality of the record is very professional and comes full and heavy, Roland Hickmann doeas a great job on the vocals again, the riffs are heavy and fat, the solos and licks perfectly adjusted and the bass keeps roillin hard. The drumer as well punches the shit out of his stack. Exactly how it should be...Grey Czar points with a great stage performance and gleam as a good live act. You can see this guys on a show of SHLGYBT on 7.march together with the Black Rainbows in Salzburg at the MARK. On the whole I can only recommend „The Men Who Harvest The Sea“ is not only for long-established stoner rock listeners, this record will appreciate the whole family including your grandmother and her cat. My favourite track on this album:All"


8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints 

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