Friday, March 14, 2014

...straight from slovenia...

Stoner Rock/Desert Rock
The band was started by me and our drummer somewhere in the spring of 2012. We didn't really call it a band at that point yet, just two friends jamming together, but when the two of us got ourselves a gig, we decided we'll get serious about it. 
After we finished our second gig, a guy came to us and said he really liked what he heard and asked us if we needeed a singer. We said sure and decided to get a bassist aswell. The new formation began its work in september 2012.

Our first release was published in April 2013, a 3 track demo called Illusions. People liked it, so we countinued with our work. In october 2013 we released the before mentioned Galora Wasteland EP.
Just a few weeks ago though, we decided it's for the band's best if we kick out our signer. It was tough, but a step in the right directon in our opinion.
We're makin instrumental music now, in hopes to find a new singer. 

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"INHIBIS make a calm and smooth sound, but also warm and earthy. Sometimes the pure riff spell hits the band and they march and stomp the groove in your brains...songs like "Hot Rotten Robot and Shit" could convince myself full line. "Good Line Galora" is my favourite track. In my opinion, the band does not necessariy need a singer and vocal parts, I’d rather prefer a pure instumental sound for them!"

big thanks to Matija
7 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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