Tuesday, December 31, 2013

...tee time...

Instrumental / Acid Rock / Space Rock / Psychedelic Rock/Acid Rock at its best!! 

Two Track's, none of them shorter than 20 minutes, GUITAR SOLOS !! – what else do you need for an excellent trip to your own psychedelic brain, and back to earth?? Let yourself fall into this vortex, maybe you'll find some Organ Sound too, on this tracks. It F---I'N ROCKS!! 

A Minor Jam 
E Minor Jam

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Instrumental / Acid Rock / Space Rock / Psychedelic Rock 

Since I’ve discovered the band EARTHLESS, I am a big big Fan! And now, the new album is out. FROM THE AGES is my own favorite release of 2013. Psychedelic Brain shredding songs, with the orgasmic final Title Track “FROM THE AGES” - 30:55 minutes of exploding! It is really worth listening to this masterpiece!!

Violence of the Red Se
Equus October 
From The Ages 

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 Psychedelic Rock 

A scary intro turns me into the new AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR album. Then the versatility of the French band comes out. From classical Psychedelic Songs to percussive tracks like “JUNGLE MAN”, this full packed collection gives a nice overview of the band's diversity. The special voice of David Sphaèr'os and the Punk influence the sound includes makes it special as well as interesting! It Oscillates Great!

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Monday, December 30, 2013

...Hola Gringo!!!

Catacomb Records

UK guitar power is what you need! And it's exactly what you get when you listen to these 4 guys from Cleobury Mortimer. Dirty fuzz sounds and dynamic song structures all the way. Their first record „The cold burn“ is a hell of a headnut.
„Decaying Orbit“ is the first round of sword-like riffing, which find it's way to the dephts of your brains. Beware of toxicated ear canal infections in a positive way. Like i said really great accented song structure.
Short break with „Legalise it“. Compareable to „dying into light“ by Danava. Atmospheric 40 seconds but let's go further.
Your stonerhead is grooving? Yeah the reason is „Babylon“. The third killer track on this record and definitely my favorite.

The staccato sound fits quite well. It doesn't get too muddy but still fucking dirty. Cool, innovative transitions, groovy, rolling drums and a great voice. Stoner Metal at it's best. Or better Midland heaviness at it's best.
Hard to top that. Probably that's the reason why „The void“ didn't kicked me that much but it's a solid track anyway.
The second bridge arrives with „The Journey“. Spheric, somekind of a futuristic depressive mood which leads you to the right start point for „Curiosity“, the next 5 min piece with somekind of tragical not to say apocalyptic sense.
Same phenomenon with „Transmission“, the short introduction for „The cold burn“.
Head-shaking-time. Beside the heaviness there's always a great melodical aspect on it. And definitely worth to mention at this point, the solo at the end.

After another short introduction the tenth track „High Times“ arrives. Still grooving, but also in exactly the same manner like before. For my taste the beginning is a bit too focused on the vocals but ok who cares. And also they start the typical big-balls-riffing at 3:30min...from this point, it's brilliant.
„You stay“ heavy stuff...starts really doomy. Appreciated that a lot. Then they turn into some heroic let's-clench-fists parts, what was ok because they find their way back to the more focused doom part from the beginning.
„The great provider“ is in the same manner as the short introductions but this time a bit more harmonical. Floating, beautiful background with vocals, followed by the last raise your hands for the big end called „No way back“.

I even would say one of the best tracks on this record. Perfect mixture between in-your-face-riffs and fuck-you-all-melodies. Soph Day from Alunah does guest vocals in this brilliant closing track.
All in all a great debut album. Let's see what comes next from these guys.
Definitely worth a listening! 


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Saturday, December 28, 2013


Perro Malo
Hard Rock/Stoner Rock
Go Down Records

High n Hell again oh Stonerheads!

“USELESS” is Perro Malo second release with this EP the band joins the “Go Down” family. Perro Malo was born in 2007 from the ashes of “Sartana” and “Doctor Doom” with the idea of playing a new kind of stoner rock. His garage/punk and dark aptitude mixed with a certain nostalgia for some items of rock and hardcore 80's, takes the band out of the gigantic atmospheres of the desert rock to come to more linear and fast compositions, fit for his aptitudes. Perro Malo reaches bot, a melancholic and a ironic punk sound with some stoner ambition leading to the bands first full- length “New tricks for old dogs” for the british label CoPro Records. I am really happy to hold this EP in my hand for a review. Those Guys could get legendary! It starts smooth n groovy with "Somethin Wrong" and after the first 20 seconds, they get it on! Great vocals over awesome sounding riffs and a great drumer which rounds up the crew and brew. At first the voice rememberd me on Hermano and the other stuff from Mr. Garcia, but the sound is clearly different! 
Garage or Post Rock with a little bit punk and some kind of stoner stuff is the magic mixture.. The whole Album has a huge "Hit" or earworm factor and turns on, tunes in and drops out. "Useless" is a wonderfull track, and for sure the right one for the album title. The part "useless to say you gotta work until you die" shows up their opinion! There are five cachy tracks from about 3 to 5 minutes, also well preperated to play it LOUD! A good arranged tribute to Lou Reed (the Velvet Underground) is up there too, called "Vicious". (Tribute because there is a difference for me between a straight cover or a tribute, and this one is an awesome omage to the lord of the brown sugar drown sound.) "Somethin Deosn´t Work" starts with a more clean reefer tone and gets a little bit weird at the end. And thats good! Some spaced up wah guitars and chaos breaking through. The vocals are"out of control" till the whole thing gets back in time, and chills you back after you have pushed the repeat button. The album is short but for me a really good entry to the doors of perception! It´s like Iggy Pop going stoner rock or something. If they polish up the cover and the packaging they would get even more respect for this gift. On the other hand, the cover reminds me on a 7" Vinyl with only a sheet of paper in a plastic cover and the cd in there. From this sight it is awesome but not good to handle. However, it is just the promo disc which I am holding in my hands, and in the end, only or mostly the sound counts, and this is really well done here. The mixing and mastering could be better. Every Stonerhead who love straight Hard / Post / Garage Rock with a Iggy Garcia note and a piece ot desert rock from the early years will enjoy it! 



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Friday, December 27, 2013

...small stone...big bands!!!


We proudly present the latest and freshest releases of the fine label of  SMALL STONE


Wreaking havoc with their forth Small Stone release, Sasquatch lead the way with their fiery brand of rock n' roll. Drawing on influences from 70's metal, rock, and psychedelia, the band falls somewhere between an amalgamation of Black Sabbath, old Soundgarden, Deliverance-era Corrosion of Conformity, Mountain, and a bastardized version of Grand Funk Railroad. Their songwriting approach is clear; keep the focus on the hook. The band was formed in Los Angeles in 2001 by Philadelphia transplant Keith Gibbs (guitar, vox) and Detroit natives Rick Ferrante (drums) and Clayton Charles (bass). Upon Clayton’s departure in 2007, the guys recruited Chicagoan Jason Casanova (ex-Tummler, Volume) to join the fold.

The band’s music has been featured on a variety of movies and television shows including the reissue of Clerks, FX’s original hit series Sons of Anarchy, A&E's Dog The Bounty Hunter, Jersey Girl, CW’s The Supernatural, and MTV’s Viva La Bam, Bam’s Unholy Union, and Rob and Big. They can also be heard on a number of video games including NHL 2005, American Chopper, and Monster Garage.

After shaking some walls with not one, but two, closely packed studio albums (conveniently named Sasquatch I and II) in 2004 and ’06, the power trio went subterranean until 2010 before resurfacing with a new lineup and propulsive third opus (entitled, you guessed it...III), to the relief of many impatient fans and the Small Stone Records Board of Directors.

The band’s newest album “IV” will be released on Small Stone Records in September 2013. What fans will hear is arguably the power trio’s most mature, inspired and diverse song-set to date, chunked with compositional twists, both heartwarmingly familiar and totally unexpected, plus thundering power chords, sizzling solos, shrewd melodic flights and even super-trippy moments – but all of it heavy on the heavy, as they say…always. Unprecedented attention was also devoted to spinning engaging new yarns out of those evergreen rock and roll stories about love lost, hate found, relationships built and lives trashed, homes wrecked, etc. All’s fair in Love and Doom.

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Not that the quartet comprised of vocalist Johnny Lee, guitarist K. Raffah, bassist S. Rebelo and drummer J. Garcia, was born just yesterday.

In fact, Miss Lava has been snapping guitar strings, bashing drum skins, and tearing shins across the floorboards of European stages for half a decade already; having inaugurated their recording endeavors with a self-titled, blood-red vinyl EP in 2008, and quickly followed with their debut full-length album, Blues for the Dangerous Miles, towards the end of 2009.

These precocious portents of pulverizing power – fueled by more mega-riffs than Portugal had spawned since at least the inquisition – quickly gained Miss Lava domestic recognition via Loud Magazine, which named …Dangerous Miles one of the year’s top 5 Portuguese records, backed up by its readers, who also voted them one of the country’s top 5 bands.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

...compilation time...

Check out the nice compilation of this music lover, Jonas has create a nice mixed rock tape via Mos Eisley Music with a lot of cool bands...check this out!!

get it here

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pink is the new Black...

Pinkemical Sunset
 Hard Rock/Prog Rock

Ok, lets get it on... at first it sounds very groovy and funky on "My Woman" with a huge bass sound and after all that, 
BOOM! the vocalist gives a asskick with his voice and starts with the crew the whole thing on.
The vocals are very massive and sounds a little bit like Ragga Reggae or Tribe Metal sometimes. 
Mostly very fat bad ass angry deep voluminous stuff and on the other hand there are sometimes 
cleaner parts with some effects on a few parts.
The whole album is very fuzzy, but for sure not for every Stonerhead i think.
What the track length belongs is all in the lower range with about 3 to 5 minutes.
A Phaser beams Us into "Paranoia", the second track. Some good arranged drum parts gives this track a personal note.
But like all tracks straight, slow, deep, hard and short.
In "Change" they really change the sound, now it gets a little bit more melodic, and some good breaks rounds up the track.
Guitar solos are not really much there... in "Absynth" you can hear one, and even that is more in the background.
The sound is pretty direct and straight. Sometimes the Voice remembers me on Nu-Metal / Alternative stuff or something.
But sounds still like underground Stuff and did not get "commercial" or something.
"Orgasm" starts with a smooth slow clean reefer tone. Some ambient sounds came through too the first time, and the bass sounds awesome here.
the vocals sounds very dirty, like a heroin shot through the microphone.
Time for the next Track "Thought". It was the first time where i really thought on Stoner Doom or Stuff like i expected, but it is still not on it´s best.
I am sure that they have even more potential as we can hear on this Album.
"Deformed" definetly sounds like straight Rock or Alternative track, except of the fuzzy guitar sound. The drums are really cool here.
Grunge or Crossover from the early 90z comes in my mind.
Finally we got i a nice cup of "Tea" It seems like a final Statement where they show that the can do it if they want. A strange brew of various Vocals with
fat fuzzy sounds over nice breaks n fill in´s upon real good drums. The end gets a bit Doomy too. The riffs remembers me sometimes on Spiritual Beggars,
but it´s a very different own sound Pinkemical Sunset has. Very nice Track!
It it my favorite Track on this Album, because here is all i expected from a Stoner track.


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Thursday, December 19, 2013

...spooky tunes and a lot of dunst...


Dunst met each other for the first time in 2009, also the band was founded in this year. After having already played some gigs nearby Berlin, they finally recorded their first album at big snuff studios, which was given the name „Dunst“. In 2012, the 2nd album „Archimedes Waffen“ followed, which is also a basic element in the liveshows. Dunst does a great work on their instruments and keep the songs work well, however especially the mood fits the whole album. Just like the artwork also the songs convey a sacred thing. Personally I think, that the sound and the song's are very epic and enthralling for an instrumental band, as it is hard to make music without vocal parts (if you don’t want your listeners to be bored). Concerning the influences, it is clearly some kind of a Krautrock band like early rock bands (60´s & 70´s Can, Kraan, Rush, Agitation Free, Camel, 2066 And Then, Cream.) I’m really looking forward to see them live in the near future...



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Vintage Cucumber from Germany/Berlin do a very weird sound, they mix a lot of samples with many effects,loops,randoms and other psychful modular special effects. "Yoki Style" has a lot of ...I call them once noisy songs...sometimes spooky and strident and then on the other hand very reassuring and peaceful(maybe my mum can do a meditation and swim with some dolphins in the sea and become a mighty turtle whisperer)but also some really cool tracks with fixed structures you can find on this record. Song's like "Das Mönchsgebrabbel" or "Alles in Butter"(A very funny song with 80's mood and it reminds me on the band "The Wooden Ships"). Enjoy the album and have fun...and get a good old german krautrock mood...


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Monday, December 16, 2013

motor mammoth

Stoner Metal

Dirty, melodic clean parts and gorgeous solos with full collated Stoner Metal, Death n Roll Stomps will let your Head bang automatically.
But it has still the opportunity to chill back and relax.
The "Intro" itself would be the best trailer for the whole album.
Oriental grooves and ambient "stereo pan effects" let you slide from A to B and from the middle back with a steam hammer straight to the first/second
track "The Kraken" to drain the steam.
The vocals have a wide range from dirty clean sound, to well arranged long drawn elements, to light digestible growls and screams.
Sometimes the vocal parts sounds like they send it through a full up-tuned guitar amp.
"Seven Witches" starts with some kind of octaver or doubled guitars. The bass, whitch is the most of time in harmony with the other instruments,
tempt to tune up your fuzzy muzi stereo-equipment. Here you get a load of aggression which reminds of the "Vulgar Display of Power" punch from "Pantera".
Maybe it sounds strange, because they are not in the same genre, but I can´t get it out of my mind. 
Other Bands like Stoneghost, Monster Magnet, Cathedral, Orange Goblin or Chrome Division come into my mind, but it's definitely the right time 
to say that they are still from another strain! They make their own thing and classify a own herd of Mammoths without being like their namesakes.
The best example for all this is "The Night of the Living Dead" with their fill ins, Anselmo sounding vocals and double time kick ass parts.
Who supposed tho hear some sludgy doom 'cause of their namesakes, will be surprised with a strange brew of straight avant-garde hard rock, 
a little piece of sludge doom and a big hand full of stoner sound of first grade!
I write "Hard Rock" because it reminds me sometimes a little bit of "The Atomic Bitchwax". 
It has some huge metal sounding tunes and did not get too fuzzy (if this is even possible :-)
On the other hand we don't wanna miss the fuzzy sound, like we can hear it on next track "the Snatcher in the Rye". 
Fat riffs and breaks are on the right place and tons of kick ass parts are given - LIKE IT SHOULD BE!
Intros from old Films and melodic "Interludes" turnes the album into a special journey.
In "Night of the living Dead" the Drums lead in round NR. 6. 
The fuzzy riff says "fasten your Seatbelts" and let's start the Hell of a Ride.
Awesome arranged breaks and more fuzzy, droning guitars let the sound become more doomy.
The guitar-weather is awesome on the whole album.
It scores with well placed fill-ins, polished guitar licks, to the point of groovy-clean sounding parts at the end, 
which reminds me of "Kyuss" on some tracks. 
Some good placed studio effects let enjoy you the solos in stereo on your hi-fi unit. The whole album is a very well done debut-album! 
Hats off friends of folk music! What a great work!
Most of you all Stonerheads out there, I promise that you will have fun with this work!
So don´t expect "soft" Stoner Rock or some psychedelic stuff.
It's much heavier and like a "doomed n stoned up punch" into your face, with a voice like Phil Anselmo.
The next track "Vampire Kiss" is a short-length track, but the lenhth is very well used and the gas-pedal is still pulled to the limit.
Ok, heads..if you still haven´t turned up the volume, so I'm sure that you'll do it NOW at least! You will feel the good vibrations from the buzzing bass.
In "The Man you Never See" the engine starts with spaced up wah-wah effects. 
After this one you'll cruise down the streets with a bottle of whiskey in your GTO till the gasoline is empty! 
After i got twisted by a "Cry Baby" in "Down on me" I felt relaxed the first seconds. 
Here they changed the speed and shift the gear one step down, but it still keeps the heaviness.
The singer crys his lyrics out of his soul and the guitar melodies follow him clearly. 
Faszit:The last track says it all "Don´t wrestle with the Mammoth" except you are in the same weight class!
Those guys from Germany show, that they have found another way to play "Stoner Metal" without following the footsteps of other Mammoths.
The only thing I've missed was the ear-worm-factor. 
But after listening to it a several times the earworm crashed into my brain!
I'm already looking forward to the next material and till this happens, I will enjoy the first "Masterpiece".
Text by Dave


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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Holy Couple Live Review...


Tuesday, the 26th of november. Sitting in the 8mm bar. Smoking some joints, drinking some beers. Meanwhile chilean super psychs „The Holydrug Couple“ have prepared their equipment for a space odyssee which has no equal. 10pm. Heading over to the bassy cowboy club a few meters away. Always a good feeling to go into the dark, smoke-soaked air. Beer covered grounds sometimes inclusive. You can imagine this brilliant bar in „From dusk till dawn“? So now you got it. Two people on stage and a small crowd in front of them. Delta Love. A berlin based lo-fi garage band which blow your mind by repetetive, delayed guitar-playing and constant, basic drumming. Two voices. Really melodic and dreamy. Reminds a bit of „Night Beats“ and „Sic Alps“.
They played a set of let's say 40min. Not sure about that. The green stuff had found it's way so better don't bet on that. Anyway. They left the stage with satisfied listeners in front of them. Great job!
After a quite long break, the four guys from chile started filling the room with some fuzz-inhaled, echoing tunes.

It took a while until they set up the equipment so there was just enough time to prepare yourself physically, by rolling it up. Right then they started. The soundscape these guys produce is hard to compare. A big but smooth door of harmonic embracing with some trip adventures. Not one bad thing you could tell about it. They not just even performed their songs as good as on tape, what seems to be a big deal for some bands...they even filled it with some really creative impros. Especially in these parts you were confronted with 70's psych, not to say krautrock elements, which kicked my stoned ass. „Hallogallo“, „Weissensee“ or „Negativland“ by „Neu“ is what these jam parts sound like. Here also to say the bass sometimes can't get more groovy, the guitar can't sound more acid-filled, the keyboard can't reach more harmonic and the drums won't get much more impressive. Produced, improved, ready for consuming! Sounds like somekind of a Timothy Leary advertising but why not. „Acid is the topic, acid is the music“.

And then, after playing a genious set probably more than an hour, they trapped inside the longest and best improvised jam part. I'd say around 20...maybe 30 minutes...Not really different to the other shorter ones in the songs before but more energetic and lazy in the same time. Not even technical above average skills but creative as fuck! Guitar universe melting into liquid keyboard sunrises combined by bouncing bass horisons...flowing together into repetetive, wave-like drumming.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

...stoner metal straight from buenos aires...

Buenos Aires
Stoner Metal






get it here
 Manthrass makes a nice mix of old school hard rock, a little bit stoner metal and a big Argentinian attitude like their country people of Dragonauta, Los Natas and Buffalo.
The song's are very simple at the composition but they are still working good.
For the first release they do not have to hide because the album works great with the writing and all together.
Looking forward for the next releases of this band. Thumb up!!!

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

Friday, December 6, 2013

...a legendary show...

LIVE @ the go bananas rehearsal room

27. October was a cold, dark and moonful night...on this spontaneous evening the mighty VIDUNDER from Sweden were seeking accomodatiuon at the rehearsal room of my friends the GO BANANAS (Stoner/Psych Rock) and there they played a V.I.P special concert for just 15 people, the mood was very relaxed and uncomplicated.
The funny thing was that I already had the tape for two weeks in the repeat mode, when suddenly my phone was ringing and I got the invitation for this great underground show which perfectly fitted my unplanned evening: So i started to drive... After a longer time finally a concert that really moved me...it is not selfish of me to say this, because after numerable concerts and festivals it is simply not that easy to impress me.
However, these swedish guys had rocked my ass with a perfect show, with a good sound(the personal one) and some great songs!!! The stylistic influences of their sound are warm and organic: Old amps and old instruments adorn the long-haired band, moreover they theoir own sound, nevertheless very similar to Graveyard. With this performance they conquered my ear and I can only recommend to book this nice guys to your hometown! Big thank's to Hubert,Wolfmaster, Cheesy,Max and Aki for the hospitality, the whole band VIDUNDER for the cool promotion package and their funny german tour companion.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

...more brutal tunes...

Stoner / Psychedelic/ Doom

Here comes the Quartet Dӕthlust from Germany / Solingen with their Album THE DELIVERER. My first impression was a fat and broad guitar sound, with a nice fuzz. A kind of rough voice, reminds me in parts of bands like “Sons of Otis” or “Hangman's Chair”. But Dӕthlust's singer Mike, has got a quite independently sound. Not easy to get used to this, but somehow impressive.
The Tracks on THE DELIVERER are between 4 and nearly 11 minutes of length. Sometimes the Stoner / Doom Sound turns into a bit progressive style, which makes it interesting to listen to the songs. There is nevertheless a straight line through the songs. My personal favorite was the longest Track KOLOSS. Nothing else to say, a solid and well done piece of work.
text by BAM BAM


7 from 10 Stonerheadpoints 

Monday, December 2, 2013

...Brutal as Bruto...

Stoner Rock

„Bruto“, is a band constellation from Santiago, Chile. 4 long-haired guys and a sound a lot of bands dream of for their first record! No big words this time, let’s just get straight to the music: First track, first bomb. Really innovative stuff. The seizmogramm looks like a picasso after these guys have finished their work. Musically a nice mixture of stoner and punk rock. „Icarvs“, the second song begins with a hazy punch directly into your face. This 4 tone riff-monster is followed by some really catchy, rolling beats. Well structured desert rock riffs with solid drums and a cool fuck-you-all-voice. Some guitar impros with a sticky base behind guide you to the end of the track. Hot desert feelings are also coming up their way with „Electroking“. Down the highway with a good load of whiskey in the back and at least one in your hand. Yeah ok, it's the same old thing, but i mean why not?! And also the vocals make it something special. Well done, in my opinion. 4th one. Time to slow down. Also quieter than the other ones. They keep it rolling. Same in „Galopar“. More mid-tempo riffin' to take your mind and roll it into a typical tommy chong joint. Also that seems to be the point where they found their sound. It just soaks you in. The next one continues as brilliant as the last one. So basically the same story, maybe just with the additional the slogan „it's all about the fuzz“. „Odalisca“. Slow and heavy sound wall which starts moving. Now you defintely have to cancel the musical classification from the beginning. No punk at all. Here the self-creation „Fuzzgresivo“ fits really good. Nice to get surprised like this. But that's exactly what i meant. They seem to focus their sound, what really becomes clear in this one. Guitar tunes to fall in love with! Delayed fuzz jam sound...you can't go wrong with this. By far, my favourite track on this record! „Lava“ fits pretty well. It gets faster again. Faster but not less groovier. For all who hoped for a gently ending, Bruto got the right answer: Fuck you! „Taxi shaman“ is definitely the opposite of a sof end. Short, fast, rolling, and no compromises!
4th one. Time to slow down. Also quiter than the other ones. They keep it rolling.
Same in „Galopar“. More mid-tempo riffin' to take your mind and roll it into a typical tommy chong joint. Also that seems to be the point where they found their sound. It just soaks you in.
The next one continues as brilliant as the last one. So same story. Maybe just add the slogan „it's all about the fuzz“.
„Odalisca“. Slow and heavy sound wall which start moving. Now you defintely have to cancel the musical classification from the beginning. No punk at all. Here the self-creation „Fuzzgresivo“ fits really good. Nice to get surprised like this. But that's exactly what i meant. They seem to focused their sound what gets really clearly in this one. Guitar tunes to fall in love with! Delayed fuzz jam sound...you can't go wrong with this. Favorite track on this record! With distance!
„Lava“ fits pretty well. It gets faster again. Faster but not less groovier.
For all who hoped for a gently ending, Bruto got the right answer: Fuck you!
„Taxi shaman“ is definitely the opposite of a softly end. Short, fast, rolling, no compromises! 



8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints