Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Holy Couple Live Review...


Tuesday, the 26th of november. Sitting in the 8mm bar. Smoking some joints, drinking some beers. Meanwhile chilean super psychs „The Holydrug Couple“ have prepared their equipment for a space odyssee which has no equal. 10pm. Heading over to the bassy cowboy club a few meters away. Always a good feeling to go into the dark, smoke-soaked air. Beer covered grounds sometimes inclusive. You can imagine this brilliant bar in „From dusk till dawn“? So now you got it. Two people on stage and a small crowd in front of them. Delta Love. A berlin based lo-fi garage band which blow your mind by repetetive, delayed guitar-playing and constant, basic drumming. Two voices. Really melodic and dreamy. Reminds a bit of „Night Beats“ and „Sic Alps“.
They played a set of let's say 40min. Not sure about that. The green stuff had found it's way so better don't bet on that. Anyway. They left the stage with satisfied listeners in front of them. Great job!
After a quite long break, the four guys from chile started filling the room with some fuzz-inhaled, echoing tunes.

It took a while until they set up the equipment so there was just enough time to prepare yourself physically, by rolling it up. Right then they started. The soundscape these guys produce is hard to compare. A big but smooth door of harmonic embracing with some trip adventures. Not one bad thing you could tell about it. They not just even performed their songs as good as on tape, what seems to be a big deal for some bands...they even filled it with some really creative impros. Especially in these parts you were confronted with 70's psych, not to say krautrock elements, which kicked my stoned ass. „Hallogallo“, „Weissensee“ or „Negativland“ by „Neu“ is what these jam parts sound like. Here also to say the bass sometimes can't get more groovy, the guitar can't sound more acid-filled, the keyboard can't reach more harmonic and the drums won't get much more impressive. Produced, improved, ready for consuming! Sounds like somekind of a Timothy Leary advertising but why not. „Acid is the topic, acid is the music“.

And then, after playing a genious set probably more than an hour, they trapped inside the longest and best improvised jam part. I'd say around 20...maybe 30 minutes...Not really different to the other shorter ones in the songs before but more energetic and lazy in the same time. Not even technical above average skills but creative as fuck! Guitar universe melting into liquid keyboard sunrises combined by bouncing bass horisons...flowing together into repetetive, wave-like drumming.


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