Monday, December 30, 2013

...Hola Gringo!!!

Catacomb Records

UK guitar power is what you need! And it's exactly what you get when you listen to these 4 guys from Cleobury Mortimer. Dirty fuzz sounds and dynamic song structures all the way. Their first record „The cold burn“ is a hell of a headnut.
„Decaying Orbit“ is the first round of sword-like riffing, which find it's way to the dephts of your brains. Beware of toxicated ear canal infections in a positive way. Like i said really great accented song structure.
Short break with „Legalise it“. Compareable to „dying into light“ by Danava. Atmospheric 40 seconds but let's go further.
Your stonerhead is grooving? Yeah the reason is „Babylon“. The third killer track on this record and definitely my favorite.

The staccato sound fits quite well. It doesn't get too muddy but still fucking dirty. Cool, innovative transitions, groovy, rolling drums and a great voice. Stoner Metal at it's best. Or better Midland heaviness at it's best.
Hard to top that. Probably that's the reason why „The void“ didn't kicked me that much but it's a solid track anyway.
The second bridge arrives with „The Journey“. Spheric, somekind of a futuristic depressive mood which leads you to the right start point for „Curiosity“, the next 5 min piece with somekind of tragical not to say apocalyptic sense.
Same phenomenon with „Transmission“, the short introduction for „The cold burn“.
Head-shaking-time. Beside the heaviness there's always a great melodical aspect on it. And definitely worth to mention at this point, the solo at the end.

After another short introduction the tenth track „High Times“ arrives. Still grooving, but also in exactly the same manner like before. For my taste the beginning is a bit too focused on the vocals but ok who cares. And also they start the typical big-balls-riffing at 3:30min...from this point, it's brilliant.
„You stay“ heavy stuff...starts really doomy. Appreciated that a lot. Then they turn into some heroic let's-clench-fists parts, what was ok because they find their way back to the more focused doom part from the beginning.
„The great provider“ is in the same manner as the short introductions but this time a bit more harmonical. Floating, beautiful background with vocals, followed by the last raise your hands for the big end called „No way back“.

I even would say one of the best tracks on this record. Perfect mixture between in-your-face-riffs and fuck-you-all-melodies. Soph Day from Alunah does guest vocals in this brilliant closing track.
All in all a great debut album. Let's see what comes next from these guys.
Definitely worth a listening! 


8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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