Sunday, July 29, 2012

...wight sound's tight...


The world is a fast moving place, fraight with haste and impatience.
Wouldn't it be nice, if at least occasionally the rotation of this earth
would decelerate? Wight provide a soundtrack for this:
with playful, atmospherical slow-motion tunes they celebrate an
authentic black sabbath which makes even the beelzebub himself
turn trippy-psychedelic. Just like a cathedral, their epic sound rises aloft.
But do not fear: Just shortly before the world threats so finally perish,
Kyuss and comrades come around on a train and requicken this desert.
Wight are far, far afield and some smoking heads are guaranteed for friends
of Saint Vitus or Goatsnake aswell as for the followers of Earth or 35007.

check out and buy the new album here

"A really tight new album of the german dude's...after a great tour with bushfire the generator of Wight seems  to run hot..."Through the Woods into Deep Water" make's every Stonerhead or Malaka really horny...with the first song (Kiss your friend's goodbye) they start their album with a fistful occult rock and stomping riffs it remind's me on a old Pothead song..."Southern Comfort & Northern Light's" comes with more groove and psychedelic lick's on Rene's guitar a really great song to me. "Master of Nugget's" a new stoneranthem of the first class. My absolute favourite is the titlesong to this new masterpiece "Through the Woods into Deep Water"...slow, downtuned, dreamy and once again extremly fat and oppressive like a wall...that's wight ladie's and gentleman...and now i have no mor letter's left...sorry"

9 from 10 Stonerpoints
Me with Wight on Stoned from the Underground 2012

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