Thursday, January 31, 2013


doom - sludge - crust/punk
buenos aires

Sick rhythm's , creepy spoken sample's and a fear-inspiring atmosphere is that what ASILO transforms in their rehearsal room...deep...deep...deeper...fucking deep and depressed...luckily it has only two titles the kind that will get bored very quickly. I feel it is definitely too stressful and too unstructured for my taste, it's to crusty for me...but please form your own opinion and lend them your ASILO on the following link...

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

...dark tunes...

Destroyer of Light
Austin, TX

Austin-based doom band, Destroyer of Light, formed in the beginning of 2012. Each member coming from different bands wanted create slow, heavy, riff-induced music and bring it to the masses. Gathering influences from a variety of different styles, each member brings their flavor to the table, and the music speaks for itself. Destroyer of Light is a 4-piece band consisting of Steve Colca on guitars/vocals, Keegan Kjeldsen on lead guitar, Mark Mars on bass, and Kelly "Penny" Turner on drums. 

As of now, a Self-Titled EP has been released for distribution digitally and soon vinyl providing 6 songs. With this release, they plan to tour, share, and promote the music in anyway possible. May the power of the riff compel you!

"2012 was the year that Destroyer of Light formed in Austin, TX. DoL is a big fan of the heavy riff and making sure that it isemphasized and incorporated. Each member brings a unique element to the band comprising Steve (guitar/vocals), Keagan (guitar), Mark (Bass), and Penny (Drums). Together, they plan to be a powerful force in Texas music scene! The power of the riff will compel you!"

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"...Destroyer of Light play through many styles...they mix their colour's with finest classic doom (Saint Vitus, Candlemass), sludge parts, slow doom stuff like Weedeater or Sleep...One does not know this's a great piece of high quality music...true heavy doom straight from Texas...My favourite song's: "Asteroid" (this great slow mo riff's and the dark atmosphere, awesome), 
"Greet Death" (a well-behaved black sabbath style riff at the beginning, reminds me sometimes on Black Pyramid). On the whole, a good first album but there is more..."

thanks to the mighty

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

...double feature...


Romero's Jeffrey Mundt spent most of the 90's behind the drum kit for a variety of bands including Bovine Records' THUG & punk legends, NAKED AGGRESSION. A long-time guitar player & songwriter, he often dabbled in fronting a band, but never pursued it seriously. Enter: a move to northern WI, a random Craigslist ad from bass player Josh Stanchik, a casual writing and recording session (with Mundt handling vocals, guitar & drums!) & Romero was born! Intent on creating a demo to locate & convince a drummer to work with them, Mundt & Stanchik were about a month from completion when... a drummer found them! Rumors of the project peaked the interest of PONEY drummer & vocalist Ben Brooks and he quickly volunteered before even hearing a single note.

ROMERO started playing live immediately. Very often. First, locally...then, nation-wide! They have already shared the stage with the likes of The Sword, Jucifer, Weedeater, Clutch, Dead Meadow, Black Label Society and other dyed-in-the-wool heavyweights.

The band just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the vinyl release of the album. The "Take The Potion" LP will be pressed on 3 different colors of Deluxe 150g vinyl and is limited to only 300 copies. 
Pre-order it here

get your own for free here
or in a physical form here

ROMERO "Take The Potion" full length out today for FREE DOWNLOAD via Grindcore Karaoke! The 7 song / 42 minute album is available for download in multiple formats and includes a digital booklet w/ original artwork & lyrics. 

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NAGA is born from the ashes of KTER.

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"Deep dark and rare heavy sound from this italian sludge/doom band, if you like Cough, Ulver, Hooded Menace, Wiht  and other deep shit so you will  love NAGA because this band kick's ass!!!"

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Sunday, January 27, 2013 time!!!

This last friday was year of  "STONERHEAD LET GROOVE YOUR BRAINS TONIGHT" and that have to be celebrated with great live music (Black Space Riders, Been Obscene and Les Lekin), Stonerhead's Birthday Playlist and a lot of fun conversations and with great guest's and other stonerhead's and music lover's. The location "MARK" it gave us the possibility of a professional stage, sound equipment and of course "Lord Wacht" as a great sound engineer. 

The whole evening was very relaxed and everything went smoothly, the first band LES LEKIN from Salzburg starts their motors with the song "Who"and began to mobilize the first people in the hall and so and the party can begin.

Slow and psychy tunes mixed with hard fuzzy riffs equipped they make a really good job and the first people in the main row began to bang their head's to this awesome smooth sound.

Song's like "Aloha",  "Moon" and the new track's like "Useless","Boom" or "Floor" provide a powerful setlist. A successful warm up show for all who are just barely come out of the cold.

In the second round of this fat little Birthday Festival we have the honor to hear Been Obscene...also form Salzburg. These four dudes bring the blanket to burn, warm and fuzz full riffs, lot of melodic parts and interesting alternating rhythm's. 

Ranging from the one and only "Demons" to the newer "Endless Scheme" were represented all the hits.
The audience came to the enjoyment of a great live show with high quality music.

After loud scream after encore was joined by funky song "The Magic Table Dance" to use.
Obscene been clearly delivered a brilliant occurs and all had fun here.

After this spectacle, the people upgraded to the final round and picked up a beer at the bar.
Soon the stage shake again because The Black Space Riders now have an X-tra long setlist in baggage ... 90 minutes of pure heavy rock awaited us...

Arrived directly from Germany / Munster the Black Space Riders makes us happy with finest heavy rock and with a piece of Stoner Metal influences.

A great backline, 5 vocalist's and a troop of ass kicking soldiers from space with a setlist from their two album's makes a huge wall of sound let rotate the ears of the crowd.

My favourite song's like "Spacebomb,  Louder than Light and Lights out  where exactly equally brilliant as on CD or Vinyl of course we feel it live with more balancing and louder!!!

From the beginning, an exhilarating show with all with all facets that a good rock must have...
stomping drum parts, a fat bass line, fast forward riff's and this driving vocal work.

After an encore the fine party came unfortunately to a glorious end and everybody enjoy the band's and the smooth atmosphere, enjoy also the live pic's in the photo package links here.

filmed by Hanno
Thank's to all friend's,family and stonerhead's out there  for the great support in the whole last year, the band's, to Gerd from "Mark Freizeit Kultur", to the bar crew, the security, the mighty catering service and all the music lover's out a part of it and make this concert series possible.
I look forward to another year full of great show's with you!!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

...throne time!!!


Born from the ashes of coca&margot
The Throne begin their crusade of hate in August 2012
after having reached an agreement with the moonlight records.
The Throne went into the studio to record
 "Avoid the light", the first album of the band
So follow the first dates from support groups such as: 
Enthroned, Forgotten tomb, Impiety, Heartless, Caronte, etc.

"Directly from the muddy and foggy landscape of Parma, near the river Po, Moolight Records found a bunch of ugly humanoids devoted to the filthiest sludgecore.?Their lyrics talk about disease, clotted blood, deadly landscapes, grief and are deeply rooted in the obscure depths of the night.
Throne like a half-dead mangy mutt...rar,dirty...pure energy implemented in bad ass riffs from guitar a pure and heavy mics, stomping crash toms and a driving bass line.

Somewhere in between Sludge Metal and Doom, the Italian stallions feel at home.
"Avoid the light" is not only also the title of a Pantera song...its also the living proof...the Stoner/Sludge/Doom Scene remains hot!!!"

go to hell here

Big thanks to Samu

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

...Horse Funeral...


This four headed band is called MAETH they are from Saint Paul and they do a nice job...the whole work is for free so download and spread it into the world and support them. MAETH have created a sound of diffrent styles.... psych rock, progressive metal, acoustic parts, post rock elements, a few doom parts and also some black metal tunes hehe!! "Horse Funeral" is a great first album at all...thanks a lot for music...

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Monday, January 21, 2013

...Mamont is back...


Mamont a heavy stoned mammoth from the swedish woods of Stockholm/Nyköping!
At October 2012 they released their debut album "Passing Through The Mastery Door", on CD through Ozium Records (SWE).

Early 2013 they will also gonna release it on vinyl through Bilocation Records (GER).
More info's soon!


Big thank's to
Jimmy Karlsson

"I'm very proud to introduce one of the hottest upcoming band's in scene MAMONT from Sweden hot soup of unbelievable great high quality sound and like Heavy Eyes, Graveyard, and old stuff from the seventy's you will love this dude's from Stockholm. This album "Passing through the Mastery Door" is a piece of gold...from the beginning to the mighty finish a party for your ears. A fat opener "Mammuten" and the second song "Jag Sår Ett Frö"  make clear what to expect in the next few minutes. One good song after another. I do not want to reveal more...because every Stonerhead should have this masterpiece at his home...
groove, songwriting and great refrain's...What more could you want? Do!!!"

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

...skull power...

Stoner Metal

Five unholy wizards compelled by the power of the riff and dark, dark magic. Forged in dragons fire atop a lightning lashed mountain in the year of our Lord two thousand and ten. Rumbling riffs combined with finely hewn words of power to conjure up images of otherwordly things creeping forth from the darkest reccesses... *ahem* ...Sorry about that... If you have a low "fantastical bullshit" threshold, we're basically five guys who've been around in a variety of bands over the years, brought together by a shared love of "THEE RIFF" and a desire to jam and see what happens. Turns out that what happens is a heavy Stoner/Doomy/Metal type thing, but with a whole bunch of other elements thrown in. Self titled studio EP released in 2011 and full length album, Black Sands, released 2012. Come worship at the altar...

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"A speedy sound with a lot of groove is Mage's business card.
"Black Sands" offers everything what a Stoner Metal listener want to hear.
Song's like "Degenerate","Rust", "Star Born" and "Hulk Out" are killer song's and also the rest of the album kicks ass. So it's a good idea to buy this album because for only  4,99 pounds you can't make a mistake with it!!!"

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

...creep show!!!


There are some bands whose sound requires less of a description and more of a comprehensive lab test, and Newport’s influential Spider Kitten are most definitely one such band

Originally formed as a duo (sans drummer) back in 2001 by founding members Chi Lameo (vocals, guitar) and Ptew (effects) it didn’t take long for the band to acquire an audience, and with it a cult reverence that over a decade on continues to stretch beyond the South Wales doom scene.

Destroying PA systems and lysergically lacing drone metal with onstage visual projections in support of groups such as Taint, Firebird and Suns of Thunder, since their 2003 debut _LP (Underscore) Spider Kitten have put out a prolific number of recordings. From demos, EPs and split singles to full-length albums most have either been given away or shared around freely thanks to the band’s furiously DIY ethic and an ethos that is as raw now as it has ever been.

older stuff video with finest tank86 and kyuss style!!

Through their frightening prolificacy they have amassed a back catalogue that swallows styles from proto-grunge and heavy psychedelia, to doom and industrial noise. All drowned in the influence of artists as diverse as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, The Melvins and the dirtiest miscellany of Sub Pop’s early output.

Spider Kitten have expanded their line-up in recent times to include respected noise merchants Chris West (ex-Taint) on drums, Rob Davies on guitar and Al White on bass, and their latest album Cougar Club is not just a product of their now veteran status but a culmination of eleven years of experimentation. From the opening eerie swell and crushing grind of ‘Twin Obscenities’ to the classic motoric rock groove of ‘Burdened’ and doomy 70s progressive closer of its title track, this is without question Spider Kitten’s most complete and ambitious recording to date. A total blast for everyone who has waited for it, a reminder to those that might have forgotten, and the biggest kick in the head for those yet to hear how awesome they are, and have been for a long time.

Listen to forthcoming single 'Twin Obscenities' from Cougar Club here

buy it here

"Defiantly the sound of hell...deep and heavy riffs, great simple slow drums and a smooth voice create a fat wall of high quality sound. Spider Kitten is a great band so check them out because its good for you!"

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

...crazy sunday...


They are from the try and dusty Texas...they don't use words for their music...they need no words because the music is fucking strong and full. You can get their stuff only on vinyl with a digital download so visit their site and get your own WOODGRAIN LP. After touring with  THE SWORD and many big supported acts like TWEEK BIRD,STINKING LIZAVEDA and other they are recording their third album with their new drummer, you can listen to the latest material on the soundcloud link or get your own woodgrain stuff...

get it here

Thanks to
Thomas Pomeroy

"Great musicians on a nice music want get all!!!
It's trippy it's psychy it's crazy and fucking awesome...not every track but most of the songs have a super megaman power ranger energy and kicks ass!! 
My favorite song's are: Orbit, Once Thru the Heart and Milk of do it yourself and bang your brains!!!"

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Saturday, January 12, 2013 light here...

The Great Khan
Southern/Stoner Rock

Buzzer is a southern rock - stoner trio from Tel Aviv, Israel, formed in 2004 by Greg Buzzer (guitars, vocals) Roy Khen (drums) and Gil' Ben Yaakov (bass). In 2005 the band self-released their debut album "Got Me Wasted", which gained them recognition in the local scene. Buzzer also became known for their energetic live performances. The next album "Buzzraiser", also self-released and self-produced, followed in 2007 and was well received by the stoner crowd. The year 2009 saw Buzzer releasing two EP's; "Alive" and "Rolling".

2012- Greg Buzzer releases a-self titled 7-track solo project, under the name of "The Great Khan"- a warm, fuzz driven, southern and classic rock influenced studio project.

After a few line up changes occurred, the current members - Greg Buzzer, Roy Chen, Eran Gier and second drummer Rom Gov are looking forward to continue generating Buzz throughout the near and distant feature.


2005 – "Got me wasted" 
2007 – " Buzzraiser" 
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"What a great album...
cool  stoner/metal of first class with powerful voice!!!"

2009 – "Alive" EP 
2009 – "Rolling" EP 
2012- " The Great Khan" 

The Great Khan's" new release is out !!! 
Warm and Fuzzy, classic/southern rock influenced-studio project. 

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1. Eye for an eye
2. Can't you see
3. Papa was an alligator
4. No#4 (black Deville 1969)
5. Lay me down
6. Dia de los muertos
7. Rise of the Khan

Thank's to Greg Buzzer

"The Great Khan combine classic rock with hard and rich fuzz sound,
of that there is a strong influential southern rock. Clutch, Down, Pig Iron or Five Horse Johnson are absolutely equal to convince high for me and all along the line.
But the great "Buzzraiser" disc fuck's me a little bit harder...the following 
 rating thus includes the entire band, project of Greg Buzzer!"

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

Thursday, January 10, 2013

...booze booze...

Die Boozehounds of Hell stone(r)n, boozen und rocken sich nun schon seit bald zwei Jahren durch die heimische Rock- und Metalszene. Mit „Anti Sober“ legen die fünf Jungs aus dem Bezirk Schärding, größtenteils aber in Wien ansäßig, nun ihren ersten Silberling vor. Dreckiger Rock, wie Fans von Nashville Pussy und Co ihn lieben werden, trifft dabei auf Stoner und Metaleinflüsse – daraus destillieren die „Hounds“ eine ganz eigene Mischung. Die sorgt bei ihren Auftritten, kombiniert mit humorvollen Einlagen von Vocalist Mr. Booze, stets für gefüllte Bars und (ab)gefüllte wie gut gelaunte Gäste. Klar ist, dass die neue Scheibe der Hounds auf keiner Party fehlen sollte, wenn es darum geht als „Boozebrothers“ auf gute Freundschaft anzustoßen, brav „Anti Sober“ zu bleiben und ab und an auch mal mit „Baby (all you need is me)“ einen gelungenen Anmachspruch vom Stapel zu lassen. Also – schnell noch ein kaltes Bier aufmachen, CD einlegen und den Abend mit den Hounds in vollen Zügen genießen!

This five guys from Boozehounds of Hell know how to rock and with the debut album "Anti Sober" they presents us a high quality 6 track album. In the great mix of metal,classic rock, punk and a breeze of fuzzy stoner rock. If you like Nashville Pussy&Co or if you know Alkbottle so you will like the sound of this dirty rats.

get it here

    ...big thanks to Fabs!!!

"fresh tunes from this great band...finest classical rock from Vienna with a special dirty, titts and rock'n roll!!!"

7 from 10 Stonerpoints