Thursday, January 3, 2013

...prehistoric alcoholic...


Their words:

We are Prehistoric Pigs. 
We have arrived in your era from an ancient past. 
Millions of years ago, we ruled the earth, undisturbed and unrivaled.
Now, our descendants are just slaves of humans. They spend their time wallowing in the mud and in their own dung, eating chemical feed and waiting for their killer: the butcher. We were once the kings of the world, now we are at the service of man's hunger, locked up in stinking cages close to chickens and rabbits. 

But now we're back. And we wanna take our power back!

We intend to enslaves humans with our music. Our stoned and psychedelic atmospheres will daze their minds and waggle their internal organs. 

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"What a start in the new year, this power trio from Udine,Italy has a big potential and a great spectrum of ideas and surprises on "WORMHOLE GENERATOR"...a high quality album with fat and ass kicking song's for everybody. You have a powerful riffs mixed with smooth psych parts and a lot of fuzzy down tuned riffs of hell!!! Unbelievable great band with a unbelievable start and much positive reviews...i want to see them live check out and enjoy!!!"

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

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