Thursday, January 24, 2013

...throne time!!!


Born from the ashes of coca&margot
The Throne begin their crusade of hate in August 2012
after having reached an agreement with the moonlight records.
The Throne went into the studio to record
 "Avoid the light", the first album of the band
So follow the first dates from support groups such as: 
Enthroned, Forgotten tomb, Impiety, Heartless, Caronte, etc.

"Directly from the muddy and foggy landscape of Parma, near the river Po, Moolight Records found a bunch of ugly humanoids devoted to the filthiest sludgecore.?Their lyrics talk about disease, clotted blood, deadly landscapes, grief and are deeply rooted in the obscure depths of the night.
Throne like a half-dead mangy mutt...rar,dirty...pure energy implemented in bad ass riffs from guitar a pure and heavy mics, stomping crash toms and a driving bass line.

Somewhere in between Sludge Metal and Doom, the Italian stallions feel at home.
"Avoid the light" is not only also the title of a Pantera song...its also the living proof...the Stoner/Sludge/Doom Scene remains hot!!!"

go to hell here

Big thanks to Samu

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

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