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There are some bands whose sound requires less of a description and more of a comprehensive lab test, and Newport’s influential Spider Kitten are most definitely one such band

Originally formed as a duo (sans drummer) back in 2001 by founding members Chi Lameo (vocals, guitar) and Ptew (effects) it didn’t take long for the band to acquire an audience, and with it a cult reverence that over a decade on continues to stretch beyond the South Wales doom scene.

Destroying PA systems and lysergically lacing drone metal with onstage visual projections in support of groups such as Taint, Firebird and Suns of Thunder, since their 2003 debut _LP (Underscore) Spider Kitten have put out a prolific number of recordings. From demos, EPs and split singles to full-length albums most have either been given away or shared around freely thanks to the band’s furiously DIY ethic and an ethos that is as raw now as it has ever been.

older stuff video with finest tank86 and kyuss style!!

Through their frightening prolificacy they have amassed a back catalogue that swallows styles from proto-grunge and heavy psychedelia, to doom and industrial noise. All drowned in the influence of artists as diverse as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, The Melvins and the dirtiest miscellany of Sub Pop’s early output.

Spider Kitten have expanded their line-up in recent times to include respected noise merchants Chris West (ex-Taint) on drums, Rob Davies on guitar and Al White on bass, and their latest album Cougar Club is not just a product of their now veteran status but a culmination of eleven years of experimentation. From the opening eerie swell and crushing grind of ‘Twin Obscenities’ to the classic motoric rock groove of ‘Burdened’ and doomy 70s progressive closer of its title track, this is without question Spider Kitten’s most complete and ambitious recording to date. A total blast for everyone who has waited for it, a reminder to those that might have forgotten, and the biggest kick in the head for those yet to hear how awesome they are, and have been for a long time.

Listen to forthcoming single 'Twin Obscenities' from Cougar Club here

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"Defiantly the sound of hell...deep and heavy riffs, great simple slow drums and a smooth voice create a fat wall of high quality sound. Spider Kitten is a great band so check them out because its good for you!"

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

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