Thursday, August 30, 2012

...force of germany...


WOLVES CARRY MY NAME is a five-piece Sludge band from Siegen/Germany. Born in late 2011, this profane cult intends to set the world's decline to music by arranging furious, heart bending and manifold soundscapes somewhere between brokenness, abomination and anger. The headstrong sound combines heavy Sludge/Stoner riffing with Ambient/Post-Rock elements, a slight Psychedelic/Blues touch and both desperate and hate driven vocals. 

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"...deep and spooky tunes out of the voice...destroying drums and barking and down-tuned guitar walls...finest DOOM/SLUDGE...that makes me happy also my neighbor hehe...
My favourite song's "City of Knives" and "Ruins"...check this shit!!!"

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Bloodrock Records

DOOMRAISER are a doom metal band from Italy and ERASING THE REMEMBRANCE is their second full length studio album. They were founded in 2003 with only one line-up change since then. At the time of their debut HEAVY DRUNKEN DOOM they seemed to have a more metal-like attitude but you can't claim that from their recent output. Listening to ERASING THE REMEMBRANCE the first time leaves you in a good mood and makes you want to slap the musicians on the back and tell them “well done”. 
At least if you like this kind of doom stuff. Nice, fluffy stoner rock of the heavier kind with several doom passages. Mostly the essentials - 70ies style guitars, bass, drums and appealing, relaxing vocals.
 There are spoken word passages, keyboards and FX too, but they are only used modestly. I like that. Certainly the musicians know how to use their instruments and how to create a groovy or creepy atmosphere. 

Well, apart from that nothing special... it seems. But if you give the album a closer look you will notice there's more under the surface. First of all it runs through your ears in one go, from the beginning to the end. This is actually a lot for a band to achieve! 
Listening the album several times you will notice that it has no flaws, no weak spots or fillers. No matter if it's a 2:45 acoustic track (“Head of the River”) or a 10min chunk of doom (“Another Black Day under the Dead Sun”) all their arrangements are beautifully put together without sounding artificial. 
The longer songs on this album feature several style and mood changes. If you want to get a grasp of what DOOMRAISER are about, listen to the 15min “Vanitas”. All in all, this is some major Doom Band!

Text by Erhard

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also enjoy Mountains of Madness of Doomraiser here

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

...follow the witches drum...

Levitation Records 

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Future Kings of an Empty Throne

1. Watch The Freaks Lose It
A fat and powerful beginning...
from the first to second...
...just full throttle!
2. Filthy Closets
The smoothest song of TWD...nice melodies and great parts from the guitar hero...
3. Fishin’ For Ships

Groovy and playful song, nice licks on the guitar and a lot of effect's be a part of the whole sound arrangement's. 
4. Climb Aboard The Bus Of Devotion

A heavy and really good song...remind's on Orange Goblin, Clutch...
real great powerful ending.

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"At large...a real fuckfest for your ears..."

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Monday, August 20, 2012

...where is my mojo...

Progressive/Acid/Sludge Rock

Mojo Waves is a power-trio rock group based in Helsinki, Finland. The band was formed in late 2011 but the musicians have been playing together for some years. 

Mojo Waves is the opposite of the common rock band. It's unpredictable, personal and energetic. Although influenced by vast amount of bands, its sound is unique, and its music doesn't fit in any one category. Although the band feels some sort of spiritual connection with the rock music of the past, it doesn't try to copy its influences. The main goal of the band is to make their own personal songs that they can be proud of and play as many gigs as possible. Live music is what music has always been about, and that's what the band loves most, too.

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"A incredible sound...crazy rock shit straight from finland..."Enjoy don't Destroy" is a crazy killer album...initially a little difficult but it is the right time after a shock...."Question" is my favourite song...the weard voice of  Arttu make's a good yob for the whole fit's exactly to the sound of Mojo Waves also the solo makes me wet...sound like Kylesa or Baroness(in the good times)...enjoy!"

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

...i'm so hungry...


Speaker Eater is a three-piece sludge metal band hailing from Wausau, Wisconsin. Although Speaker Eater aims to keep their songs short-and-sweet, the barrage of energy released is always thick and massively heavy. Matthew Cihaski’s soaring guitar fuzz and David Crook’s bass rumblings blend together to create a wall of sound that can not only be heard, but felt on a deeply visceral level. Thomas Seubert’s furious drumming and tasteful use of polyrhythms are the perfect compliment to their specific deluge of dissonance. Intimidating screams, deeply buried clean vocals, and the tasteful use of piano harmonies tie Speaker Eater’s creation into a uniquely complex sound. The band released their Self-Titled debut in November of 2011 and have been hard at work on their sophomore release, Lords, available in August of 2012.

Visit their hompage and get cool T-shirts and other cool stuff...

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"Neck breaking sound's on this sunday morning...the dude's of SPEAKER EATER make no half things.Wipping cymbals, heavy groove riffing, dirty and washed out tune's out of my speaker's...good morning."

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Thursday, August 16, 2012's blue dabadidabadei...


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

...hosted from space...


In the fading last winter nights of 2008 JE, SLI, SAQ and CRIP entered a musty and mouldy basement for the first time together: The plan was simple: Jamming ... loud and heavy, rediscovering that nearly lost feeling of getting impassioned by a pushing, pulling, droning and moving wall of self-created sound. It worked!
In 2010 the self-titled debut-album was released. "Black Space Riders" triggered enthusiastic reviews around the globe and the band played a run of sweaty shows in Europe.
Now the space trip is in the second round: the whole conceptual approach jumps on for several million light years. The band is releasing their second album "Light is the new black" on the 16th of march 2012.
Everything belongs together: music and lyrics, band name, song title, cover artwork, sound: a "total vision" is creating strong, cartoon-like images!
Musically BLACK SPACE RIDERS are reaching for the stars behind the boundaries of the StonerSpaceDoom-universe ... Diversification: heavy, hard, hypnotic walls of sound change to atmospheric passages, followed by driving rockers and sternomastoid anthems. Extremes are explored: there are concise three-minute-punch-ups as well as slowly rising and long epics easily exceeding the eight-minute-limit.
There is whispering, singing, crooning, screaming and yelling. You will find wacky soundscapes as well as compact riffmonsters.
And: there is always the approach of writing "real songs" causing a certain degree of "accessibility" combined with a strong groove orientation.
The new album was recorded at "die Tonmeisterei" in Oldenbourg/Germany and boasts an incredibly rich, vibrant, warm, breathing and differentiated analog sound.
This is not at all "modern" and definitely not "retro": timeless rock music loving and developing its roots, taking the best of the traditions of the 70s, 80s and 90s and playing with the future.

buy the new killer album here
also enjoy the tour 2013

"This album is a real murder hot hot...from the beginning to the end a real blast.
Every second exciting and totally varied and spacey...let jump the apes out of your home music system and enjoy this holy and peaceful sound...a truelly ear feast "

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Monday, August 13, 2012

...lick it...

Stoner Metal

Tongue is a rock band from Belgrade,Serbia.The band started as a Bizic Vladimir (Ripkid) solo project in 2010 after the demise of his 
long-running hardcorepunk band Lets Grow where he used to play the lead guitar.Tongue roots date back to 2003 with the band called Wishingwell
that Bizic Vladimir was a part of (vocals) together with his late brother Pavkovic Srdjan (1978-2005) on guitar,Stevan Cirovic (Jaibo!,Lets Grow,While) 
on drums,Sinisa Videkanic on bass (Ex-Lets Grow) and Nemanja Gvozdenovic on lead guitar.Wishingwell didn't make any record or live appearance due to a death of Pavkovic Srdjan in 2005.

Tongue has major influences from the genres of hardcorepunk,stoner rock,hardrock,classic rock and metal music but is open for experimenting.

The band set a plan to record a trilogy EP series called "A Night You'll Never Remember" in the apocalyptic 2012,meanwhile check out VOL.1 EP 

"A pure hardcore explosion of crazy riffing and nice dark tunes...Tongue has found their own style and that's the reason that i like this band a lot...lean back if you can and enjoy this heavy album!"

Thanks to Biza!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012 crazy shit from the imperator "niko"...


Hailing from 13th century, these mystical troubadours failed to destroy the Earth in an apocalyptic event gone horribly awry.
After this failure, making music seemed the only way to get cosmic redemption and women.
By opening a diabolical rift and traveling to the future, they escaped the Catholic inquisition and are now getting ready for a second attempt at the aforementioned apocalyptic event.

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" the satan they have a lot of name's...the second band of Niko Potońćnjak comes like a hammer to your face..."JASTREB" this killer band kills you until you are dead" guard your ears and hold your beards!"

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Friday, August 10, 2012

...bastards of the skies

Bastard of the Skies

Formed in 2006 and released their self titled debut album in 2008 and it's follow up "Ichor! Ichor!" in 2010. They have recently toured the UK with Jucifer and in the past they have played with bands such as Harvey Milk, Baroness, Kylesa, Today Is The Day, Conan, Alunah, Undersmile, Black Sun, Lazarus Blackstar and many more. They have just finished work on our third album, "Tarnation", which will be released through Future Noise Recordings in the Summer.
It's available now on Vinyl through Speaks Volumes Records or order it here

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"Definitely a very aggressive music from angry dude's made out of bad dreams by baby's...
...but the pleasure does more...variability in rhythms...
...whipping drums cymbals and this mighty angry voice...
....that make the whole round. "Ichor! Ichor!" a real master piece of pure and finest sludge.
Also the Split is a nice record...enjoy!!!
Long live the sludge!!!"

Thank's to Matt
8 from 10 sludgy Stonerpoint's

Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Formed in the first quarter of 2010 following turbulent times in not just the local music scene, but the UK, Gareeda formed over a mutual taste in music, principles and methods of consuming bourbon.
The original line-up of Stu Gordon, Tommy Concrete, Michael Branagh & Toni Martone quickly entered the studio and started writing the first album. Following an offer to join The Exploited as guitarist, lyricist and singer Tommy had to step aside due to touring commitments. Following a search of replacements, Gareeda recruited Stu Lillis to take the mic, bringing his own take on Tommy's outstanding lyrics.
Mixing all the best bits from blues, metal, rock and roll and booze, Gareeda's sound is unforgettable. This is a band that is here to stay. And although, the time from inception to public unveiling has been longer than other bands, it proves the intent and dedication.

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"Gareeda are heavy dude's and make a really heavy sound too. Song's like "Unclean Yearning"
or "Leather Balaclava" are fuzzy and bombastic...Orange Goblin, Tyrant Lizard King's or Alabama Thunderpussy is very similar to GAREEDA. But it's never a blow to the face's. Good music with a  little pressure...but still respect for this first hot album. Thank's to the band and the other Stonerhead's out there"

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Sunday, August 5, 2012's electric baby...


The tank is full, the engine is roaring and the bags are packed. ELECTRO BABY are unstoppable on their roadtrip. Dusty metal-riffs and flying sound-tapestries pioneer their journey towards the psycho-supernova. 

After one decade of a sonic roadtrip and with their 5th record the five power packs show once more, that they push their style through without reserve and don't give a ratt's ass about any frontiers of sub-genres. Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Indie, as well as 70th Psychedelia settled in with ELECTRO BABY and founded an august family. 

Live the crowd has to face fat rock-walls, coupled with billowing space-guitars and punchy retro-wave-sounds. Thereby the vocal wonder El Matador feels free to descend to abyssal monsters and is crossing the Himalaya at the same time. With a new label and freshly laundered duds Messieurs Robmaster Flash, Kim Page, Mr. Olli Buster and The Incredible Drumgod prove what they have inside the can and what is the cherry on top. 

The addicted listenership of all rock genres can confidently catch the blow of ELECTRO BABY and get some asses kicked!

listen to it here
or buy it here

A spooky and mighty start with a fat bass line and floating drums...the whole song is great and a good first song on the new album "Evilution" my personal favorite song...this voice in this song from El Matador...I would approve it in the rest of album!!!

A hell of an good hard rock song with a cool chorus in it.
Not mine but especially well and a good song.

Uhhh the start is not that what i prefer but after two minutes the enginee runs warm and kicks ass...the riffs reminds me sometimes on baroness and crowbar...dio scream...ahhhhh!!! A really good song...time to listen it again!

Psychy and dreamy beginning and a typical KoRn rhytm...ascending to a hardcore part who is completed by the chorus. Bamm!!!

Slow and smooh hooks from Electro comes the Dio scream again...awesome!!!
Orienal riffing and such an groove...that's what the people like!!!

Here comes the title track of the album...i listens intently...really great solo guitar with a lot of licks and hikes...a fitting end for this awesome album.

"All in all a capable album not only for stonerhead's...the spectrum is big so maybe old metalhead's will like the sound of the german dude's with the americanized image...the three B'  governs here...Beer!Bikes and Bitches! Buy their stuff,merch and visit the show's..."

also enjoy the review of my freind's of

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Thursday, August 2, 2012 time...


The Head of "The Legendary Flower Punk", "Oragnic is Orgasmic" and surely the head and leadguitarhero of "Grand Astoria" the short but great interview with this interesting musician...Kamille:
1 )Hi Kamille here some questions about you, the band and your endless energy on tour...
Which was your first guitar and which amp was hooked to it?

- Hey mate!My first guitar was japanese Jackson Performer and small shitty Ibanez Tone Blaster 25 watt combo.Good things to start actually!

2)Do you remember the first record you owned? If yes, can you still listen to it without feeling ashamed?
  -AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap".It's still one of my favourite bands

3) What inspires you while songwriting? What would you say is the hardest part about it? Whats your method?
- Russian winters inspire me ;) I have no method,I just play guitar and then a riff or melody comes.Lyrics is the hardesrt part in the songwriting for me

4) What moment or concert do you think was the highlight of your rockcareer until now?
-Desertfest this year I think.We liked it very much.
photoby Steffen Freiling
5) How does it work with your bandmembers...this long tour with The Grand Astoria, what makes it possible?
- We have constantly changing rhythm section,it's only me and second guitar player who stay in the band.I hope to find right people one day.

6) What was your biggest moment on the many stage's where did you play?
- To play an encore is always a pleasure.We did it few times already

7) Can we expect new material in the next time?
- Lots of stuff!New split with US Christmas coming out in October,then I have plans for new 7' single and a CD with live recordings from different countries.
And I don't want to promise anything but I hope our fourth full-lenth album will be released in March-April 2013.We are recording it right now

BANDCAMP(name your price)

8) You have tried something diffrent with "The Legendary Flower Punk".how is the reaction of the crowd to that project?
-I also have another project called "Organic Is Orgasmic",it's more space rock thing.Lots of people told me that they liked it.I even sold some CDs of these
projects during last TGA tour

9) Last and most important question: Which advice can you give all the young and unknown guitarleros out there?
- Folks,it's harder than it looks but it worth it ;)
Thank you for your time...Yours Stonerhead!