Monday, August 20, 2012

...where is my mojo...

Progressive/Acid/Sludge Rock

Mojo Waves is a power-trio rock group based in Helsinki, Finland. The band was formed in late 2011 but the musicians have been playing together for some years. 

Mojo Waves is the opposite of the common rock band. It's unpredictable, personal and energetic. Although influenced by vast amount of bands, its sound is unique, and its music doesn't fit in any one category. Although the band feels some sort of spiritual connection with the rock music of the past, it doesn't try to copy its influences. The main goal of the band is to make their own personal songs that they can be proud of and play as many gigs as possible. Live music is what music has always been about, and that's what the band loves most, too.

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"A incredible sound...crazy rock shit straight from finland..."Enjoy don't Destroy" is a crazy killer album...initially a little difficult but it is the right time after a shock...."Question" is my favourite song...the weard voice of  Arttu make's a good yob for the whole fit's exactly to the sound of Mojo Waves also the solo makes me wet...sound like Kylesa or Baroness(in the good times)...enjoy!"

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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