Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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In the fading last winter nights of 2008 JE, SLI, SAQ and CRIP entered a musty and mouldy basement for the first time together: The plan was simple: Jamming ... loud and heavy, rediscovering that nearly lost feeling of getting impassioned by a pushing, pulling, droning and moving wall of self-created sound. It worked!
In 2010 the self-titled debut-album was released. "Black Space Riders" triggered enthusiastic reviews around the globe and the band played a run of sweaty shows in Europe.
Now the space trip is in the second round: the whole conceptual approach jumps on for several million light years. The band is releasing their second album "Light is the new black" on the 16th of march 2012.
Everything belongs together: music and lyrics, band name, song title, cover artwork, sound: a "total vision" is creating strong, cartoon-like images!
Musically BLACK SPACE RIDERS are reaching for the stars behind the boundaries of the StonerSpaceDoom-universe ... Diversification: heavy, hard, hypnotic walls of sound change to atmospheric passages, followed by driving rockers and sternomastoid anthems. Extremes are explored: there are concise three-minute-punch-ups as well as slowly rising and long epics easily exceeding the eight-minute-limit.
There is whispering, singing, crooning, screaming and yelling. You will find wacky soundscapes as well as compact riffmonsters.
And: there is always the approach of writing "real songs" causing a certain degree of "accessibility" combined with a strong groove orientation.
The new album was recorded at "die Tonmeisterei" in Oldenbourg/Germany and boasts an incredibly rich, vibrant, warm, breathing and differentiated analog sound.
This is not at all "modern" and definitely not "retro": timeless rock music loving and developing its roots, taking the best of the traditions of the 70s, 80s and 90s and playing with the future.

buy the new killer album here
also enjoy the tour 2013

"This album is a real murder hot hot...from the beginning to the end a real blast.
Every second exciting and totally varied and spacey...let jump the apes out of your home music system and enjoy this holy and peaceful sound...a truelly ear feast "

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

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