Sunday, August 5, 2012's electric baby...


The tank is full, the engine is roaring and the bags are packed. ELECTRO BABY are unstoppable on their roadtrip. Dusty metal-riffs and flying sound-tapestries pioneer their journey towards the psycho-supernova. 

After one decade of a sonic roadtrip and with their 5th record the five power packs show once more, that they push their style through without reserve and don't give a ratt's ass about any frontiers of sub-genres. Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Indie, as well as 70th Psychedelia settled in with ELECTRO BABY and founded an august family. 

Live the crowd has to face fat rock-walls, coupled with billowing space-guitars and punchy retro-wave-sounds. Thereby the vocal wonder El Matador feels free to descend to abyssal monsters and is crossing the Himalaya at the same time. With a new label and freshly laundered duds Messieurs Robmaster Flash, Kim Page, Mr. Olli Buster and The Incredible Drumgod prove what they have inside the can and what is the cherry on top. 

The addicted listenership of all rock genres can confidently catch the blow of ELECTRO BABY and get some asses kicked!

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A spooky and mighty start with a fat bass line and floating drums...the whole song is great and a good first song on the new album "Evilution" my personal favorite song...this voice in this song from El Matador...I would approve it in the rest of album!!!

A hell of an good hard rock song with a cool chorus in it.
Not mine but especially well and a good song.

Uhhh the start is not that what i prefer but after two minutes the enginee runs warm and kicks ass...the riffs reminds me sometimes on baroness and crowbar...dio scream...ahhhhh!!! A really good song...time to listen it again!

Psychy and dreamy beginning and a typical KoRn rhytm...ascending to a hardcore part who is completed by the chorus. Bamm!!!

Slow and smooh hooks from Electro comes the Dio scream again...awesome!!!
Orienal riffing and such an groove...that's what the people like!!!

Here comes the title track of the album...i listens intently...really great solo guitar with a lot of licks and hikes...a fitting end for this awesome album.

"All in all a capable album not only for stonerhead's...the spectrum is big so maybe old metalhead's will like the sound of the german dude's with the americanized image...the three B'  governs here...Beer!Bikes and Bitches! Buy their stuff,merch and visit the show's..."

also enjoy the review of my freind's of

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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