Monday, May 13, 2013

...hammer time!!!!


HAMMERHANDS debuts with an unforgiving epic. Aptly titled as “Glaciers,” HAMMERHANDS explores the coldness of the human condition in a matter-of-fact manner. With long droning parts, mixed with slowed down crushing riffs, amongst eerie death-march beats, the record plays as a requiem mass for the ill-fated. Fearlessly crafted, this Streetsville quartet has created a bewildering companion piece to natural disaster and manmade calamity alike. 
Citing influence from musical acts such as Neurosis, Converge, The Melvins, and Sleep, HAMMERHANDS take the aggressive temperament of their contemporaries and present it in a poetically charged arrangement that is hauntingly engaging. This atmosphere translates well to their live show which is jarring and peculiar—hypnotic and apocalyptic. 
HAMMERHANDS’ intent isn’t easy to pin down, but perhaps that is the power of their essence. Sanctified by soured attitudes, a commanding presence, and a proclivity towards retribution, HAMMERHANDS is the architect of our own devastation.

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"If you like band's like Morkobot,Talbot, Eyehategod, will maybe like the Hammerhands...sometime it's seems like a chaos on music but similar it's hard,raw and evil sound who come's out of their cabinets, the vocal's remember me sometimes on Neurosis, not so deep but hard and rare. The sound of the cd is in the midfield, After a few songs makes the asynchronous and the comic rhythms of the listening pleasure but a little strong. A hard piece of music, somebody some are the teeth like a tough time...other's will love it...make your own mind!"

6 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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