Wednesday, May 15, 2013

...fuzz drifter...

Grunge/Desert Rock

So, let's turn the globe around and have a look to Australia, and the Band DRIFTER. The Guys from the 7th continent describe their music themselves as:

“DRIFTER are a grubby little three piece band, buzzing like vagrant flies around the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Dark, cutting and insolent, Dan King (Vocals/Guitar), Scott Fraser (Bass), and Dave Payne (Drums) have eaten the fruit of the 90’s and spat out a sound that will put some fuzz on your muff and make you long for the touch of flannelette. 

DRIFTER’S live shows have been described as loud, on edge, and tight with a loose undertone leaving the audience unsure of what is to come next. This rawness has seen them increase their local following and gain reputation as a must see local act. The lazy-underground transient three, have finally done some time in the studio, and have released their debut EP – HEAD...”
The HEAD EP comes with 5 short, but powerful songs.

01 “I've been bad”
02 “Halo” 
03 “All over town”
strictly hold a classical Stoner Rock and Grunge mood.
04 “Priest” 
there is a little Punk attitude I think :)
The last Track 
05 “So long” 
 made me click the “repeat all” button on my device. 
This song reminds me of QOTSA or Mondo Generator and similarly stuff.

The voice of singer Dan King has a range from deep baritone to powerful screams. The Guitars and the Bass are nicely fuzzed and distorted, the drums are simply but tight. All in all it’s a good match. I  definitely want to hear more of DRIFTER!


At the end, if you are a fan of typical Stoner Rock, this Band might wake your interest!! I really enjoyed it for myself.

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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